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Arc Labs Inc. 483 Green Lanes, London N13 4BS Complaints & Reviews

Arc Labs Inc. 483 Green Lanes, London N13 4BS / RVTL anti aging cream

Nov 06, 2016

On 1/11/2016 I saw an advert on Facebook and decided to order RVTL anti aging cream but after I had put in my details before I clicked on 'buy' I noticed even though I had not clicked on any other product they had included them all in my basket. I decided to delete all my information without clicking on buy and left the site. On 3/11/2016 I received a package from Arc Labs with all the unwanted products inside. When I looked at my bank statement I had been billed for £79.99 and three other small amounts £3.96, £4.95 and 99p. I phoned customer services and informed them that I had not ordered...

Arc Labs Inc. 483 Green Lanes, London N13 4BS / RVTL anti-aging cream

Feb 16, 2016

I ordered a 'free' sample in Jan 2016 and was asked to input by bank details to pay postage, then on 9/2/16 I received another pot of the cream which I did not order. On checking my bank account two amounts have been taken £99.94 and £93.00. I note the website is full of customers complaining of exactly the same thing. I have rang the customers services nos and have been promised a full refund and told not to return the cream. This is a complete scam - if I do not receive the refund promised I will take this further

Arc Labs Inc. 483 Green Lanes, London N13 4BS / Equinox day & night serum and RVTL anti ageing cream

Jan 15, 2016

I ordered a free trial of the two products 30th Dec and paid p& p on my debit card for both. When they came they were useless so I didn't want to order any more. However on 14th Jan my bank account was debited with £93 & £99 and when I rang my bank they told me what the payments were for, and that by agreeing to the company's term & conditions, I had agreed to ongoing supplies if I did not cancel within 14 days of the orders. My bank have put a "stop" on any more payments claimed and cancelled my maestro debit card. They are also going to try to get me a refund, but I am not hopeful. I cannot...