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Apollo Transfer Company LLC Complaints & Reviews

Apollo Transfer Company LLC - Arizona, Tempe / Pay Ripoff

Feb 26, 2011

I worked for Apollo for almost a year. I was forced to work locally and was assigned dozens of local runs that didn't pay squat! And with these runs, the chase cars were in bad disrepair, and one particular dispatcher was verbally abusive, and the president's son who also was sometimes the evening dispatcher demonstrated little to no knowledge whatsoever about being a dispatcher. This company generally did not care about their drivers- but more about the almighty dollar that they were going to pocket for the company from the drivers moving vehicles with very little pay. I wa...

Apollo Transfer Company LLC - Arizona, Tempe / working for apollo


I too worked for Apollo Transfer...well, when I wasn't sitting along side the road with a broken down chase car. The person in charge of our crew had no home and she was content to sit anywhere reading a book. If my truck didn't break down, somebody else's did. I spent more time NOT making any money, as a matter of fact... I actually spent more money than I earned ...thanks to my mothers inheritance... this is the B.S.