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Advanced Coatings Enterprises Complaints & Reviews

Advanced Coatings Enterprises - North Dakota, Steele / Bad Reviews!

Apr 14, 2012

I wanted to deal with ACE in 2010 for a small project. It took us a while to work out an acceptable deal which was a bit time consuming however after dealing with Mr. Fabian himself things moved along (at a slightly quicker pace as we are all business-folk with needs). I read up online about the company and didn't really know what to think at first because everything I read was negative. I called and spoke with one of the sales associates as I just had a project to do, not a dealership. Where I live, tornadoes are frequent and severe so myself and my husband wanted to get something to ensure...

Advanced Coatings Enterprises / Immoral and Wicked

Aug 22, 2011

I have worked at ACE for just over two years. I have seen all kinds of clients and dealers come and go. The better ones stay and work with ACE the pathetic ones who cannot manage, fail. It really hit me after we had a group of evangelical business people visit to buy a dealership that it made sense. They explained that not all people will work hard, and that the ones who fail expect everyone else to do the work for them. God help’s those who help themselves. I remember cases where ACE offered people their money back. These people were trained, had all of ACE’s manuals and product. Yet they...