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Arc Labs Inc / Seller didn't inform that the trial began

May 01, 2014

I ordered Raspberry Ketone from the company Arc Labs Inc. I placed the order and got it only after 7 days. I tried it, and I didn’t know that I needed to cancel this trial within 14 days after I placed the order. The seller never mentioned about it, and there wasn’t such info on the website. So the seller charged me for $88.99. I tried to return this sum, but the seller refused and told me that it was only my fault and I needed to read terms and conditions. So be careful if you buy from this company or leave comments if you have horrible experience with this seller.

Arc Labs Inc / Ultra ketone plus / ultra power cleanse trial. Unauthorized credit card charges & products not received. Unethical behaviour.

Jan 12, 2016

I have been caught out by a company called Arc Labs Inc but only because the M& S card did not check why I was being charged this absurd amount of money without passing my card by with a pin number. ?? how can M&S pay this company when i have not sanctioned this? I have been charged on four ocassions... 7/8th December - £89.00 + £95.00, then 23/28th December £95.95 + £99.92 from M&S Credit Card. I only found out about it when opening my statement this evening 05.00am 13/01/2015 Apparently 2 order numbers ; 4914605 + 4914603 did arrive but without any notification of fees payable and I've noticed...

Arc Labs Inc / skin serum and daily skin

Dec 22, 2015

Order number 4887657. In and around Sept I applied on face book to an advert asking ppl to trial a face cream which they claimed had changed Julie Andrews, it asked for card details which it said was simply for postage. There was nothing to say bout any other payments nor bout a time limit. First package came I used items, not greatly impressed. Then a second package came there was no invoice no bill no questionnaire, so I thort it was still the trial. When a third package came alarm bells rang. Again no invoice no bill nothing. However I only discovered that id been charged on 17/10 and 16/11...

Arc Labs Inc / Raspberry Ketone Blast and Ultra Power Cleanse

Dec 02, 2015

I also ordered these products believing I was getting a free trial. Although, in their terms, which are only at the bottom of the page, they say the customer has to agree to further products and payments, they do not make this clear before you order or provide a tick box. Fortunately I found out in time that this was a scam and contacted my bank before any money could be taken out of my account. The company are still threatening to take money out if I do not return the so called free samples, although according to their e-mails I have cancelled within their time limits. I am ignoring this. My...

Arc Labs Inc / Their customer services suck

Aug 04, 2014

I ordered plasters from the company Arc Labs Inc and tablets and paid only for the postage and handling, but these ### didn’t send my order. I contacted their customer services and the rep only promised to check info and call me back, but no one did. After that I left a lot of messages and wanted to cancel my order, but they again ignored me.These people are scammers and liars, who take money and provide nothing. Please post your comments about this company.

Arc Labs Inc / Unethical practice a scam - collecting additional payments when you think that you have just ordered a one off item

Mar 01, 2016

I ordered Raspberry ketone from Arc Labs I was under the impression that this was a one off order as it was advertised as a special offer. I received my order but also received the additional surprise of £95.00 being taken out of my bank account along with other lesser values, that the company had also taken in another name - I have tried to call customer services but the number on the invoice is incorrect. I have contacted my bank and they have frozen any other payments going out but it is too late as I have lost in total £180.00 - please please help to stop this happening to others

Arc Labs Inc / Rasberry keytone

Feb 26, 2016

In Dec I sent away for 30day trial pack of raspberry ketone and some other fat burner from Facebook on 4th Jan £95 was taken out my account without authorisation again on the 19th Jan £102 was taken out my bank 2days later a parcel arrived by Hermes I took it and opened the parcel wrote on the letter for return did not want them as I am a pensioner and cannot afford that kind of money and it played havoc with my direct debit for my insurance for my car and my life insurance due to this I have had to pay an extra £30 on my car in surance and a substantial amount of bank charges now on the 23 Feb...

Arc Labs Inc / Rvtl antiagingcream

Feb 20, 2016

i was caught as it seems others have been. i cancelled this subscription as i too was unaware i would be recieving products every two weeks. They took £74.40 from my acc, two weeks later they have taken another £81.33. my bank said they would cancel future payments but as i can see by my latest statement they have taken more money. if all us people are complaining about this surely something should be done to stop them. i have written on face book warning others not to get coned in tosubscribing to something you dont realise you are doing

Arc Labs Inc / Equinox day and night serum

Jan 13, 2016

I ordered a trial creams off them paid for the shipping costs, there was nothing in bold lettering that I was signing for skin trials, I have not even tried the product as I went abroad for 3 weeks 2 days after it came, received my bank statement today and looked and they have took a payment of 93.00 and one for 99.00 I was shocked, phoned my bank straight away, and because ive missed this so called 14 days cancellation, exit .the bank cant do anything, I phoned the customer services up for arc labs, she was trying to offer me a discount for carrying on with it, I said it cost me over 200 .00...

Arc Labs Inc / Magic diet pills and extra diet pills

Oct 16, 2016

I ordered one pack and some how I ended up with 2 for £10 so when I got them I didn't need them so I sent them back today I looked at my could and they've taken £95 and £89 out of my account I don't have there email or any contacts I want me money back !!!

Arc Labs Inc / Unethical and Misleading Advertising & Communication

Mar 17, 2016

Hello On 7 December 2015 I was extremely foolishly taken in by a free trial that was offered of Xtremcleanse and Raspberry Ketone by Arc Labs Tel No [protected] The advertising was well done, and they featured Princess of Wales taking the product etc, so it all 'appeared' to be above board. I signed up for a free trial, which I received and took but after 3 tablets it obviously didn't suit me. Unfortunately, I was unaware (my mistake) that I had to actively stop any future products being sent to me. However, what followed I feel is not my mistake - it is unethical and misleading behaviour by the...

Arc Labs Inc / Ultra ketone plus

Jan 26, 2016

The above company is a complete scan, after receiving my" free "trial of Ultra power Cleanse & Ultra ketone Plus which I returned on the same day I received the goods, I noticed £200 had been taken on my credit card. On contacting their customer services they told me they would refund the £200.00 but take a £40.00 charge for re- stocking at there warehouse!!! So the so called free trial cost £40 in charges £6.90 for the return post&£6.90 for the postage for the free trial. £53.80 out of pocket although I retuned the goods in the allocated time & in the original package.

Arc Labs Inc / Unauthorized debits on my account

Jan 13, 2016

On the 17th December 2015 I ordered trial packs of Ultra Ketone plus on order no 5007524 and Ultra Power Cleanse Trial on order no 5007545. I was to pay for postage which I agreed to pay on my debit card, these amounts were £2.95 and £3.95 respectively. These amounts came off my account on the 18th. On the 4th January they took off a further £95.00. I went into my bank Lloyds and asked if they could help me. They said I could make a claim, but suggested I contact Arc Labs first. I sent an email to their customer services on 11th at 02.45am. Not knowing that on the 11th they are removing another...

Arc Labs Inc / Raspberry keytone blast

Oct 15, 2015

I signed up for a sample free trial of raspberry keytone blast tablets witch I received and have not yet opened and was not given the option to cancel this free trial before I new it gofatburner have gone into my account and taken without my permission £95.00 had I had the chance to even trial this product maybe I would have agreed to subscribe to more but now I do not wish to use this product and trial it any more I have not received any further supplies of this product so please would you refund my £95.00 back into my account. please send reply to [protected] to arrange refund. many thanks