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AlertUSA Complaints & Reviews

AlertUSA - New York, New York / Service is SCAM

Apr 28, 2011

This Co. and its "service" is a SCAM !!! Check with BBB !!! These people are very rude. among many examples the one that iced the cake was asking my senior father was he stupid or something ? Almost all interactions after the initial "Start Up " were dealt with in this type of unproffessional Manner. There is also no type of monthly service check (which is customary in this service) which left my parents with no service for over 3 months and was only discovered by accident. To top it all off they appear to have an issue in reguards to returning of the $100 deposit. I've been given the...

AlertUSA / Unauthorized charges


Mom purchased a 1 year subscription to Alert USA in July 2017. She needed the security that if she were to fall or need help, she could get it by pushing a button. In Oct. 2017 Mom was put into a nursing home. In Nov. we began trying to find out how to close this account and get a refund for the months that had been paid in advance. Alert USA finaly sent a letter of cancelation in March 2017 and closed account in May. They refuse to refund the money for the period between Nov. - May. They added a $26.50 fee for no 30 day prior notice to cancelation. In addition they took $100 for a missing...

AlertUSA / Scam charges


This company has billed credit card without authority, bills without authority for sums not owed and adds about 20% monthly penalty for non-payment. Though complaints have been sent by certified mail they absolutely refuse to address them or justify their action in any manner. They are ripe for a class action to put them out of business or otherwise change their uncaring way of doing business. Apparently they are the subject of numerous such complaints.

AlertUSA - Wisconsin, Madison / failure to refund $100


When I signed up for alertusa I was told that I would be refunded the $100 for the equipment four to eight weeks after it was returned. They received the unit on Septeber 5th. We are three months out now. I have called numerous times about it and have had the most rude and intellectually challenged individuals insult me. I was shouted at and then told I was harassing them about my refund. When I said this was no way to treat a customer she replied"You aren't a customer-you quit the service." No way to treat anyone Janelle. I have called again and I am told my refund is "in processing". I will tell...

AlertUSA / They lost the returned equipment


AlertUSA, a lifeline company, located in NYC. Dealing with a Joe Garcia. Lifeline company: think "Help, I've fallen and can't get up", lost my return of their equipment. They automatically charged our credit card to continue a service we cancelled. Fortunately, as the card had expired, and they didn't have the new one, payment was stopped. When informed, we were instructed to return the equipment which we did. They LOST the return equipment. They keep sending invoices, none of which agree or even seem to have much to do with each other. Their letters do not even address the...