Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Cedar Falls, Iowa, United States

Taco John's International / poor customer service

Jan 10, 2019

1/10/19 I got to your Cedar Falls Iowa location and promptly got greeted by a woman who sounded like she absolutely hated her job. I'm not sure what you people teach your employees but it definitely needs a refresher on customer service. The man that took my card was rude and only ever...

Aldi Stores / service

Dec 13, 2018

I used to be a regular aldi customer. Lately my Aldi experience hasnt been great. I am never helped when i ask where a product is they just tell me and leave me to find it on my own, they dont treat customers with respect, they dont treat their workers with respect. I cant see sign...

Burger King / false advertising/early closure and rude manager

Oct 22, 2018

Last Tuesday, October 16, my friend and I drove to Burger King to enjoy a late night snack. We chose to go to Burger King over a few other restaurants in Cedar Falls, IA that were open at 11pm. Before heading to the location, we checked online to make sure that it would be open. Online...

Michele Kay Smith [email protected] / social security benefits

Oct 22, 2018

I have been meeting with social security every fall since 2016. I have widow benefits and can be confusing. I called the local social security office on Greyhound in Waterloo, Iowa. Mitch set me up with an appointment. Mitch explained to me what I was given in writing was wrong and I...

Asst. At Dollar General / dollar general on university in cedar falls

Jul 13, 2018

I went to get some items and I have let a person cut in line after me because I had a full basket and there was an associate buying a basket full of items on her lunch break with a full sort of people in line waiting so then when she open her register I stayed over there onto because I had...

Biolife Plasma Services / inappropriate supervisor

Jan 29, 2018

I was at zsavooz in cedar falls, ia when I overheard a bioife supervisor talking crap about a worker that I know personally to a couple other workers. I'm pretty sure she said "she won't last long." in addition to making fun of her face. She also stated "i'm not even suppose to be here...

Almay / almay liquid liner

Sep 25, 2017

My first time using Almay liquid eyeliner, which I purchased at Ulta Beauty, with nothing on my eyelids beforehand, I applied it, the 'brush' left streaks in the line, the liquid was watery, it was not smooth or completely black. As soon as it dried, it started flaking off. You can't even...

Hobby Lobby / rude managers/staff. poorly trained employees. sloppy record keeping

Aug 22, 2017

For frame of reference, this is over a $6 cut of fabric. I had recently purchased a small amount of faux suede (less than 2yds) but had the opportunity to acquire some real leather. I needed more findings and since I still had my receipt, I took the fabric (with original measuring ticket...

Choice Hotels / large barking dog

Jul 22, 2017

7/22/2017 Account [protected] Comfort Suites (IA120), Nordic Drive, Cedar Falls, IA At 9:30 pm we awoke to the barking of a large dog in room 132 adjacent to our room 130. We went back to sleep only to be awakened again by the barking of the large dog. After about the tenth repeat of thi...

Brach's / maple nut goodies

Jul 18, 2017

We purchased a 4 oz package of maple nut goodies on 7/15/2017 they were not fresh trying it was like trying to eat rocks extremely stale even though the best by date on the package was January 23rd 2018. I just think that when you purchase a product well under its expiration date it should...

Kaplan University / fraudulent activity?

Jun 15, 2017

I was a student at Kaplan University a total of three times, between 2003 and 2014. There has been a hold placed on my transcripts and they refused to give me the diploma that I earned. On 6/15/2017 I went into the administrative office to get a better understanding of this. I'd already...

CBE Group / scam

May 01, 2017

I received a letter (second time in one year) about an overdue amount on an eBay account #[protected]. I do not have a eBay account. CS#21-[protected]. It states "unless you notify us in 30 days, this office will assume this debt is valid." The [protected] number is just an answering front that...

Sears / kenmore coldspot model 106.[protected]

Sep 15, 2015

Kenmore Coldspot side by side refrigerator purchased approximately 6 months ago. On August 25, 2015 the refrigerator quit cooling and freezing. Repairs could not be done until Sept. 15 however after calling another service number they scheduled an appointment within a few days. A...

phantom efx / durcumworks / alot of issues with the games and on line problems


im writting to tell you that a place that was fun is not now. they have 2 online fake money casinos that used to be fun but is not now. there more along the line of a social network where you meet alot of people around the work. but the online play is a joke now you get booted from the...

PhantomEFX / Games dont work properly


PhantomEFX go around saying they are the best but they aren't they have so many problems on and offline with their games that people should BEWARE!! They have a online gaming community where they charge you a fee to play... I would NOT recommend anyone to get sucked into entering thi...

Worx GT / poor service, false adv.


Purchased a Worx Gt in April. Battery does not last to go around 3 foodball fields as advertised. I get about 15-20 on a charge and it takes 24 hours for a new charge. Now the battery will not charge at all. I think it is the charger. I have emailed them twice about the problem. It has been used about 9 times this summer.

money mastery/ income pro / cc fraud


($59.84) people who charge customers a fee that they never have even seen is theft. this company is a fraud and people need to go to prison. never did i see such fraud and theft in my life. MONEY MASTERY the name says it all. DO NOT GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD # TO THESE THEIVES you will regret... / Sold to them without payment


I traded gil (FFXI online money) tosell it to them. They took it and as of 20 hours later havent recieved payment . I go to their service and support chat and tell me same thing every time "Payment admin is not here"

Canadian Pharmacy / Order never received!


This so called company had no problem taking a payment out of my account. I cannot reach either phone numbers [protected] or [protected], if that is the numbers!!The website address is bogus too. I wish I would've known!! I hope you read this before you make the same...