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Jan 16, 2014 15 Main Street East Rockaway, New York [protected] USA [protected] The business is whack and a complete scam. Have you seen their "store" location. Total Sham. Do NOT buy from them. There TV's are not "brand new" whatsoever. They are nothing more than pieced together junk resealed in new packaging and a box. Plain and simple. Serial Numbers do not match, mother boards switched out. Different than factory screens. Pieced together units you (the buyer) think are new, Once Again. DO NOT buy from them. I can name 5 people who have bought TV's from them... / Fraud & Scam

Jan 16, 2014

You wonder why these online companies charge so little for TV's online? They buy broken TV's and switch the parts. Your buying something your not really getting. This is HIGHLY ILLEGAL! is a bait and switch. Please Read I did some investigating! I purchased a LG LA7400 LED TV from them for $1, 144.95. I just recently got the TV serviced and come to find out. The TV really was a LG LA6900 which retails $300-400 cheaper than what I thought I purchased. The specs also on the LA6900 zre not even close to the LA7400 model. They took the back panel from a more expensive TV...