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I am being scammed by I have Verizon Service and a lifeline and all of a sudden I have a $12.95 charge from somebody I never heard of before. They said I ordered it on the internet, which I did NOT. It also says Web Hosting Gold. They can kiss my butt if they think I am going to pay. They said I HAD TO PAY THE 12.95 and they would cancel my service from them. I am e-mailing the better business bureau and anybody else I can think of. This is the second time I have someone try to scam me with Verizon. I am going to call them and if need be, I will get my phone through my cable company. Which will void my lifeline, but I don't need this aggrivation. Michele Austin - Florida / Incorrect charges on phone bill


I received my phone bill from Embarq and there was a charge for Gold web hosting on it. When I called to find out what it was for they directed me to the phone #. The lady said I had signed up for it, but I would never have signed up for something that had a $12.95/month charge. I was taking a survey online and must have clicked something, but not with the knowledge that I would be charged this fee. They will NOT credit me nor will they respond to my emails so I am posting this on this site to let people know they should beware of this company. It is quite a scam and the lady was so rude when I called. They should not be in business!