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American-Leisure Complaints & Reviews

American-Leisure - Alaska / services???


Lowlifes run you in circles on the phone, telling you you'll save so much if you agree to this option, than bill you $16.95 a month for a service they don't even tell you about. I had to hear about it from the bank. I unknowingly paid for a years worth of service I never recieved, when I asked for a refund they said they can only recompinsate for the last two unothorised charges. Total BS

American-Leisure / Taking money from peoples account


We need help getting this scam stopped now. I never heard of this site untill we noticed money being taken out with out our permission. There are other people being ripped off also. They some how find out when the person get payed. Then they will with draw the money. My banker said I would have to pay to have this stopped. Why should we have to pay for getting ripped off. I would like to know what I can do to stop this?

American-Leisure - New Hampshire, Rindge / Been trying to cancel


I have not recieved anything from American-Leisure. I don't even know if it's a magazine. All I know is that, every month I get billed for $16.95. I have tried to call several times, but keep getting a recording, that doesn't help me. I'm sick of paying for something, that I don't even know what it's about. I have not given American-Leisure permission to use my credit card. Can someone PLEASE help me out. I can't keep throwing money away like this. And I don't know what else to do.

American-Leisure - Florida, Pensacola / SCAM & RIPOFF


I too do not know how this company got my information but before I knew it they were charging me a monthly fee on a credit card...when I called to have the money will get an automated response telling you to press "1" to cancel your membership or go to ...that is the only option you will get when calling so it seems that this is set up to be a scam from the "git-go" These people should be tracked down and prosecuted for illegal practices such as this! This is certainly not a service I would have ever signed up for as I am a single woman trying to...