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Alliance Health Advisors, Inc Complaints & Reviews

Alliance Health Advisors, Inc - Pennsylvania, Aston / health insurance fraud


I thought when I was dealing with a Conor Flannigan of Aliiance Health that I had a reputible company. He took my information for health insurance gave me an id number and I gave him my banking information with a check number so that I would have health insurance as of Jan 1, 2009. Well I have not been able to get hold of him or anyone at his company with numerous phone calls. I even received a letter from them, which for one day I was able to speak to someone who said she was customer service but because she didn't have me in the system even with an id number she couldn't help me...

Alliance Health Advisors, Inc - California, La Jolla / insurance fraud


I was sold health insurance by this company and advised there were no pre-existing clauses and that I would have no out of pocket expense UP to $20, 000/yr. Based on this information, I had surgery and am not being sued for $6, 000 due to Alliance only paying $4, 000 and stating they are not responsible for anymore. I specifically had a detailed conversation w/the selling agent in which he told me this policy would be perfect if I were considering surgery, as I would have up $20, 000 per year. What do I do now?