Unauthorized Charges Complaints

Your family / Some online thing

Apr 19, 2019

I was checking my credit card to see if my orders were charged and I noticed a payment taken out for 29.95 called cancelled my card and googled the company I never accepted them to charge any money didn't sign anything or intials anything it's real upsetting when scammers take $ from hard...

Internet package / Internet package

Apr 19, 2019

Internet packageMy name is Muhammad Saddam zahid and my number is [protected] Sir I activate a package *406# yesterday but then I was using internet my balance was deducting then I call to customer representative he said it is only for Karachi and Hyderabad but I am in Multan but there is nothing mention at...

ATT*VP Virtual Pinn / not even sure because i never made any transaction with this company

Apr 17, 2019

I was charged $38-54 this morning 4/17/19 for something i don't have a clue about because i certainly didn't make any transactions with this company. I never authorize anyone else to make a charge to my card and don't know how this could have happened. I'm in no way...

ATT*VP Virtual Pinn / not even sure because I never made any transaction with this company

Apr 17, 2019

ATT*VP Virtual PinnI was charged $38-54 this morning 4/17/19 for something i don't have a clue about because i certainly didn't make any transactions with this company. I never authorize anyone else to make a charge to my card and don't know how this could have happened. I'm in no way associated with thi...

Gleekplay / a devious method to solicite your credit card details, then using an unauthorised credit card charge each month, as explained below.

Apr 14, 2019

Date 26/02/2019 description leeds gbr frgn amt: 6.95 u.s. dollar amount -$10.02 Q: how and when did you attempt to resolve this with the merchant? A: I did a google search & this is the only information, on 2 sites, of the perceived scam of this vendor. there was some app I...

Bamboo's Life Store / payment not received

Apr 8, 2019

Bamboo's Life StoreCustomer, Please contact Ali service to check your refund This is the link: Order number:99374231175671status:closed reminder : we can't process your order at this time due to potential security reasons. All payments made (except fees and charges made to third parties) will be...

BDVentu / "diet pills"???

Apr 5, 2019

The same story as everyone else... There are 2 charges on my card from Bdventu that I did not authorize. I guess I asked for a "free trial, just pay shipping and handling"... I never received the trial products and now they have charged me full price for both products... I called the...

North Texas Toll Road Authority / tolls

Apr 2, 2019

they had my credit card in their system and were billing 3 times a month with unproven tolls. Then they tell me I owe $748 which included $500 in fees. This is theft and from what I understand is unregulated. I set up a payment plan because they threatened to impound my vehicle. When asked... / bait and switch - undisclosed fees

Mar 29, 2019

I drive an 07 Prius. This morning, while driving on the freeway, both the low-beams and high-beams suddenly went out. I went to to see if this was a known issue. As I logged on, a pop-up window opened, with a, "Live Technician, " who was ready to answer questions. I...

Sliema / charged my debit card $46.97 on march 13.

Mar 28, 2019

I have a new debit card to replace the one that had 5 unauthorized charges, but this charge hasn't been removed from my statement yet. I received 5 charges in a row - within 2 minutes of each other - for the same amount but from five "different" companies. Bank caught all but this one. There...

Uber Eats / they are charging the customer for reviewing about the food

Mar 28, 2019

Please stop buying or using the UberEats they store your credit card details and they will just charge your card without your knowledge and confirmation and you can't do anything about this so please don't give your credit card details to the UBER / UberEats. I have brought the food using...

Cleverridge / I have no idea

Mar 25, 2019

I was billed back around March 5th for 54.36 for whatever I have no idea. I never purchase magazines nor any kind of software in my paypal account. Can you please look into this matter for me and credit my account for 54.36. Blessings, Virginia Leahy [protected] I have no idea...

FLIRT I think / I may have signed up for one site (flirt?) but I want any and all accounts on any dating sites unsubscribed asap please!!

Mar 22, 2019

I may have signed up for ONE site (FLIRT?) but I want any and all accounts on any dating sites UNSUBSCRIBED ASAP PLEASE!! FYI: [protected]@AOL.COM [protected]@AOL.COM [protected]@AOL.COM Richard Hyer [protected] Sarasota, Fl. i don't know what else to say as this is pretty cut and dried. so...

