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A Touch Of Heaven Salon And Spa Complaints & Reviews

A Touch Of Heaven Salon And Spa - Pennsylvania, Bartonsville / Poor customer service

Jun 18, 2014

The owner of this salon has the worst attitude and doesn't feel its her job to "wow" any client whether they are coming in for her or another stylist. I have been witness to various complaints made to the owner and watched as she never takes responsibility for her salon. Instead if there is something a client doesn't like she will make it the clients "problem" and not her salons. Once a woman returned to the salon because she had a pretty bad reaction to the color used on her hair. As she explained and showed the irritated skin all over her neck and face, Keisha the owner, responded...

A Touch Of Heaven Salon And Spa - Pennsylvania, Bartonsville / Mandatory Tipping

Sep 15, 2012

I went for a massage at this salon in June 2012. I purchased a Groupon deal so it was pre-payed. I called to schedule my appointment and showed up early. When I was checking in, I was informed that I was required to pay a mandatory 20% gratuity before the massage. I argued with this because I am not going to give a tip prior to getting the massage. Also, no where on the Groupon does it say this. I have no problem tipping, however, I feel that I should decide how much based on the service I received.. They agreed to let me have my massage and then pay the gratuity like any other salon/spa would...

A Touch Of Heaven Salon And Spa - Pennsylvania, Bartonsville / Unsanitary business

Aug 30, 2012

I was a recent witness to this unsanitary salon. The stylists would use dirty combs and towels on most clients. Some stylists had either no Barbercide in their jars, and when some did it needed to be changed extremely badly. Clients were either not draped at all for a chemical service, or they were covered by a towel (unsure if it was clean or not) around their neck. This salon didn't have enough capes for clients at all!