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allstar vacations Complaints & Reviews

allstar vacations - Illinois, Chicago / SCAM


They lied and said my fiancee won 2 trips. We paid a $281 administrative fee and actually were sent a brochure and invoice. We called in December to book for this summer but were told we must call 45 days before the actual trip. I was always very unsure of this but this gal, Wendy really convinced me and sounded so honest. I'm such an idiot for believing her. Now I hear their website isn't working and that 2 of their 4 numbers are disconnected. Please BEWARE because I hear that they are still offering these vacation packets and everything they say is a lie!!!

allstar vacations - Florida, Miami / Fraud


I was listening to Radio station "Radio formula" and they had named me as a winner for Allstar vacations I then proceeded to call the number, I was told that I would be recorded they told me that I had won a package vacation to Anaheim and or Las vegas and that all I needed to do was provide a credit card or Debit card, I was so excited that I went along and did just that not knowing that I had been fooled. I then called my daughter who then told me that it sounded like a scam and for me to call back immediately and cancel what I had just done. I called back and asked for the manager and after...