TV, Music & Video Complaints | Page 8 / DO NOT use

Aug 8, 2013

DO NOT use videographer. Our large organization was looking for someone to film a series of events, and we reached out to the above. agree on a time, place, date, fee, acceptable attire for the event, and we agreed he would deliver the footage on disc within one week. The disc was not delivered after a month. / I heard about people that lost a lot

Aug 3, 2013 sent an e-mail out on downloading movies. It seemed a good deal at the time. Well I gave them the information that they needed and I than was told that a company will charge my credit card for $4.95 fee and then charged $45.00 more. I heard about people that lost a lot and I mean a lot more money than I did.

32PFL6506/V7 / Service / Parts

Jul 20, 2013

I have logged a complaint PBLR060713007 for my Phillips 32PFL6506/V7 TV . The TV is out of warranty. They diagnosed the PCB at fault and informed me that the part costs Rs. 4500/- + 1000/- (part + service). They took more than 2 weeks to get the part and showed up with an old refurbished...

Guitarsmith Custom Guitars / Wrong/old info, fraudulent reviews

Jul 17, 2013

Guitarsmith Custom GuitarsI didn't even know there was a Yelp page for our business until 7/16/2013. When I checked it, all the info was incorrect, old address, old phone, etc. I closed this Camarillo location on 2/2011, and do not do any retail or public work or services, as we are contractors for...

hisense tv / bad product

Jul 13, 2013

Hisense TV Model #50K316DW, flat screen high definition 50" smart tv. I bought this tv online and I am very dissapointed with the performance. Not only does it have below average picture quality, but the sound quality is the poorest Ive ever heard on any TV i have ever bought. What bothers me...

Synergy Technical Solutions Corp (Syntechs) / None payment to Technician

Jul 12, 2013

I am a technician for this company and have been for approx. 1 year 7 months. The first year was OK then they changed how they pay. It is July 12, 2013 and I have not been paid for calls completed in Apr, May, June, and July 2013. They owe me over $1000.00. This company says that they are...

Disney Channel / terrible shows

Jul 12, 2013

I now hate, I repeat hate disney channel now. The new shows they have are just terrible, even Cartoon Network is better, they made a channel that shows all of the old tv shows and movies. Why can't u do that instead of making disney xd. The older movies and shows were the best. And...

FOX MLB / Joe buck Bias, bleeds dodger blue too

Jul 6, 2013

To whom it may concern, I have now watched my last Fox Broadcast of SF Giants games. Actually turned it off and turned on the radio. Every time the Giants are featured as the Saturday night game of the week, we have to listen to how the Champions who have one 2 of the last three world...

Smart TV / television

Jun 23, 2013

I have just purchased a [smart TV] after seeing on television it being advertised to be able to talk to TV ask for volume control, arm movement and other things that were made to look very good on advertising but is is false advertising.firstly you have to push a button on the control for...

Adventure Time / inapropriate content

May 25, 2013

This cartoon is highly inappropriate for young I seen S&M content. The characters were licking each other, spanking each other...displaying obsessive behaviour over a lover...the cartoon aired immediately following bugs bunny, which lead me to believe it was ok for... / High price

May 10, 2013

I have bought about 600 CD's from The CDs price started growing without notifications and I complained repeatedly. They finally gave me 10 jewel cases to use for repair. In two weeks that supply was gone and when I asked for more, the Supervisor said no and suggested I buy from other site.

LCD Laptop Screen / Faulty Product

Apr 25, 2013

I would advise anyone to be cautious when using this company. I ordered a product through thinking that Play would have used some due-diligence is choosing sellers representing their company, clearly this was not the case. I received a faulty laptop screen and tried contacting the number I...

Corellinet.beezzi / deactivate SMS

Apr 13, 2013

Please deactivate this (, they are cutting my 5 saudi riyals everyday my stc no. is [protected]. Thank you.

Omair Shahzad Musician & Singer / Fraud about video making

Apr 7, 2013

Pakistani national, Omair Shahzad who works in Dubai with some advertizing company in graphics division, he is also a singer. Omair Shaizad has been been a complete fraud and cheated us regarding the making of our music video in December 2012, in Dubai with his partner Farhan Shahzad... / I'm out of money and the TV

Apr 5, 2013

I called to have come look at my intermittently bad TV. They came, gave an estimate saying a main circuit board was going bad. They asked for a check to pre-pay for the repair. It was supposed to be back in a few days. Right now, I'm out of money and the TV, and they're not answering my messages.

manna distribution / tv delivery

Apr 4, 2013

I ordered a 55 inch tv from BH Photo in New York. They only use Manna for delivery. Manna scheduled the delivery for one day and then at the last minute changed the day. Then the TV was delivered damaged. I pointed out the damage to the delivery men and as per Mannas own instructions, they...

Magnavox / Turns on and off when it wants to

Mar 30, 2013

I bought the Magnavox model number 42MF231D/37 around the end of 2007. I am having a problem with it turning on by itself. Soon after that it turns itself back off. No picture pops up or sound. It just clicks on for a few seconds and then clicks back off. I have had a few other issues with...

Flash Player Or Aactive X / video wont play

Mar 25, 2013

can not play any videos on nothing i try. they are real slow can not figure out what to do.just resently had internet turn on and everything was fine.but know for some reason cannot get anything to play.have windows xp .can anyone please help.going crazy tried everything.

