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Unauthorized Charges Complaints

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Be2 / I wish to cancel my registration

FleurH on Oct 24, 2017
I have recently joined Be2 and I wish to cancel my registration. I am a single mother and when I signed up it said it was $12. I have now been charged 299.96. I am most upset and I have bills to pay and need to put food on the table!!! I wish to cancel this immediately and am within the...

o2pur / box mod trial kits

rickwheck on Oct 24, 2017
how can you people look in a mirror and not puke? i called the number advertised on tv i went to the web site as you had claimed you were GIVING free box mods for only the cost of shipping and i fill out the form and wait but to my surprise i received 2 bottles of juice instead so i call and...

ECHST.net / Unauthorized charges on my card

Denise Baxley on Oct 23, 2017
Your company has put unauthorized charges on my card over 35.00 and I have not idea what this is for or why but it is fraudulent and I want this refunded back to me asap. I have not signed up for anything via web nor have I given permission for anyone to use my card. there is no one in my...

Laurence Liebenberg / account unlawfull supension

Laurence Liebenberg on Oct 23, 2017
Account suspended - debit order cancelled. Account that was used for debit orders were closed due to an-lawful deductions by 3de parties. Manual EFT payments made to Telkom mobile. Telkom mobile refuses to remove debit order. So when debit order is returned - irrespective off manual...

7-Eleven / unauthorized credit card charges

Xiangy on Oct 22, 2017
7-ElevenToday when I am trying to buy the hotdog from 7-11 which location is 202 S Main St, Newark, DE 19711, U.S. I don't know why but the cashier told me to insert my credit card again after I paid for my hotdog. I do what he told me to do but I had check my mobile bank statement after I paid...

Cox Communications / telephone service

highberg on Oct 22, 2017
We have been loyal cox customers for 30+years. We had a hard line telephone for most of that, it was $10/month with no extras. Our house flooded this last year and our hard line was not re-established. Instead cox guys say can not have a hard line now, need a box. So I have been paying...

Viator/trip advisor / fraudulent charge on my c. c. account!!!

Gee MX. on Oct 22, 2017
Buyer beware: a charge from this viator/trip advisor showed up on my c.C. Statement. I did not recognize the name of the company, & of course- it is fraudulent!!! now, how did they end up with my c.C. Information to make the charge?! who knows... When i calles them to clarify this issue...

Dollar Tree, 938 Admiral Callaghn Lane, Vallejo, Ca.4591-3680 / rectifying charge errors

CarlBucco on Oct 22, 2017
On 10/22/17, I was overcharged by $2.17 for 2 taxable Moisture Absorbent items that belonged to the customer behind me. I told the checkout clerk they were not my Items. She attempted to void them but was unsuccessful as I discovered as I reviewed my receipt as I was exiting the store. I...

Debenhams / adding a gift card amount

fred1965 on Oct 22, 2017
On October 21st I ordered a dressing gown online using a gift card with the value of £25, I paid the postage or so I thought by adding my bank account details. I have been charged the full £28.99 from my account and the £25 has not been taken from the total cost. This is a complete inconvenience, I...

Paul Blaise / Debit card charged

Paolob on Oct 21, 2017
My phone number is 954-867-8920. I live in Florida. On october 18th I recharge my phone via my debit card for $5. I checked my bank account a day after I notice that Boss Revolution charged me for $10. I thought that I made a mistake by hiting 2 times the recharge of $5. Then they speak...

CBI*Cleverbridge Inc / Unauthorized credit card charge

Iretsu on Oct 21, 2017
My credit card was charged for $24.95 by your company on October 21. I don't recognize this charge and I have no receipt. I want it credited back to my account immediately. I did not authorize this purchase. I would appreciate a refund to be posted no later than Monday, Oct. 23. If not I...

Mobily / unauthorized charges

drnareb on Oct 21, 2017
I load a 10 sar then make a call for twice or thrice then some sms, then in every call or sms I made, there is an automatic reply from mobily company how much is the remaining balance. That is a very good service. Right. But when I did not make any calls nor sms and the provider is still...

Wish.com / Customer support

Amber An Michael Klasmier on Oct 20, 2017
I had my phone an purse stolen an the person that stole my stuff made a bunch of purchases on my accounts an to my debit card an put my account in the negative thousands an I have been contacting the wish customer support for over three days straight for them to keep telling me they can’t...

Mr Price Group / MRP / sim top up cancellation fee

MD9401 on Oct 20, 2017
Good morning, YesterdayI received an email which contains my statement. Mr. Price added money that I have to pay for cancelling a sim top up for which I will not pay. A guy called me with regards to Mr Prices new network where each costumer receive a free sim card with R25 airtime on...

Safecart / payment to safecart via paypal credit/unauthorized charges.

CherylFolmar on Oct 19, 2017
Date Transaction ID Invoice ID 6/16 2MEO7864C6641243G CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW-VRMRZ 2.95 6/21 2AA65761HY2619815 CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW7K2AQ 24.95 7/21 7WK24040HB901683W CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW-MU3EC 24.95 8/21 7ST20221DB1885530 CRIM-U1706170014-OOERW-VCGQ7 24.95 9/21 OD369070PS229324C...

Malindo Air / unauthorized credit card charges

Sindyee on Oct 19, 2017
We received our credit card statement for april 2017 and noticed that we were charged for 2 OD tickets purchased on 6 april for amounts RM 1017.60 and RM168.54. We have checked our records and found that we have not made any purchase for OD flight tickets. As such we do not have any OD confirmation code (6 characters) or e-ticket number to give to you.

DHL / shipment

Rick Chablis on Oct 18, 2017
I would like an explanation as to why I was charged an egregiously large amount for sending a birthday package to a friend, and why the friend was charged a fee to receive the package. Now I'm being told the package is being held for more information. After paying over $120 for delivery of...

Crunch Fitness / unauthorized credit card charges

Maritza R on Oct 18, 2017
On August 30, 2017 I went into the gym to canceled my membership. I was told that since I did not go in 10 days prior to my next payment that I still had to pay for the month of September. I did not have a problem with that, but on October 3rd, my account was charged for the month off...

RushCard / customer service

Jasmin Hawthorne on Oct 18, 2017
I have been calling rushcard over a week a transaction was put threw twice on my account and I’ve called to dispute ! It’s over a month old and somebody is getting over ! When calling I get out on hold and keep getting told I need to wait on a dispute form that 4 different people say they’re...

La Senza / la senza

Jennifer Quintero on Oct 17, 2017
Made one purchase with La Senza.com this was on October 14, .2017. I was charged $25.00 for the purchase I made everything fine. Logged into my account today October 17, 2017 I see a hold on my account for $25.00 for what I just purchased from them one time and that was October 14, 2017. Why...
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