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Always Helping People, LLC Complaints & Reviews

Always Helping People, LLC - Kansas, Great Bend / never received magazine ordered


August 23, 2008 Kevin Crisher showed up on my door step selling magazines about the same time as the high school kids were selling magazines locally for a band trip. He presented himself as one of the "kids" little did I know he was a seasoned con-artist. I was even nice enough to give him a bottle of water since it was so hot that day. I ordered (1) magazine which I haven't received yet, after searching the internet and discovering all the bad reports on "Always Helping People, LLC" I am glad I didn't buy more, even though he told how much it would help him. He will answer to a...

Always Helping People, LLC - Texas, Prsper / Magazine ordered, never received


I never buy from door to door salespeople. A very talkative college kid came by selling magazines as fundraiser to help fund a trip for his group. Said he was up here from Lewiston, Idaho with a group of kids selling magazine door to door. If I paid cash he would get more credit for the sale. I should have paid attention to my gut instinct, but he was extremelyl personable. I did not let him in my house, although I felt as if he would have come right in and made himself at home. I paid $20 cash and gave a check for the remaining $14 balance. That was in May, it is now Nov and the magazine ha...