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Account Control Technologies Complaints & Reviews

Account Control Technologies - Pennsylvania, Berwick / Collections

Reviewer59065 on Oct 14, 2015

I received a phone call stating that "Chris" used me as a reference for a job. I said Chris who? He butchered the last name, because this person shares my last name. I told him he is a liar, because I know that this person would not use me as a reference. The collections person then would not let me talk. He was rude, after I tried to explain my relationship to this person, he just got louder, treated me like I was lying. I wasn't even the person they were trying to collect from. I called back the next day and got the call center. I explained what happened and the person insults me by trying...

Account Control Technologies - California / They've got the wrong gal!

Account Control Technologies has been harrassing me for the past year regarding a student loan with Sallie Mae but I'm not the borrower. My name is very common and there are several people in Indianapolis with the same name. They have the borrower's address, ssn and dob, but they don't have her phone number because it's unlisted. I became 'Perry' in 1997 and have been harrassed ever since by multiple collection agencies, but this one doesn't get it. I have provided my dob, ssn and address a dozen times but they don't believe me. Tamika at ACT has left...