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I just noticed I was being charged a fee of 20.95 per month, I am a person who doesnt balance my checking account monthly I just monitor it online. After finding this charge I have gone back and looked and this has been going on atyleast 15 months, to go back farther I have to pay my bank to research it. I never authorized this use on my account at any time. I have contacted the phone number on my bank statement 4 times and they cant find a record of charging me etc... I am fed up. This is atleast $314.00 they have taken fraduantly. / Beware


I ordered something online recently, and I had to cancel the first order immediately right after I placed it from a particular site. Then I went to another site and I did order and I received my order. Then I get my bank acct. statement saying I’m overdrawn. So I go online to my bank acct and I see 2 orders for 2 places I know I never went to and what do you know its from this site and another website and total came to $52.00 . Well thankfully I am able to dispute these 2 places and I am working to get my money back from these fraudulent websites with the banks help. I didn’t order from these sites and they aren’t taking my money without a fight!!!