ACUI BERRY Complaints & Reviews

ACUI BERRY - England, Surrey, Woking / fraud


Yahoo had an advertisement for the Acui berry diet supplements on the 17th Dec 09. I accessed the thread link to the site and made a direct order and payment for them with my debit card but have not received the product despite the money being taken from my account and cannot contact the company who were selling them as the advertisement no longer exists. I have contacted yahoo about the issue but am waiting for a reply. I am very concerned that I may have become subject to fraud and that more money might come out of my bank account when this company has my bank details. I don't know what to...

ACUI BERRY - Delaware / Rip Off


Company is ripping you off by getting credit card information and then charging you monthly because you signed up for a contract and didn't know you did. Read the fine print under the terms (separate part of their website). You will be into this for $$ before you know what's happening and be able to stop the charges. The people working on the phone don't know what they are saying, are rude, and not helpful. They are connecting their site with other sites Like Bromalite and which are also going to charge you for items you didn't order. Cancel your credit cards that were used, otherwise you will continue getting monthly fees and have difficultly getting and funds returned.