Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Ftlauderdale, Florida, United States

Strayer University / neglect of school for tuition refund

Jul 19, 2013

I app líed to the mba program at strayer online, i didnt finish the first course for medical reasons and i was told to get a medical leave of abscence. Even having told the school i wasnt going back they charged me for a full term and what started as a clase to get me to apply to...

universal protection services / firing employees

Jul 09, 2013

This company bought out, Castle Guard Secruity. From day 1, I didn't trust this company. The first thing they did, was get rid of the management from the prior company. Then the paychecks, went paperless. Employees were given the run around if they wanted to opt-out, from going...

Central Alarm/ Leads Blvd. Joe C. Versacio Wayne Walton / Unlicensed business non stop calling

May 22, 2013

I have been contacted by Leads Blvd. over and over again about an alarm system that I did not want. They transferred me to this company Central Alarm owned by Joseph C. Versacio and his pit bull sales man would not stop calling my house. I told both companies I am on the Do Not Call List...

Roof Repair / Roof Repair

Apr 29, 2013

GREAT COMPANY - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FRANK SEEBER ROOFING!!! I had a wonderful experience with Frank Seeber Roofing. I called and explained to them that my roofwas leaking from all the rain and they understood my urgency and got a repair man out here the next day. They were able to diagnose...

Keiser University / scam

Mar 26, 2013

The tuition that Keiser University charges is outrageous. I am strapped with 40, 000 in debt. Keiser University states that is is a non profit private school, but don't be fooled it is for profit. They do not care about finding a job for you once you graduate, but they will beg you to...

Sleek Surgical and Medspa / Took my money

Mar 04, 2013

I orginally was going to have some type of skin tightening procedure done and I left a $100 deposit. But when I went home and did some research of their customer reviews and I saw alot of negative comments on them about how they are a rip off etc. It discouraged me and I tried to get my...

Global / parking pick up

Jan 28, 2013

We returned from our 8 day cruise on the Independence of the Seas. We were off the ship at 6:30am, Sunday, 1/27/3013. As we were instructed, we called Global for pickup, with the phone number they provided. There was a recording, a recording that indicated that they do not open until...

Frank Seeber Roofing / Roofing Contract Fraud

Oct 12, 2012

I had signed a roofing contract with Frank Seeber Roofing and was told that for whatever reason I could cancel before 10/9/12. I called Frank Seeber Roofing the morning of 10/9/12 and told them I would be cancelling and what steps I needed to do. I was given the run around that day. I...

Sixt Rent A Car / fraudulent damage claim

Aug 05, 2012

I rented a Mercedes C250 from Sixt Ft Lauderdale, FL on April 13, 2012. I rented cars exclusively and often from Sixt at this location and am at their top Platinum level.I spoke with the manager after picking the car up to explain that the car seemed quite sluggish, especially when...

Caribbean Cruise Lines / Fraud/Scam

Jul 02, 2012

I was watching one of those tv infomercials about the TummyTuck system which is this supposed amazing product that literally burns the fat right off you (I don't know if this is true or not..) anyways, I thought I'd try it so I called and ordered it over the phone and at the end...

Steiner Transocean / Nightmare Spa Experience

May 19, 2012

My girlfriend and I literally just disembarcked from the Carnival Freedom, our once a year vacation. The first thing I wanted to do besides find a ride away from this nightmare was register an online complaint about the fraudulent and unprofessional spa aboard the Freedom. The spa onboard...

Gmac / Ally / insurances/escrow /servicing

Apr 14, 2012

Attention, anyone haveing problems with gmac now ally please contact me at [protected] I have evidence and information to give to you to help you fight this company and poss save your homes, the subject is on late insurance payments, misapplied funds, etc this is free info and...

GSA Auctions LLC/ / FRAUD

Mar 20, 2012

On their website under "how to buy", they say that what they pay for the vechile at the auction, is what you pay, plus there fees, of which, $499 is a broker fee paid to them for bidding for you at auction. My high bid was $25500, and invoice from Copart Auction to them was$22000, plu...

uposide prepaid card / charges and unauthorized fees

Mar 09, 2012

On 03/06/2012 I was charge 132.27 on my credit card for restraunt order. the charge was 110.23 at thwe restraunt. I reported it to Upside who told me I would have to wait for it to be out of pending transaction in order to dispute it and they would credit my account "same Day". on...

