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America Servicing Company Complaints & Reviews

America Servicing Company - Florida, Pembroke Pines / Lying to Borrower about Modification

Jul 26, 2013

Loan #1127129077. I requested a modification of this loan in December 2012 after a long drawn out process where I resubmitted various documents as the documents became stale, I received a letter dated 4/19/13 informing me that the loan did not meet the requirements of the Home Affordable Modification Program as I own more than 5 single family residences. I am not eligible for any modifications under any of the HAMP programs. I was informed in the letter that I may be eligible for help through a different mortgage assistance program. I was informed verbally by Alisha Thornton, Home Preservation...

America Servicing Company - Virginia, Virginia Beach / fraud


In 2006 when things were just getting started with the subprime loan servicing companies, ASC bought my mortgage loan from New Century. I owned my home for almost 10 years, single mom! I refinanced with New Century. 9 months later, I found out I was in foreclosure. Monies I paid through my bank for my mortgage (which I was under the impression was New Century) NEVER were applied to my loan. In fact, I was NEVER advised per FTC and RESPA laws that the transaction of the sale of my loan took place. Long story short, I lost my home, my identity and my life to ASC. No one wanted to help me. I wa...

America Servicing Company - Pennsylvania, Columbia / Unwillfullness to help us


This mortgage company is defintely not there to help the American family!!! We were sold out to this company and unfortunately, we also have a variable mortgage with these people.. This past year and currently, we have fallen behind 1 month. They sent us paperwork, giving us false hopes, to help us out do a loan modification, something to help us! All a blunder on their part. All we received were letters stating, and also phones calls saying you need to better your spending habits, go to a credit counseling agency. No help whatsoever~ This is definitely the most worst case of customer service...

America Servicing Company - Arizona, Scottsdale / misrepresentation


I worked with America Servicing Company for five months and they tried to foreclose on my loan. They said we had a modification and still tried to prolong process and foreclose on my house. They ended up adding $ 175, 000 to my loan and kept interest rate the same. They caused a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. Thanks Greg

America Servicing Company - Maryland, Frederick / Website mismanagement


This loan servicing company works on investors. Due to a variety of problems with this company (wells' fargo led), I am chapter 13. Their lawyer has sent a letter to my lawyer saying I am 4k behind, even though I have made payments. I looked on line (, and sure enough, I am. However, the payment due date is 3 YEARS OLD. Beware of these people, get a better lawyer than I did. Unknown of relationship between him and them.

America Servicing Company - Arkansas, Hot Springs / False charges and harassment!


In 2006 my mortgage was put into foreclosure. I live in Kentucky part of the year and was making my payments from there. I sent 2 payments in and caught up. When i sent in the 3rd payment, they sent me 3 of my checks back and said it was the wrong amount, that my payment had gone up. In an effort not to lose my home i have lived in for forty-two years i was forced to make fourteen hundred and change payments to get caught up. I made these payments for close to a year at this amount. It put an enormous amount of stress on me. I am now caught up. I am still receiving harassing phone calls and...

America Servicing Company - Florida, Miami / Worst Mortgage Company ever


America Servicing Company is the worst mortgage company you can find. It is a shame that a company like this is allowed to work in United States. I have never missed a loan payment in my life since my mortgage was bought by this horrible company. They never receive the payments on time, I don't know what is what they do to process the payments, since the moment they receive the check by mail. They called me to tell me that they don;t have the updated Home Owners Insurance on file. After my insurance agency communicate with them, they still don;t have the documents, and tried to charge me...

America Servicing Company / Not reporting payments to the Credit Reporting Agencies


I originated my lone with another company and within 2 months of closing they sold my loan to ASC. They did not report my first 3 payments to the credit agencies and now I'm trying to refi and it shows that I have made only 11 payments rather than the 14 that I've made. You better believe that I was late once and they reported that right away. They also sent me a letter last month stating that my loan was due to adjust, I need to contact them right away. I contacted them and the guy was rude and said that the letter was send by mistake. What the heck kind of stuff is that.