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A1 Assist Complaints & Reviews

A1 Assist / Unethical conduct of business

Nov 04, 2016

I was involved in a car accident on 27/10/2016 on the M2 west. A1 Assist was immediately on the scene. I told the truck driver that it is an Avis rental vehicle and that I needed to phone them. Whilst a police officer ([protected]) was busy taking my details the driver handed me his phone and told me it was somebody from Avis. This "person" confirmed that he can tow the vehicle. When I spoke to Avis later that day they told me that he did not phone them and was not allowed to tow the vehicle. I phoned A1 Assist and talked to Natasha Botha [protected]) who referred the matter to her manager...

A1 Assist / Predating on victims in vehicle accidents

Aug 04, 2014

I was involved in a motorbike accident and A1 assist was first to arrive.. The person involved with the tow vehicle asked where i would like the vehicle taken to, i said to my house. I was quite prepared to pay for the towing which was 1km away, and it was unlawfully towed by the tow trucker driver to their yard. They now want R4500 to release the bike. I never signed any tow slip, I never gave them any personal details. The emergency crew had immobilized me, my helmet was still on my head, i was in a state of shock, pain and slight concussion and bruising to both shoulders, which made it...