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Advance Auto Complaints & Reviews

Advance Auto - Pennsylvania, Blairsville / Rude Employees


I shop on Advance and am a commerical customer and have seen the treatment of Delivery people from the Dept manager. First the language is outrages, these woman and men do there best and you can't do any more when management is more worried about there bonus than workers, Lets share the wealth overall with all hard workers not just a few, and lets answer the phones. 1 call, 2 calls, 3 calls, boy I could keep going, and lets not blame worker Ive seen management stand there and chat and ringing away, And its funny how some people can be given one price and others another price depends on...

Advance Auto / Descrimination


I was at advance auto in canton, Ohio. I was first in line, the woman that was working was on the phone, so I waited. When she finish she ask the costumers behind me was it ok to take care of me first. It was at the Cleveland ave store in canton Ohio, Monday at 1:30 pm. People like her need to be fired, I will stop all my friends from going to advance auto. I am black, that tells you the story. What kind of people you have working there any way. I did contact a lawyer, and i do have a witness. Please do something about this, it has to stop some where. You know who she is, she was the only woman working at that time.