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Advanced Acai Complaints & Reviews

Advanced Acai - New Jersey / billing


I ordered the trial of advanced acai and by mistake I ordered two of them. I was sent the two and called to get the return number for the extra one on February 18th. The customer service department said I should be receiving the number within a few days and yet still have not received but have misc. charges on my account. I was charged a $79 fee for I believe is the one time membership fee, then $19.99 was credited to my account, then debited to my account and then I got three different charges of $1.97 which I am assuming are shipping for the new pills I should be getting in the mail. I...

Advanced Acai - Ontario, Ontario / Risk Free Trial Offer


Was connected thru a link. Ordered a 14 day supply "risk free". Now they have charged my account $79.95 for a s0-called membership that I didn't sign up for and they are charging my account monthly for the same amount. Customer Service claims that their web site says that by giving them your credit card information, you are agreeing to a membership and continuing shipments automatically billed to your account $79.95 every month. No way is that true! If it was there I would have seen it. They said they would credit my account once they receive this shipment back, but I can't get a...

Advanced Acai / False Advertising


I didn't order this product, but I almost did based on this alleged "report" by a journalist ( There is another website reporting an investigation from Julia Miller ( After further investigation, it became clear that this woman is not a real journalist and this "investigation" was fake. All the comments on the report are positive any additional replies have been blocked due to "spam". I tried sending emails to the addresses on both pages ([email protected]

Advanced Acai - California, Los Angeles / Unauthorized and Fraudulent charges to my visa card


I have no idea how this company decided that it was alright to indiscriminately authorize $94.00 (a repetitive fee) each month after I told the phone solicitor ("customer svc rep) that I felt it was a scam and they were not authorized to use my credit card nor my info. Two months later I find Advanced Acai is deducting first $89.00 then $94.00 from my account each month (they use your mc or visa). Help! How do we stop this company!

Advanced Acai - California, San Francisco / No Product. No Refund


I provided my credit card account to authorize a $5.95 order. My account was charged accordingly. The next month, my account was hit for an addition $79.95. I did not authorize a full 30-day order of the product or authorize my credit card to be charged $79.95. Yet they did and they will not refund the amount. Because they have a tracking number for a 30 day supply, they are holding my account hostage. Even though they do not have my signature saying I received the product (which I didn't) or my authorization to charge my card. I have been going between my credit card company and Advanced...

Advanced Acai - Virginia, Noroflk VA 23502 / Refunds


I called three days after the trial date expired due to problems of my disgestive tract. $79.95 was taken from my account, when I called after being told that I would not be billed and told I was not charged yet so a note added not to charge, I received my billingstatement and there it was. I was informed by another rep. that I would only receive a $40.00 credit. I will send information to the BBB on this rip off, you do not force a product on a person if they choose not to accept it. This is a SCAM, FRAUD, STEALING and outright DISHONEST. I WILL NOT STOP! I want my full reund!