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Advance 3W Telecom Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Advance 3W Telecom Inc. - North Carolina, Henderson / Can't contact anyone


I downloaded Net Music Downloads and when I tried to complete my payment form, it wouldn't respond. They said they would send an email with all the instructions to download site that's been over three hours ago. I checked the website to see if I could talk to someone but nothing. No email, no phone number, no nothing. So I called my credit card company and put a stop on the payment. Was told I would not be responsible for payment since there was no one to contact. Chalk it up to a lesson well learned... Couldn't really understand why net music was the place I wanted and then it turned into clickbank, the Advance 3W Telecom Inc.

Advance 3W Telecom Inc. - Florida, DeLand / Purchased a service to download music/movies/more!


Purchased a 1 year subscription of mp3 player/ movie downloads and we cannot get on to the site to view or even download any info. and when i try to complain to the company i get screens that say there is no such site, and or it is not a valid email address or a valid site. My subscription was 44.83. And 14.00 of the full amount was for movie downloads. Which we cannot do anything at all.