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AF Services Complaints & Reviews

AF Services - South Australia, Adelaide / Scam company selling scam software

Jul 16, 2014

AF Services sells Alignment Trading software as if it is some great new discovery. Alignment trading is arbitrage trading and it is all one big scam. Check out the ACCC website on arbitrage trading scams - fits this to a tee. They operate out of a virtual office in adelaide - go there no one will be there. Ask to meet them, they wont want to because they are hiding away like the nasty little con men that they are. Your money- your choice

AF Services - South Australia, Adelaide Metro Area / Scam company selling rubbish

Jul 14, 2014

AF Services is just another scam company selling arbitrage trading software that does not work under another name - alignment trading. The software is garbage and cannot work. They run out of a virtual office in Adelaide - go there they will not be there - they are too busy hiding running this and other scams. read the ACCC warnings about this type of scam. Do not deal with these low lifes you will get ripped off. Another scam proudlyu bought to you by Phoenix Global of the gold Coast. Advisors to criminals and con men.