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Alia Law group Complaints & Reviews

Alia Law group / Please don't fall for their lies

Oct 01, 2012

I did research first on this company who had no complaints about four months ago it looked clean and organized. They promised me the world and a modificiation from my lender or a law suit because they supposedly found 10 violations in my contract from a Lou Chait who really works from GMK SOLUTIONS, another scam. Drew Alia is rude, ignorant, no class, no customer service at all. They take our hardships and prey upon us, I fired them, stopped payments thru my bank, and demanded my refund back. They promised me my refund back, however DREW ALIA THE COWARD, is constantly playing mind games with...

Alia Law group - Pennsylvania / Forensic audit

Nov 15, 2011

Spent a ton of money for foreclosure defense and forensic audit. Once the money was paid..that was all she wrote! I had to call and push to speak to someone, no one ever had any information for me. Months went by with the same story, spent a lot of money for nothing. Didn't expect miracles just someone to tell me what was going on with the mortgage and audit, tell me what my options were and how things were looking in regards to a deal...what I got was a rude and nasty attorney that is out to make money and forget the people who hired him.

Alia Law group - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / LOAN MODIFICATION

Oct 28, 2011

TOOK 4 INSTALLMENTS OF $900.00 TO ASSIST WITH LOAN MODIFICATION. DID NOT HELP AND DID NOT COMMUNICATE UP TO THIS TIME 6 MONTHS LATER They are not versed and this and should not take poor peoples money and not help. i want all of money back as they have not done anything for me.

Alia Law group / Morgage Scam

Oct 21, 2011

They took $550, 00 from me for nothing just to be told I don't qualify for making home arrordable thru the government well I could of told them that I already tried thru lender (BofA) and did not qualify they set up a payment plan with me of a total of $2, 700.00 that would be taken out of my checking account on the 1st and 15th of every month till payed off the first $550.00 has been taken out of my bank for nothing just to be told I make to much money, What a scam now not only do I need to get help on my modification, but now I have to deal with making sure that they take no more money from me for I don't have money growing in my back yard on tree's as the rich might think.