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Sep 8, 2012 / Fraud / Afflatus Productions / Scam / Steve Snyder / Con / fraud / afflatus productions / scam / steve snyder / con artist / / / / / los angeles Beware of / afflatus productions / steve snyder / red epic rentals / ...

Element Electronics / Elcp0321 model fire hazard

Aug 31, 2012

Element elctronics tv's are garbage. I bought a 55" tv and just after the 1 year warranty expired, the thing developed long dead pixels lines, first one then another on the other side, then another. . Etc. . . . It is now just over 2 years old, and a year that i have been complaining...

ES8000-ES9000 / Theft of an invention

Aug 30, 2012

I was looking at news shows and commercials to come across a commercial of Samsung. Samsung has shown corporate greed toward my mother the little people. They stole her idea the smart TV ES8000-ES9000 and now trying to keep it quiet. We are waiting for the patent office to respond to our...

Star Search Casting / Don't wast your money

Aug 30, 2012

Do not waste money on this site. I am currently a member of this site and am not getting anything exciting. I submited myself to several casting calls this site offers and got an e-mail back from one that was a scam casting call. Any company that asks you to pay money for the service of...

emerson tv / blown out bulb

Aug 19, 2012

in 02/18/2012 i bought an emerson 32" tv from walmart. and just opened the box to use it one month ago and today turned it on and it just went off by it self. and still the tv is not working at all. i need to know who i cal call and see about replacing or exchanging it out.

PVR 9300T Comet / Breach of trading laws

Aug 19, 2012

Can any help? - On Friday 17 August 2012 I purchased a new digital video recorder (model PVR 9300T / Serial number PVR 7105554) from the Comet electrical good retailer, located at 2 Woodside Avenue, Eastleigh Hampshire (17 miles away). Order Number [protected] / Transaction number 02-9248...

Olympic Closing Ceremonies / Lack of Coverage

Aug 12, 2012

In the closing ceremonies of the Olympics you did not show George Michael's performance of his song White Light. This is his first performance after he almost died last year. And the first performance live of this song which he wrote as a thank you to all his fans who prayed for him...

Transit TV / Loud, Stupid, and Annoying

Aug 5, 2012

Transit TVI am complaining about Transit TV because it is crap and annoying. It exists on most Metro buses in Los Angeles County but some buses lack monitors which is better buses to ride that the ones with a monitor. Transit TV is a marketing company that runs contests that have annoying content...

Polaroid Starlight TV / Stay Away....FAR Away

Aug 1, 2012

Bought a tv and it only lasted three months. First they tell me, "three weeks". After "four" weeks called and they said, "no longer than three more weeks". The warranty center has had the tv for two months, AND NOBODY knows what is going on! I'm still paying my Cable bill! Polaroid...

Dr Richard Nel / Non-payment for services rendered

Jul 30, 2012

This complaint is to make other service providers aware of a highly educated, well-to-do and well spoken businessman's modus operandi to financially harm small business enterprises under the guise of poor service delivery, whilst knowing that the provider does not have the means to... / Afflatus Productions / Epic Productions / BEWARE FRAUD / SCAM / CON ARTIST

Jul 27, 2012


Jul 26, 2012

I friend of mine advised me to buy tickets from Maybe I am the looser or unlucky person. When she has bought the same tickets everything went good. But in my case this company has sold me fake tickets that didn’t suit in the concert. I don’t even know what advice to give. / Afflatus Productions / Epic Productions / BEWARE FRAUD / SCAM / CON ARTIST

Jul 24, 2012


Movie Pitch / They've stolen my movie idea

Jun 29, 2012

I sent some of my ideas to the company Movie Pitch. After a while I was already connecting with a movie producer who found my ideas great. However, sometime later this company stopped to answer to my e-mails and now I am asking myself whether they have simply stolen my ideas or not...

Proscan / dead television

Jun 14, 2012

Bought the first tv in November 2009. It died in March 2010. They replaced it (after mega hours of techs, complaints, tears and finally a home visit to tell us the digital board was dead). In June 2010, it started doing the same thing. I called again (I have all these names and number...

