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02 / Overcharging never refunded

Mar 6, 2015

O2 SUCKS! Deplorably bad customer service. O2 employees in Mall of Berlin (don't work with Dennis) made us the contract and we provided them with all the necessary documentation. They assured us everything was ok with the contract and yet we were charged the wrong amount on the contract. After frequenting the store 4 times about the problem they said they fixed it every time. By the time we requested our refund, their incompetency and lack of care for the customer not only continued but same excuses were used to cover up their incompetency. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!

02 / Fraud and lies


Last summer I changed via ("phones 4U") my mobile phone provider from vodafone to 02. I was getting a deal - 600 minuntes & 500 text msg for £35 per month. With Vodafone I was getting a lot less call time etc, although the main difference here that I want to point out is with vodafone when you didn't use all of your minutes or txt, they were carried forward to the next month. So my main complaint is that I am not using anywhere near the minutes & texts - I am using about 1/4 of the call time & texts. I contacted 02 a couple of months into my contract to a) question why my minute...