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Acura Complaints & Reviews

Acura / lemon law

Starlit1 on Sep 2, 2014

I purchased a used 2008 Acura RDX on March 23, 2014. It came with 12, 000 mi or 1 yr warranty. On July 2, 2014 the check emissions system light came on (code P0420) they had to replace the 3 way catalyst and the fuel tank unit and the reservoir unit. The light came on again and I took it to another dealer and was told they only replaced the catalyst itself but not the fuel tanks. They replace the fuel tank and a week later the light came back on. Again it went back into the shop they had it for over a week (not clear as to what they did to it) I picked it up have been driving it for almost two...

Acura / warranty issues

mz123 on Dec 7, 2011

Purchased a certified used Acura, 9 days ago. We purchased a MDX, and the next day we drove it on the highway and the hood bounced all around like it was not latched. We repeatedly checked it and figured we would need to get it checked. This should have been my first warning sign. A week later, the "Check Trailer Stability Assist" light came on, so now I have a warranty issue. This is all in 9 days of owning the vehicle. I was not concerned at first because I had traded in my Lexus GX for this vehicle and had experience amazing service support from Lexus and was told by Acura they had the same...

Acura - New York / dealership ruined my paint, refuses to fix it

Chris on May 22, 2011

My name is Christine DiGiacomo. I have an issue with a new car dealership, Smithtown Acura located in St. James NY. I have brought my car in 3 times now for the same problem. When I first went to take the car home, there was a huge scratch on the the trunk, and a huge hair was inside the new window tint. I also decided to add a protective coating called xzilon. That day I took a loaner home instead, so they can repair the scratch, re-do the tint, and apply the coating to the interior and exterior of the car. I went to pick it up, everything looked fine. I washed my car about 2 weeks later...

Acura - Florida, Miami / bad dealer, bad company

8888John on Feb 24, 2011

Acura asked me to send my 2006 Acura MDX to this dealer to upgrade the transmission software. I sent in my car and they did service. The service mamger called me and told me that my car's air filter needs to be replced. I said that I can do by myself. They then asked me to pick up my car. Right after I got my back, I found that one power window completely lost function. The window dropped down. I sent my car back and they fixed it (even not perfect, because when open or close the window, it has a big noise), but that service mamger said to me that "you must let us to do it if we told you...

Acura - Florida, Pembroke Pines / unsatisfactory service

Acura MDX 2001 went in for service. afterr service . gas leak developed. car was returned, then realized problem was not fixed, car was returned problem half resolved. Obvious that that each time MDX went in for a specific problem upon return of car a non rel;ated problem arises thus a pattern of my taking my MDX to the dealer on a regular baasis has developed. Obvious inefficiency of the service being delivered. there are other issues concerning the service of car that need to be addressed, please call me at 305-401-4913 Thjank you. Ivor Noicely

Acura - California, Pleasanton / bad service

I would like to make a complaint and find out what my options are on this matter. First let me say I own a 2004 Acura MDX, this is my primary family car. I have 4 children and use this car to take my kids back and forth to school and to buy groceries. I have never had any problems with this car it has always worked great. Until I took my 2004 Acura Mdx to have my brakes replaced because they didn’t seem as responsive as they were a few years back which I am sure is normal wear and tear. I took my MDX to Acura of Pleasanton California. They were nice and gave me a courtesy car for the time being...

Acura / horrible dealer


I have recently purchased a used Acura from the McGrath dealership in Westmont IL. The car salesman named Frank E. was very rude and unhelpful when he found out that I will require financing APR quotes before I come in to look at the vehicle. When I finally went in, Frank was basically rushing me through the process and when I have found issues with the headlight (cracked), he mentioned that he will repair it. I suggested that the headlights should be REPLACED instead because it was cracked and there is no way he can fix it. He sounded very defensive and just said "don't worry alright...

Acura - Florida, Pembroke Pines / poor quality interior

I was a proud owner of a 2004 Acura TL which was purchased less than 2 years ago as a certified pre-owned vehicle at the Acura of South FL dealer. I recently noticed a crack on the dash board of the passenger side which has gotten worse. I visited the Acura dealer in Pembroke Pines FL to see if it would be covered under warranty, and I was told that it would not be covered under warranty, but to be sure, I should contact Acura Car Care for more information. I contacted Acura Car Care and I was told that it was not covered under warranty. I was very disappointed that it was not covered, due to...

Acura - Québec, Brossard / really bad services and scammed

The Brossard acura dealer in the south shore, just south from MONTREAL city is horrible. 1) REALLY BAD SERVICES I brought my car to go change my tires and an oil change before winter comes. I specifically told them i'll be back for my car in a few hours because there were already 4-5 people ahead of me and the lady said it would take a while. After kept on calling them 4 times to see if my car was ready and being told they were too busy to answer, i decided to ask a friend to drive me back to the dealership to pick up my car. To my surprise, they didn't start it and told me that i...

Acura - Georgia, Atlanta / poor service


We purchased a used Acura MDX w/warranty earlier this year from this dealership. The actual purchase process was fairly standard, however the service has been less than stellar. Most recently we returned the MDX to the shop for regalur oil change and to investigate possible problems with the transmission. We had been expereincing an intermittent grinding sensation while going uphill. In addition the Service Enigine soon light glowed. I had a local AutoZone check the errot code for the light it indicated some sort of tranmission failure. While at the dealership being checked, the service...

Acura / think twice


Frankel Acura Dealer at 10400 York Rd, Cockeysville Maryland21030. I have requested for repair/check up on my Acura TL 2006. The person who is in charge has noticed me that they have to wait for the parts to arrive in order to fix the problem on my vehicle. That was two months ago. I have not received any contacts from them at all. I have called them regarding this matter and the person said they do not guarantee when the particular part is going to arrive. I do not understand why the part is taking so long and I was not informed properly about what specifically was wrong with my vehicle...

Acura - Texas, Houston / acura poor customer service/warranty


Unfortunately, I had to call in to the Acura Customer Care line today because I received some very disturbing news from my local dealership, Gillman Acura, about a power-train warranty on my car. I was told at the dealership, after they conferred with an Acura representative from the Acura Warranty Dept., that the power steering pump is not covered under the power-train warranty. Baffled by this, I called in to speak with someone who might be able to clarify how this could possibly be when the car is almost unable to be driven without power steering. The representative that answered the phone...