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7th Avenue Complaints & Reviews

7th Avenue / pay by phone

Apr 20, 2019

I tried to pay my bill 4 (four) times through the automated service it is way too wordy she asks you for something then she cuts in and then it says i'm sorry I didn't understand we'll wait until I finish and then you will understand it's way too wordy it just needs to be clean and simple... What is your account number... How much do you want to pay... Do you want to use the information stored on a file that's it. She was asking me about you can either pay with your account number or an order number those two should not even be together if you're making a payment that's all that line should be for... Needs to be corrected

7th Avenue - Arizona, Phoenix / bedding

Jul 23, 2015

I received a futon from this company that was made with old clothing and building insulation. It was infested with brown beetles and bedbugs. It has cost me $1000 to control the pests (or more). I have had to throw all of it away and I still owe $655. Should I pay?