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Americast Porcelain Sink Complaints & Reviews

Americast Porcelain Sink / Kitchen sink

Nov 28, 2015

After reading the complaints about this product I feel fortunate that my sink lasted 14 years. Water was discovered in the sink cabinet in the kitchen. Upon inspection I found the black underside of the sink had 2 large cracks in it. The sink has a light coating of white enamel on the surface that you see.; that has been chipping for years, but got so bad, I had to cover the left edge with white duct tape to stop the chips from popping off the upper surface. (every morning for the past 4 months we'd wake up to find white enamel chips on the counter top ) However, the cracks on the...

Americast Porcelain Sink / Never expected this new sink to crack or chip


We have a double Americast porcelain sink which was installed in our remodeled kitchen approximately 7 yrs ago. Over the past 10 months, the top ridge of the sink has been cracking a rusting and the back lip where nothing touches it has chipped off porcelain and is cracking and rusting. I would like to know what Americast is willing to do to make this right. Kitchen sinks should last at least 20 yrs or more and we would have never expected this new sink to crack or chip especially where nothing ever makes contact with it. I would like to hear from Americast about what can be done to correct the...