AAA Life Insurance Company Complaints & Reviews

AAA Life Insurance Company - Nebraska, Omaha / Hospital Plan - Awful, Unresponsive

Jul 19, 2016

My 97 year old mother purchased a hospital plan fro AAA Life Insurance Company and passed away April 1st 2016. I contacted AAA to cancel the policy and stop the auto-deduct from her checking account and request a refund of premiums after February, 2016. I sent them all documentation including a copy of my POA and a copy of her death certificate May 12, 2016. I sent the May 12th letter to them with all documentation, a follow-up letter June 23rd and now a July 18th letter. AAA has been completely unresponsive and continues to make auto-deducts from her account. I was forced to put a stop on...

AAA Life Insurance Company - Michigan, Livonia / Travel Insurance

Dec 08, 2015

I called to get a sample copy of the AAA Travel Insurance policy, as all policies have clauses that exclude specific actions for eligibility. All I had was the sales document promising the world. Rather than signing up, sending in money and then finding out it is too restrictive and then trying to get my money back, I prefer to look and see before jumping. Rip off companies prefer, like sheep, we just follow what they want us to do. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Cynthia said the supervisor could do nothing. I told her 3 times to get a supervisor or I would write the CEO and let him know of...

AAA Life Insurance Company / Awful, awful, awful


We lost our dad on 10 / 7 / 08, our mother filed a claim. Our mother passed on 10 / 30 / 08 one day before before the check arrived for our dad. Aaa stopped payment on the check. I told them we needed that money to bury our mother, and that i will sue them if we have to keep our mother out until they re - issue a check to the estate. So the manager who it took, several phone call to speak to. Told me that as soon as i could get my sibling to file for her benefits they would send the check. The check they sent was for her policy which we received on 11 / 07 / 08. She told me my father check...