American Express Collections Dept. / over paid collection account

Jan 10, 2012

I have been paying on a debt that had my ex-husband as primary.I agreed to pay creditors instead of filing bankruptcy.My payments were over the amount asked for until the last payment was due on November 27th, 2011.I called to confirm the last payment amount on 11/12/11, I told the...

Craig's List Item for Sale / Craig's List Buyer Fraud

Jan 06, 2012

I was selling an Ironman Elliptical Machine on Craig's List. While exchanging emails I got suspicious of the buyer and red flags started to go up everywhere. (See below for part of the email exchanges) From: john godwin [mailto:[protected]] Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2012...

Center For Cosmetic Surgery / Fraud/ Will Steel your Money

Dec 24, 2011

Had an Appointment for a consultation. After giving me the Price. I said I would Consult with my husband. The. owner Mrs. Tess, said that if I wanted to for her to owner the Price to give her $2000.00 deposit which would be refundable. I said to her No I would have to consult with my... / Fraud

Nov 28, 2011

This online auction service stole my $400 deposit! I made a deposit in order to bid on salvaged vehicles. After a few unsuccessful bids I requested a refund in accordance with the site guidelines. I received an email confirming my refund request and said to wait 6-8 weeks to proce...

Service America / the worst customer service!

Nov 09, 2011

Had a contract with them that I was not going to renew, they called a month later to offer me a deal so I renewed for another year. Ended up purchasing new air conditioner from them that they tried to tell me that they would pay for the handler because it was covered and I would pay for...

Maestría en Liderazgo Empresarial / collection of classes that I did not

Nov 08, 2011

The whole process made ​​it so fast, without an initial orientation of what was to happen, enter only two classes because they did not have time, I retained until I told them I could not but send them my health status, then they were quiet for a period of time, and now send me a note so...

Department of Children & Families / Inability to contact live representative

Oct 19, 2011

Have had my Food Stamps case closed due to the inability to reach a live operator. Was given a recertification appointment and could not get through. Have been calling for several weeks at all times of day, with no luck. I received letter that my case was closed due to non compliance with...

Andrews Autobody and Collision / Thief and scam convict

Sep 28, 2011

Danger! Danger! Do not even consider taking your car to this drug addict. David ### will take your money and do no work on your car then put a lien on it with his partner in crime ALL STATE LIEN AND TITLE so you have to pay to get it back in worse condition than you brought it in. Any one...

Direcpath / extremely poor service

Sep 18, 2011

Before using DirecPath, I had never heard of them. DirecPath is seemingly the only company that services my apartment complex. I read all of the complaints before they came out, but I was optimistic. I thought "they can't be that bad." I as very, very wrong. I am a web developer and I...

Support SQD / Un authorized Bank withdrawl

Sep 17, 2011

After going to my father-in-law'f funeral in Port St. Lucie, Florida in July of this year I started noticing a debit card withdrawal from my checking account for $9.99 monthly. I did use my debit card twice at two airports for baggage handling and thought it must have been an...

Florida Children and Families / Cant speak to anyone.

Aug 25, 2011

I think the whole process is made so difficult so the person just gives up, the frustration is out the roof, and most of the time it's the poor children that suffer when a parent cant resolve a problem with medicaid or Food Stamps for there child. I have lived in another state and wa...

Mattress1One / Employee Scamming!

Jul 01, 2011

My boyfriend was currently laid off from mattress1one for a lack of funds to pay all the managers they hired. When a company just starts out, they should be smart enough not to open 10 stores when they have huge competitors like Mattress Giant. Anyways, besides the lack of any sort of...

All County Towing / Unauthorized Tow

Jul 01, 2011

I was parked in a spot visiting my friend in Pine Crest Condos. The spot was reserved for management during M-F 8AM-6PM. I parked at 11 PM and left the apt after 7AM and found out I was towed by All County Towing just before 5AM. My sunglasses were missing and I found a scratch on the...

