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Apply2Save Complaints & Reviews

Apply2Save / Mortgage Assistance Fee Ripoff


Apply2Save's bankruptcy filing went in on 6/9. Case # 09-20607-TLM. sign up for and view all 994 pages (100's of pages of individual consumer names) at: Run a query search - type in case # 2:09-bk-20607 Creditor case hearing is on 7/23 at 9am at US Courthouse in Couer d'Alene Idaho. Of Note: Derek lists that he owes his own security svc apprx $6k and his own shell company Sleeping Giant Media Works, which he is all the officers, incorporated in Nevada for $100 in 2006, $520k!!! Reading the Bankruptcy filing shows: 1...

Apply2Save - Idaho, CorurdAlene / Loan modification


We applied at apply21save and we were ripped off. I canceled our deal and we still have not gotten our money back and now you can not get a hold of them the phones are not working and the e-mail account is not good now either. This company is nothing but a fruad. I am sending papers to the Idaho Attorney Generals Office and hopefully they can get peoples money back for them if they get enough compliants. A lawsuit should be started for everyone that has been ripped off from this company. It is a shame that people like this are allowed to scam people at times like this. And take advange of...

Apply2Save - Idaho / FRAUD


If you have been ripped off by apply2save you are not alone! Please email this fraud investigator with your story. He is trying to put a class action lawsuit together against apply2save! Matt Roetter Investigator Email: [email protected] He needs more people to come forward!

Apply2Save - Idaho, Coeurd Alene / This company is a fraud!


They use misleading tactics to get you to agree to use their services. They claim to have 100% success rate with Countrywide and say they are contracted with them so there's no way to not get the modification done. They told me I could set up two payments ahead of time and once I do that they will start the process right away by contacting Countrywide. The rep I had been speaking with told me lie after lie. Once you set up the two payments things change and stuff doesn't get done and is passed from person to person. I submitted 25 pages worth of info in a fax and several days later...

Apply2Save - Idaho, Coeurdalene / no service - fraud


Apply 2 Save claimed to have been negociating on my behalf to Countrywide regarding my home modification. They stated that they would beat the 90 day term limit before forclosure proceedings began - that was October 28th, 2008. November 25th Countrywide Loss Mitigation reported to me that they NEVER received any authorization or information regarding modification on my behalf from Apply 2 Save AND foreclosure had begun. Today, November 26th after several emails and telephone calls to Apply 2 SAve - with no response, they tried to extract $995.00 from my debit account. Paypal was contacted and the transaction has been stopped as "FRAUD". WAMU has also issued a complaint of " Fraud".