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Active Periodicals Complaints & Reviews

Active Periodicals - California / magazines


I signed up for 4 magazines back in 2005. $49.50 a month for a year and I would receive the magazines for 3 years. I gave them my credit card info and I'm still paying to this day. I received calls every now and then asking me are you getting your magazines and are they in good condition. I had no idea they were still billing me for them. When I finally asked them am I still paying for magazines they stated yes because I subscribed for another year of payments. So as it turns out everytime they called and I answered yes to there question they took it as me signing up for another year of...

Active Periodicals - Mississippi / Magazine Scam


I received a call from Active Periodicals today wanting me to buy magazines and in return, I would recieve a $1000.00 online shopping spree. Everytime I would ask a question regarding "opting out" if it turned out to be something other than what the representative explained over the phone, she would reply that she was new and would have to ask her supervisor about it. I also told her that I would not give her any personal information over the phone and asked to be billed and she once again told me that she would have to check with her supervisor first. I told her that would be a great idea and...

Active Periodicals / Scammed me for $300 and are threatening me with legal action now


Active Periodicals is a horrible company that makes money off of people by intimidation and corporate technicalities. I am a recent college graduate and have been suckered into their subscription service because of the $1000 shopping spree they promised me. First of all, for those who are familiar with Active Periodicals, the shopping spree is fake. Now to the real headache: 1. They charged me $58 and change every month for up to 4 months before the first magazines showed up. Now when they arrived, out of the 10 magazines I got, only 2 of them are what I requested. So I complained. The...

Active Periodicals / Harassment


My mother has received two threatening calls from the company, the caller doesn't identify themselves. The caller, female, told my mother that she hates her and that she is 'dead'. I do not appreciate this harassment! She has had two such calls from this company from the same caller. She is older and is very worried and afraid because of these calls. The number if you call it back is a recording. I need a manager or someone to talk to. This behavior is very unprofessional and uncalled for! I am very upset! How did telemarketing come to this?

Active Periodicals - Hawaii, Honolulu / continuous bank charges


Just like some of the other people complaing about this compay, I got duped as well. I was told that it was a 4 yr. agreement, that's about 5 yrs. ago, now. I just need to know (if anyone else knows) how to cancel & get these guys to stop harrassing me... I get phone calls at like 2 or 3 am (when my babies and the rest of my family are all sleeping). They keep calling me and it's aggrivating and frustrating!!! I tried calling the company to cancel and they keep telling me that I CAN'T cancel. What kind of garbage is that??? And in the meantime, I keep getting charged. Anyone got any suggestions? Should I call the Better Business Bureau and let them know of what they're doing?

Active Periodicals / Attempted Telemarketing Fraud


Just received a call from an elderly sounding woman, stating that if I answered four questions, I could receive a free gift certificate for some merchandise, with payment of a shipping fee. I should have been suspicious with that statement, but proceeded to answer her questions. Was I male or female, what year was I born. The third question was requesting my income information and I told her was currently unemployed, of which, she said she was sorry to hear that. I then asked her where I could locate information regarding her company, but she proceeded to hang up on me without further...

Active Periodicals / Total scam


So i just got a call like 10 min ago from active periodicals and i know i have had calls like this before. They told me i had won a 1, 000 online shopping spree. So my first words were " whats the catch? ". This old lady told me nothing. So i went on to answer her qualifying questions. She asked me if i was still at my address, Yes. She asked me what year i was born. She asked me if i was married or single. i said in a relationship. I then got passed over to some other woman. During this time i heard her say " here take this one its a good one". I didn't quite understand what they meant...

Active Periodicals - Florida, Deerfield Beach / Terrible experience!


I signed up for a 2 year payment plan for 4 magazines at $35 per month for 2 years and then I was supposed to receive the magazines for no charge. After 2 years they advised I had agreed to 4 years so I went ahead and kept paying it. After 4 years they kept telling me that our agreement was for me to keep paying unless I wanted to send them a cash out check for over $700. I refused and changed my bank account. They responded by hounding me and my neighbor. They threatened to take the money out of my neighbor's account and to call the police on him. I checked their web site which states an...

Active Periodicals / They tried to lure me in with free shopping


This company made me think I was getting a free $1000.00 shopping spree (on line), 3 free magazines that would STOP after 12 mos. automatically. The only thing I had to do was pay 3.50 a week for the Time mag. I chose. That’s more than the cover price. When they needed my personal info I was then wary of some kind of scam. I gave false info, and then in the end refused to give my credit card # for fear of ID theft or fraud. They try to make you sure they are a co. in business for 35 years etc., but I never give my card # over the phone are they crazy?????? I went right to my computer and your other pissed consumers let me know I did the right thing. I hope everyone else does the same.