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Able Translations Ltd Complaints & Reviews

Able Translations Ltd / This company doesn't want to pay their employees on time

Nov 27, 2015

I don’t advise other people to work for Able Translations Ltd. I have worked for them one year and of course in the beginning they have paid me on time. But later they provided a lot of work and promised me that money would be transferred as soon as possible. But each time there were some unpredictable delays and lies. A lot of lies. I quitted and they still owed me for 4 months.

Able Translations Ltd / They don't pay, but I have done 7 projects

Nov 12, 2015

Several weeks ago I started to work for Able Translations Ltd. It was busy time and the company provided a lot of projects, but I have done about 7 projects and haven’t been paid for them. The boss told me that they had a lot of work, but he assured me that I would get money. Nothing. I have called to their office several times per day and they again and again gave me some promises. Don’t work for these people.