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Allergy Relief Center of Nebraska Complaints & Reviews

Allergy Relief Center of Nebraska / Filtropur Vacuum

Feb 26, 2013

I was introduced to the purifiers and vacuum because we got a card in the mail that we could win something if we just listened to a presentation. My husband and I called and made the appointment, along came Courtney, he was polite, I thought “Great! What are they trying to sell us now?” I was pleasantly surprised. Courtney started and he was so delightful he made it fun and educational. He demonstrated the purifier in the bedroom and I could not believe how much better it smelled in there. So we were sold on the purifiers especially due to my sufferings of allergies. We have 2 dog...

Allergy Relief Center of Nebraska / Filtropur vacuum and 2 air filtration systems

Feb 26, 2013

Allergy Relief Center of Nebraska, We have had the Filtropur vacuum and 2 air filtration systems for several months now and I am excited to say that my son, daughter, and wife all have felt relief from their allergies. My family: wife, 2 sons and daughter, live in a modest ranch style home with 4 cats. My daughter is allergic to pet dander and my wife and eldest son are allergic to dust. It used to be a sneeze fest in the winter with us all cooped up but this year it’s been nice. Just like Steve said, it’s like breathing fresh air INSIDE. I would also like to thank Steve George and...

Allergy Relief Center of Nebraska / Product

Feb 26, 2013

I purchased the SFS air cleaning system. To my surprise it does do everything it says it does. I awake in the morning feeling refreshed, head clear, “I do have allergies and sinus problems”, and with energy. If someone had told me this I would have been hesitant, but believe me this is true. Breathing clean air can make a difference in one’s life, and it has made a difference in mine. Thank you ARC of Nebraska and Filtropur!

Allergy Relief Center of Nebraska - Nebraska / Products

Feb 26, 2013

Thank you for getting my order to me the next day…was a happy surprise. Just a great follow up for our pleasant phone conversation & your more than helpful ordering process. I could see & hear your beautiful smile through the phone…so nice. :D I am so enjoying my SFS Air Cleaners & Filtropur Commercial Vac. I do believe they have helped my sinus. I use to get 1-2 sinus &/or ear infections a year. I have not had either since receiving my 3 piece system. The cone filters are easy to remove & install tops of air cleaners are easy to remove & replace and they are all also easy to vac. Again, thank you Keely, for your help & sending my order so promptly & paid for shipping, too. Be well.