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American Home Sheild Complaints & Reviews

American Home Sheild - Texas, Highland Village / Criminal Tespass

May 4, 2015

I requested a service call about a problem with our pool equipment. American Home Shield (AHS) contacted All-Clear Pool Service and emailed their contact info. That was on Thursday, I called All-Clear on Friday to see when to expect them; but I was told that my specific problem (Fault in Chlorination System) was not covered by AHS warranty. So I told All-Clear Pool Service to cancel the service call and he said no problem, thanks. (meanwhile, I called another local pool service and had the problem fixed on Saturday - NOT by AHS). Well, on Tuesday my pool failed to start at the usual 9:00 am...

American Home Sheild - Alabama / ac unit

Jul 13, 2011

We live in tuscaloosa alabama our air conditioning unit went out jun27 2011 till this day we have no ac. we have talked to tech after tech and no results have spent over 600.00 dollars on hotel and food for our four children. We have american home sheild as our home warranty and have been with them for seven years. I have never been so hurt and humiliated in my life

American Home Sheild - Alabama / Hot Water Heater


I called AHS on Sunday to file a service request on our hot water heater. I heard back from them on Monday as it was a weekend. A plumber looked at the heater on Tuesday and verified it needed to be replaced but moved over a few feet to be up to code. Of course this move was not covered and was double what it was to install the unit. I called AHS back and asked how much cash they would give so I could switch to a tankless heater and not have to move the pipe. They failed to inform me that a cash request would take up to two days in the mean time, the service request was postponed. Finally...