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Aleva Medical Equipment Complaints & Reviews

Aleva Medical Equipment - California, San Jose / Annoying phone calls

Sep 09, 2016

Starting in June of this year this company has been calling me aleast 2 times daily. They still are calling me.I call Morgan and Morgan law firm and they said they couldn't do anything but they advertise on Tv they could help. I want them to stop and collect my money that Morgan and Morgan said on their advertise on the Tv and phone call.Sincerely Donna Mills.

Aleva Medical Equipment - California, San Jose / Medical devices

Aug 25, 2016

Hello my name is Donna Mills. I had a complain of annoying phone calls in the past and Morgan and Morgan said they couldn't help me saying it was a scam.Well it is not.The phone calls started back again on August 5 until present I get about 2 daily.They are people to get back braces and other types of things in that nature.Please help so this can stop.