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya / New Gopi Devoleena Bhattacharjee

Jun 7, 2012

Please bring back the old Gopi - Jiaa Manek. The new Gopi is NOT even close to old Gopi. She doesn't look good for Ahem, or for the carechter itself. She could be a MAID or something. You guys are really doing a big mistake. This show going to be a FLOP one. I LOVED this show. But...

Starplu/Saath nibhana Sathiya / want gopi/giaa back on SNS

Jun 7, 2012

Saath Nibhana Saathiya is leading serial on Star plus, the story revolves around the character Gopi, Giaa Manek gave heart and soul and build of the character of gopi since two years. but the sudden change in character, replacing Giaa is unfair, we want Giaa back.. the reason for...

Mahadev / Subtitles in English

May 27, 2012

I like to complain about about the tv show mahadev that is showed in the uk at 8pm England time why you don't show English subtitles I love this program it's religious you learn new things about the gods anyway I have to get my wife to translate it for me into English SO CAN WE...

nickelodean / nicks tv line up

May 26, 2012

Im so sick of nickelodean not showing rerunds of big time rush, supah ninjas, or winx club. Its not enough to just show it sometimes, one day a week or never. Supah ninjas isnt even on their website. Also, why is winx club so popular but they wont even show reruns? Its hard to keep up with tv times, we have lives you know.

DVD Bliss / Fraudulent DVDs

May 18, 2012

I ordered a DVD set from DVD Bliss that was advertised as "totally remastered" and showed official looking jewel/DVD cases on the internet website. I received DVDs that were taped from television and many would not play. When I complained I was told the set would be replaced when they...

Virgin records / Swedish House Mafia -greyhound video!

Apr 21, 2012

I am an animal lover and greyhounds are my weak point they are so affectionate and people dont understand the outcome of the greyhound racing industry! i have seen many horrors of it as i volunteer at an animal sanctuary and swedish house mafia are promoting the greyhound racing industry...

Tower Anime / Credit card fraud

Apr 11, 2012

My son likes anime, so when he found Tower Anime he had to buy some hard to find titles from the store. The first purchase was last year, and about a month after the purchase his credit card suddenly had huge charges from *Google. Since he had also used the credit card at Sunglass Hut - we...

Queen of Hooks Music/Nevada Breeze / Copyright Infringement & Obstruction of Business

Apr 10, 2012

On or about March 1, 2012, I, Nevada Breeze and some staff began uploading a large volume of song files (54 Singles). Please note that we had previous 1ST TIME distribution through Tunecore sine February 21, 2012. We represent a musical fitness program equipped with Rhythmkids who meet...

Top Tv / Paid Account is suspended

Apr 7, 2012

I paid for my top tv subscription and two days later I am still watching a payment reminder on my TV. These are days that I have paid for but I am not getting the service that I have paid for. In my personal opinion you have stolen two days viewing so far from me as I have given you the...

Greene HD Productions / Work for no pay

Mar 24, 2012

Brian Greene will interview you for a job and then will have you go on a "test shoot" if you're applying for the Cameraman position. Then he will ask you to edit a full show episode and will not pay or give you any money for your time or for gas. This is what he calls "trying you out"...

LED TV / Fraud by Shenzhen Gee-way Electronic Co. Ltd

Mar 21, 2012

I had register my requirement of LED TV in Global Source and Made in China website. Many supplier contacted me. One below mention Supplier also Contacted me. They have website, phone, email and mobile no. They told they are genuine supplier so I belived them and send US$ 444/- against...

Nickolodean / Inappropriate Advertising

Mar 12, 2012

My children were watching Nickelodeon and I was shocked to find my young 7-9 year old children subjected to 30 seconds of couples making out, rolling around in a bed, stripping off each other clothes and jumping on each other in their underwear!! Unfortunately I was busy cooking and since...

Hilltop Records / Rip-Off

Feb 27, 2012

I chuckled as I read scam reports regarding HillTop Records that were submitted by various, unfortunate victims. I, too, received a letter from them the exact same day that I received one of my copyright certificates from the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. My husband, who, not that...

