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Acushield Financial Complaints & Reviews

Acushield Financial - Virginia / not upholding contract


In 2007 my husband had 2 major surgeries in which we lost alot of income causing us and rack up nearly $10, 000 in credit card debt. One day in 2008 my husband was listening a radio station and heard a commercial for FreshStart. We decided to give them a call and discuss our situation. Of course they could make it so we could be debit free within 2 years (for a fee). They explained how to go about this, so we set up an automatic monthly withdraw. They told us once 50% of a credit card balance was reached they would negotiate and pay off that card. No cards were paid off. One of the credit...

Acushield Financial / Where is Acushield?


URGENT- Can anyone help? Jan 2009 I have been with Acushield Financial for 4 years now and they have dissappeared off the radar with my set aside balance- a hefty sum (this was after they had settled a debt but not put the transaction through). I have researched and found out that they have been issued with a desist and refrain order from the California Corporations Commissioner on the 23rd of Dec 2008. Since that time they have not been returning phone calls and the emails bounce back saying that its an invalid email address. I have contacted other businesses associated with Acushield such a...

Acushield Financial - Nevada, Las Vegas / FRAUD - I WANT MY MONEY


I have been part of the debt reduction program for about 3 1/2 years. I begain when it was Debt-Co, and then the name changed to AcuShield Financial. A few months ago I chose to opt out of the debt reduction program because I was (and AM) TOTALLY DISSATISFIED with the lack of communication. Negotiations for settlements were not being negotiated, and when I pressed and pressed and pressed, I still got no action. I finally told them I was totally unhappy with them and I wanted the money in my "set-aside" account refunded to me. They told me it would be 45-60 days - - - it has now been far longer...

Acushield Financial - Nevada, Las Vegas / debt negotiation scam


Dear Sirs I entered what I though was a legitimate "debt negotiation" program in October of 2004 with high hopes of clearing out my credit card debts and stopping the insanity of "minimum monthly payments" leading to higher and higher balances with no end in sight. I found them online, and signed a contract with what was then called "Best Debt Solution", set up my account, arranged for an automatic EFT withdrawal out of my checking account of nearly $400 per month, and was told I would be "debt free" in 34 months. At the time I entered the program I was current and caught up with all the...

Acushield Financial - Nevada, Las Vegas / Unauthorized charges!


I too was given all the same upfront promises of being 'debt free' and having 'repaired credit' in just a couple years as opposed to 7-10 years filing bankruptcy. (at this point, should have filed bankruptcy from the beginning). I was only 18 when I started accruing all of this credit, mainly from dept. stores. I lost my job and couldn't pay, so what I was I going to do? I moved back home with my parents to save money. Both my parents and I were beside ourselves with the amount of 'harassment' coming from the creditors, we stopped answering the phone all...