Dunkin Donuts / employee

Jun 25, 2011

A employee named Monira shouts all the time and does not know a single word of English. She is always yelling in a language unknown to me. Whenever I step into the store she is always shouting in front of the customers and employee's. She has no manners towards customers as well, and...

Abc Gaming LLC Florida / Card Fraud

Apr 14, 2011

I work for a financial institution in the card fraud department I have done more than 20 fraud claims in regards to unauthorized charges of 4.96 on our customer's accounts in just the last 9 months. Because this amount is below the chargeback limit we chargeoff as a loss and the...

Strayer University / financial aid

Apr 05, 2011

I really should of read the 'million' bad reviews before I actually registered at this school. I didn'! And now im like the many others who regret my decision. The admission people are friendly and welcoming at first, but as soon as they get you registered the problems and issues arise...

B. Gray Jewelers / jewelry appraisal / trade scam

Feb 21, 2011

I sent 2 Tag Hauer watches via USPS registered mail to B Gray jewelers. USPS tracked the package there 1/17/2011. I have not heard from them. I only get an answering machine when I call and they do not answer my Email inquiries.

Lindstrom Air Conditioning / Stupidity

Feb 18, 2011

The middle of December I had Lindstrom install a new HVAC in my home. I had asked for a standard sized return so I could get replacement filters anywhere. They installed a 20x24 return. I have yet to find a single 20x24 filter in any Home Depot or Lowes. In addition, the year's supply...

Travel Partner of Ft. Lauderdale / Contract Fruad

Jan 19, 2011

I have an account with them and they never fulfilled it. It was in October of 2010 when I also gave them an additional two year membership due and they took it knowing that they were not going to keep their end of our contact. I paid a lot of money for this membership to travel on cruise...

Imperial Majesty Cruise Line Vacations / Fraudulent charges collected from Credit Card

Jan 18, 2011

In June of 2008 I was called at home and told I had won a free cruise vacation whick included 2 days and 2 nights in Orlando, plus 2 days and 2 nights in Fr. Lauderdale, a rental car, 2 night cruise to Nassau, 3 days and 2 nights in LasVegas, plus 4 days and 3 nights in Puerto Vallarta. A...

US Airways / Rude treatment of mother with Autistic child

Jan 06, 2011

LETTER TO US AIRWAYS REGARDING CRUEL TREATMENT TO AUTISTIC CHILD AND MOTHER My husband booked a flight through, on December 15th, 2011, for my 9-year-old son and myself to NC, flying US Airways. My husband was to pick me up to spend Christmas at our second home, in Lenoir, NC. I...

Summer Bay Getaway Ft.Lauderdale, FL. / we were charged and recieved no reservation


When I called in on a product which was advertised on TV paid programming, gave the information, and then found that they could not send to Canada, I was then put thru to a persuasive sales scheme unrelated to that product and led to believe that I had won a free trip to Florida, got...

Carls Furniture Ft.Lauderdale / Never received items


Ordered dining set in March of 2010, I came back in July of 2010 to add 2 more chairs to the existing set with hopes of picking the chairs up before Thanksgiving. My sales man Claudio Leiderman said the furniture will definetley be in before Thanksgiving, giving me an approximate date of...

American Laser Center / fraud


9-3-2010 I asked for a full refund ASAP because I have done my best to work through the problems I have experienced but now that I have started voicing my concerns I have found I am not the only one with issues with American Laser Centers. First, I referred 2 people to American Laser... / DEFECTIVE FLOORING


Let’s call this “Why I will never do business with again.” The following letter copy (initials replacing others’ names) pretty much summarizes our situation. It has been a long road. After dealing recently with the Florida BBB when we filed a...

ATI technical school / Loan & Job


They had us sign blank financial aid forms, promised to get us jobs and that we can back out of the loan within 30 days at no cost. After I graduated, they sent me a letter stating, I was self-employed. When I called to ask where did they get this info, they would not say and still failed...