Western Sky / Fraud

Feb 25, 2012

They scammed me. Said I need to pay $1500 instead of $1000. I have only $1000 so what can I do. Now I need to pay $166 a month. Fraud!

Sanyo DP4689 / half picture

Feb 11, 2012

We bought the Sanyo 46" at Walmart about a year ago. Now we only get the left half of the sc reen for 20 - 30 minutes before the right half flickers for another 5 minutes and then comes on. It is simply ridiculous that a 1000 dollar TV lasts 12 months and then is trash. I'll never buy another Sanyo anything.

As Seen on TV and More / Never received my CD set order

Feb 5, 2012

Mid Dec. 2011 I saw a commercial on the Fox News Network bringing music from various singers of the 70's As Seen on TV & More was selling a CD set called Singers and Songwriters for $128.00. I went online the following day and purchased this CD set and charged it on my credit card. I...

SUAV / Mitsubishi Pajero V97,V93 OEM radio in Car DVD Player GPS navi TV stereo ipod CAV-8070MP

Jan 16, 2012

SUAVMitsubishi Pajero V97, V93 OEM radio in Car DVD Player GPS navi TV stereo ipod CAV-8070MP DVD GPS Special for Mitsubishi Pajero V97, V93 Cars 1) 7inch 16:9 high definition digital touch screen with graphic OSD display 2) Auto dimmer(Standard/bright/soft/customer video mode) 3) Play DVD...

GPX portable DVD player / Poor quality of product and service

Jan 12, 2012

In December of 2010 I bought a portable DVD player for my daughter for Christmas. After gentle and few useage, by June of 2011 the screen on the player was white. I called the company to explain to them the problem. The phone number was to a call centre international and clearly to a... / charges unauthorized

Jan 7, 2012

My name is Reynaldo Lopez I am a client from December, 2011 my this account in hold until March, 2015 and they follow me appearing charges in my card, as this is possible, I need an explanation, and of not being able to be this, that I am cancelled the account. thanks,


Jan 6, 2012

I was traveling from Cape Town to Equatorial Guinea, via Cameroun, by South Africa Airways. I had a TV and SAA rejected to check in my TV, so they recommended me to send it by SURECO GROUP at Cape Town airport. I paid the taxes to SURECO Group to send the TV to my country, Equatorial...

Music from the 80's / retun

Jan 4, 2012

I went to walmart on Di December 31 to do my Chopping becouse I used to buy everything there so when I was there I sew .this Box the said Music from the 80s' collector edition.being a big fun of the 80s' I take a look to the box it' have all the names of the songs and the...

SUAV / Mercedes Benz ML W164/GL X164 OEM radio DVD GPS TV IPOD CAV-164WX

Dec 30, 2011

SUAVMercedes Benz ML W164/GL X164 OEM radio DVD GPS TV IPOD CAV-164WX DVD GPS Navigation special for Mercedes Benz ML W164/GL X164 car 1) car DVD player with 7inch 16:9 fixed digital TFT LCD monitor. 2) 800*480 touch screen: can select the tracks directly. 3) 3D Flash Graphical user...

The Shopping Channel / Never Shipped

Dec 25, 2011

We order a mink comforter set as well as sheets. Outorder claimed to be shipped yet when we called because we never received it. The lady was unclear if the item was ever shipped to begin with then 2 days later it showed up as a return as it stands the sheet set claims to be shipped yet we...

Watch2tv (plimus) / Charging for service not available

Dec 24, 2011

I ordered this internet TV service which shortly after the website was cancelled or changed and I was not notified of any changes now they have yet again charged us for it and it is still not available for use as best we can tell we have looked for a website for it to no avail. WHY can... / False advertising

Aug 2, 2016

On their website is states that the native resolution of the pro series 6 projector is 1024x768 (XGA). But I have counted the vertical pixels and there are fewer than 480. This is false advertising. Unfortunately I owned the projector for over a year before I thought to actually count the...