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Arc Las Inc London Complaints & Reviews

Arc Las Inc London / Equinox day&night cream

Dec 30, 2015

I wish to send this product back..but phone number nolnger exist.. The product made me get spots it dosent do what it shows on the models faces..its a rip off.. Only found out it was a £100 a month when signed up for a free trail..I want my money back before they take a £100 from me..but have no number to contact can you help pls..

Arc Las Inc London / Anti wrinkle cream etc.

Dec 20, 2015

I was taken in by their offer of Anti Ageing cream and Equinox Day & Night Serum This offer was pay P&P only but on reading their web they are then charging peoples credit cards with additional high sums of money. I thought it was illegal to hold peoples credit card details??? I have contacted my C/C Company who have put me in touch with their Dispute Team whom I hope will stop any further debits being made to my credit card. I realise I have been a complete fool.