Monique Kimpamba / rental fraud and refund scam

Mar 21, 2019

Monique KimpambaI like to host on Airbnb with a small apartment in North Miami Beach. We have 4.9 / 5.0 star rating. Monique Kimpamba made a reservation in March of 2019, and upon arrival she acted completely different from every other guest. She immediately searched the entire apartment for imperfections, even...

0091267 CHEVRON HARBOR CITY, CALIFORNIA / unauthorized pos debit charge

Mar 19, 2019

Incident: 3/19/2019 Time: 2:27 PM PT Merchant: 0091267 Cheveron Harbor City, CA, USA Transaction Number: 032317 Amount: $100 Description: There was an unauthorized POS DEBIT transaction from station 91267 today. What is the address for 0091267 CHEVRON? I want to go to the station to file a...

Anthony Decelis / unauthorized charges

Mar 17, 2019

The above said Companies have withdrawn from my credit card account "Peoples Choice" Bank South Australia, 2 lots of $155.82 and $173.14 on the 12th of march without my written authority. As of today I have not received any products from these companies I have ordered, paid and received 2...

Many Of The Sponsors / getting additional birds

Mar 6, 2019

When trying to get an extra bird by watching an ad it seems that many times you can't get the bird because the big + doesn't appear on the screen. A few times when pressing the little + you are thrown out of the game completely and have to start all over. I am in Colorado, USA . It seem...

South Beach Skincare / hollywood, fl 33020

Feb 20, 2019

South Beach SkincareLife Cell (South Beach Skincare) sent a sample free of charge, and then billed me $189 30 days later when the 'free trial' ended. I returned the product per their requirements within the 30 day period. They still charged my card. I currently have a complaint in with the BBB and have...

onlinebiowc.comGBR / no product involved

Feb 14, 2019

An amount of 144.82NZ (137pounds) was charged to my credit card on the 10 February 2019 but I have not bought anything from overseas yet alone anything locally online from this lot. Do not know where they got my credit card number from as it is not even on my computer in any form. Credit...

Gleekplay / taking money without permission

Feb 9, 2019

GleekplayThey tried to take 21.5$ from my credit card several times without permission to do so. When entering my credit card number they said that I won't be charged for anything unless I make a purchase, but suddenly a couple days later they started to try taking money from my card without my...

Securebox Office / extra charges of ticket purchases

Feb 3, 2019

Secure box office: I am very disappointed in this organization and I will never do business with secure box office. Your organization does not care about doing the right thing or customer service, and greed is your motivation factor, and you have not treated me as you would like to get... / fake profiles and automatic membership renew

Feb 1, 2019

You can look around for free and you will get all these messages from "girls" in the area before you sign up for a membership. This is their auto profile, the start of their scam. You're not getting a message from a real person. As soon as you pay for a membership, the people that were...

Dialler Comm - egoli rewards / r135 deduction tomorrow 31st

Jan 30, 2019

I received this message Your Egoli Rewards 135.00 debit will bill on 31 Jan as sold to you by Dialler Comm Ref TBDIALC*190131. Reply CANCEL to stop or call [protected] — where I have stars is it my ID number. when I call with a landline it doesnt go through. what is this and how can I...

Eskom Electricity Account 5980401216_598941387102 / strange items on my account that make no sense

Jan 28, 2019

I have some questions about the account that I recently received and I am hoping that you can assist me with explaining some line items on the account. In the image below and as per the account I received, I am being charged the following: • Service and Administration Charge @ R22.13 per...

AMS Pvt Ltd / complaint against captain name : muhammad hanif having

Jan 24, 2019

Dear sir, With reference to my journey from jinah internation air port Karachi, I usual used careem from long time. but today your captain name Muhammad Hanif having Silver Suzuki Alto Lite, car registration number on careem is akq-348 has disappointed me when I had hook from your side... / unauthorised charge to credit card

Jan 23, 2019

Wrinkle cream advertised that sample will be provided with only payment of shipping charge. But when sample arrived, charge was for shipping + PURCHASE. This happened in early Dec 2018, which I had to pay around US$160+. Then, on January 21 2019, I was notified by the credit card company...

Vitrade / dermavix - unauthorised payments

Jan 22, 2019

I responded to an offer on my mobile phone through Qantas to trial a cream and just pay $4.95 for the postage. I trust Qantas and read all the small print and there was no mention of a contract. They debited my credit card, I phoned them and they offered to reduce the price which I refused...

