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air conditioner Complaints & Reviews

air conditioner / Central AC Not working and land lord delaying for repairing

Jun 17, 2012

AC for my flat were not cooling properly and i call to building maintenance technician for repairing as it's their responsibility however place of repairing building technician completely stop my room AC and it's not cooling any more. after the followup he is shouting on me and saying that it will take 3 to 4 working days to repair. as weather is very hot, not possible to stay home without AC. please advise me what i should take legal action to the real easte.

air conditioner / MAL FUNCTIONING


Sub:- Split AC 1.5 Ton : Make Samsung : Model AST18AJHD 1.5TR Split AC: Set Serial No. AEXZPSCA100871B : purchased on 2nd Sept 2006 Sir, In continuation to the above subject, in spite of repeated repairing by you in the guarantee/warranty period of malfunction of the above air conditioner, no proper remedy has been done or AC replaced You can check in your records, that in every month of summers, there has been some problem or another (cooling / thermostat/ compressor problem ). Some noise also used to come and your staff had put tape on the AC cover to rectify/ stop it. After the guarantee...

air conditioner - Louisiana, Ruston / WILL NOT LIVE UP TO SERVICE AGREEMENT


I AM STILL WITHOUT AIR CONDITIONER! IT SEEMS LIKE IT WILL BE TWO MORE WEEKS. I am still waiting on you to up live your service agreement. I bought a service agreement and now I cannot get my air conditioner repaired. I use to think so very highly of your service. If you would check the record, under my name or my wife Shirley, you will see that we have had an agreement to cover several of our appliances, electronics, and air conditioners. Now, I am taking a second thought about your service. On today, you sent a technician to service the air conditioner. Isn’t that something? He knew...