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A Brush Above Painting Complaints & Reviews

A Brush Above Painting - Michigan, Harrison Township / Scam

Jun 18, 2015

We saw his(Mike Kennedy) add on craigslist and called him for an in home estimate. He seemed like a normal person to us at first and gave us a quote of 1400$ for a painting job. He came the next day with the contract and took half the money from us(700$). He was going to start the work on 05/22 and in the morning he said he is running behind on some work and will start the next day. We were ok with that. The next day he is like, he does not have people to work for him because it is a long weekend and will start the work after the long weekend. After talking to him for a while (since we were in...

A Brush Above Painting / Scammer / Thief

May 22, 2014

You are a scammer and a liar and thief, I worked for you for 1 day and still after 3 weeks have not received any money from your half ### COMPANY. After many many request, you say you do a back ground check ..that is a joke, never check me out and the first time i meet you at a job site it was 5 hours in to the job for that day. You say you have been painting for 25 years, not sure who taught you the trade but i forgot more than you will ever know about this trade. So people if you really want a scam artist and thief and people in your home that may be a danger to you and your family or...