My Heritage Ltd. / money taken from my bank account with notifying me.

Jan 17, 2019

Dear sir/madam, I was shocked when I looked at my bank account and saw that my heritage have taken £235.74 from my account using paypal automated renewal, without any warning about how much they had risen the price since last year. I am a 70 year old pensioner and cannot afford thi...

Google King / charges

Jan 17, 2019

I was charged $33.88 total from Dec. 29th thru Dec.30th. I have no idea what these charges are that was billed on my Discover card. Dec. 29 billed $10.59 Dec. 29 billed $10.59 Dec. 30 billed $10.59 Dec. 30 billed $2.11 I haven't used my Discover card for quite awhile. Please let me know what...

NCI Designs LLC / bogus leads / unauthorized charges / misled about services

Jan 15, 2019

I am a contractor/small business owner that was misled into signing up for Homeadvisor "lead services" in order for them to gain access to my bank account and charge their fees. I have an email from Jake Brandon Bauer from a Kansas phone number. Per his email before I signed up = email to...

Google*Merger Game / google games

Jan 14, 2019

My nine year old grandson has ordered three different games from you either on my cell phone or on his xbox and they were charged to my credit card ending in 8261 without my knowledge or consent. Two charges were for $7.99 each and one was for $1.99. I would likje to request these charge...

BMS Cons / citibank credit card charged without authorization

Jan 13, 2019

My registered mobile & email with netflix are [protected] and [protected] I had opted for trying netflix for one month giving my cc no as required by netflix which got over on 13/1/19. Citicard text me informing that I have been charged rs 500 by netflix without my entering cvv and...

MasterCard / charges taken off my debit card

Jan 13, 2019

There has been a charge of $29.95 taken off of my MasterCard that I didnt agree to or authorize. My cell number is [protected], my email is [protected] and my name is Amanda Martin-Warren. Please contact me asap. A woman named Laura Goolsby-Patterson has made charges with my... / diploma company / think twice before paying for any fake diploma

Jan 9, 2019

"Are you looking for a fake bachelor diploma, realistic enough to fool anybody?" This sentence is copied from the website of Diploma Company. I purchased a fake diploma from them to fool my father. He is 86 in very poor health and barely has a pulse. He believes I finished my degree, I didn't...

Miguelito's Dancing Shoes & Supplies, Inc. / paypal transaction #9ku33792h8823363y

Jan 8, 2019

We have received an unauthorized charge on our PayPal account of $29.99 on December 22, 2018, we expect full refund and termination of future charges as we did not sign up for your services. Refund my money. Refund my money. Refund my money. Refund my money. Refund my money. Refund my...

Health and Beauty Merchant / thyromine

Jan 8, 2019

Health and Beauty MerchantHi yous keep billin me every month and i dont want these every month and never give permission for us to keep takin money out of my account . I would like to be refuned and send products back . This is 2 months us have been doin this and theres no adress or email to contac u on. Could u...

608NetSpend Corporation / disputed transactions clm # 4490623/ account 8398858

Jan 7, 2019

608NetSpend CorporationI was incarcerated between 7/5/2018 through 9/7/2018. During this time I was also evicted from my home and all my stuff was thrown away. Including my security box which contained private information. I filled a dispute for $2284.00 for transactions during this time frame because I had no...

PCH*Intelius / background check on a person

Jan 1, 2019

I had heard that an old friend in San Francisco had died. I used this service to try to get specifics. They failed to provide information on my friend, so I cancelled the service immediately. I now find that they have been billing my Visa credit card for $29.95 on the third of each month...

Advanced Nutraceuticals, LLC / Avinol PM / unauthorized credit card charges

Dec 29, 2018

I ordered one free trial bottle and only had to pay the shipping charge of $4.95. Was a little concerned when they added an insurance fee to that total so I called them and they reversed it. I did receive the trial box. I did not think the product worked and never gave it a second thought...

DaVitav Medical Group, 770 Martin Luther King Blvd. West Suffer, Fl. 33584 / pain medication

Dec 28, 2018

To whom this may concern, I am writing this letter of complaint regarding my doctor, Dr.  Michael Zane.  I have been his patient for over 6 years and he is very familiar with my medical conditions which include severe back pain due to a prior accident and due to an unsuccessful back...