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Allergy Be Gone Complaints & Reviews

Allergy Be Gone - New Jersey / Sells refurbished items as new

Jul 7, 2012

Bought a new Danny dehumidifier from their amazon site. Company sent a refurbished model and illegally charged me new York sales tax. Company is not registered in ny and manager admitted that they don't pay the taxes they collect to ny. Allergy be gone admits that they only have refurbished and used dehumidiers buy continues to sell it on their site and eBay. Allergy be gone also sell counterfeit vacuum bags and counterfeit filters. They are being sued in federal court by one of the manufacturers.

Allergy Be Gone / Defective vacuum cleaner


On oct. 23, 2007 my husband told me to buy a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas. I ordered my Electrolux Oxygen Ulta Canister thru Allergy Be Gone, 140 58th street STE 7K, Brooklyn NY. 11220, this company I found on the internet, phone number 1-866-2... When I received it my husband told me I was not aloud to open it until Christmas Towards the end of Jan. my vacuum cleaner started to act up. When I was vacuuming as the vacuum rolled behind me it would start and stop, start and stop, it would keep on doing this over and over. I called Allergy Be Gone, they told me their warranty is for 30 day...