MKR Delayed till after Easter / Delays of TV shows

Mar 24, 2013

I am sick to death of your channel delaying shows e.g. the shows never run on time there is generally 5 minutes of ads and then 2 minutes of show plus to top it off the recent addition of MKR to our screens has been great but to delay it by a week until after Easter is not good enough...

VH1 / Wicked single

Mar 18, 2013

I think VH1's wicked single show is absolutely disgusting! The people on there are ugly, trashy and ridiculous. Their behavior is atrocious.

Steinberg Nuendo, Houston and LCC / Support

Mar 7, 2013

Hi, I'm trying to transfer my Nuendo 2.2 (Steinberg) with his protection key and the Houston HUI from my Windows XP computer to a new Windows 7/8 computer. I can't find the drivers. I can't make a new login by Steinberg ans so I can't get SUPPORT! I bought this all 10...

NICK STUDIO10 / Fake company

Mar 5, 2013

I ordered NICK STUDIO10 TV offer; one of my friends told me I was nuts to even try it! I called the number on the invoice to get the Return Authorization number. I asked if I should just mail it back to the address on the invoice, I was given an address even not in the US instead!

Nickelodeon / worst network of 2005-present.

Mar 3, 2013

I am so tired of having to hear about this pathetic excuse of a network. After the spongebob movie, the network went downhill real fast. Speaking of spongebob, it became the antithesis of the [protected] spongebob. The characters are flanderized, and everything else is puerile. Same goe...

Virgin megastore / sending used LED screen instead of the newly bought one

Feb 13, 2013

I have bought a Samsung screen from Virgin Megastore Arab Mall Egypt yesterday and the representative signed the warranty card for it and I left it at the store to be sent to me the next day as it is so big to fit in my car (Series 6 55 inch model 6200). Surprisingly they sent me another...

Disney Channel / advert

Feb 4, 2013

My daughter always watches Disney channel, recent, y there has been this new advert where the people in the advert are doing the things they want to do or are supposed to be doing. As these children are doing this a line with a Disney channel show name and character flys past them and...

Adventure Time / inappropriate for children time on tv

Jan 20, 2013

Adventure time I believe is inappropriate and is on from morning until evening accessible to my 7year old as on a cartoon channel. I work for familys sa working with children as a social worker for high risk infants so have relevent training and believe this is unsuitable??????? not helped by daytime viewing??????? Thanks for listening

CMAEM ONLINE STORE-CMAEM BEIJING / Grizzly Adams, Complete Television Series dvd box set

Jan 7, 2013

On 11-25-12, at 8:55 p.m. I ordered a dvd box set called Grizzly Adams Complete Television Series from the above company {of which I had no idea was in China, it was never mentioned}, at the website I have listed above also. My shipping number was #EE677709398CN. My merchant order number...

loaded movies / not getting the access to yhe vedio librerary

Dec 14, 2012

i am a member of loaded movies for media crawler for the last 10 membership number reference is [protected]. dated2012/03/26 and have paid life time membership amount of us$69.95. all this time i was able to download movies through media crawler from the library of loaded movies. for...

the jeremy kyle show / false info

Dec 14, 2012

i wish to complan regarding a show that is ging to be ayred on the 18th of janury of the the jeremy kyle show i wqas calld by the shoe to do with one of my sons and it ended up with my outher son thay so thay sent a taxie to get us i told them that i did not want to go on the show but the...

Bell Satellite Tv / Cancel of service after 2 year is up

Dec 4, 2012

After my 2 year term was up decided to cancel my service (which I suspended) so I phone Bell as to stop my service they said no you cannot do that. Your have suspended your service ( which cost $10 a month ) you must have an active service for 30 days before cancelling. I was not to happy... / I don't know what is happening.

Nov 29, 2012

Ordered TV from Finally got email with DHL tracking number. Delivery was supposed to be two weeks ago. I stayed all day waiting for the delivery track, but it never showed up. I called the seller and they told that someone cancelled the order. I don’t know what is happening.

dingfu su stores / order not delivered

Nov 16, 2012

hi i ordered a LED TV on from Dingfu su stores after making the payment the supply''s page on disappeared and the supply started giving me stories and demand more money. i paid 688 USD through western union to: Zhi Qiang Wang, Country: China...

EGA Group / Quality

Nov 2, 2012

I just bought a product from them & the item came in its original box with certain strategic areas cut out and or taped over. I called them and asked if it was a new item & they said they believe so! What the heck?!?!? I also specifically asked if it was refurbished, and was told that I...

Sanyo / dp4684b-00

Oct 24, 2012

I bought a 46" sanyo from wal-mart back in 2008. Just after the two year mark the whole left side of the tv went black. I paid over a thousand dollars for this tv. When I called cutomer service I was told that without the "extended warranty" they would not help me. What kind of company...

Television Networks / How to stop Loud Advertising of commercials on TV from the Networks

Oct 12, 2012

()()()() Too much obnoxious Advertising while watching Television/ Network programs/shows. ()()()() EVERY time my family and I sit and watch television shows from the Networks on our televisions in our home we are constantly bombarded by OVER ADVERTISING. The cold and greedy network ###...

utechztore / WARNING -- Scam

Oct 11, 2012

W A R N IN G - This company is a scam. They have a scheme to make you pay with Amazon gift cards so that you have no way to get your money back, once you find out that the items you ordered are not being delivered. The supposed store owner (Ms. Sylvia R. Brewer) as well as the sales rep...

Uneeda Appliances / I think we'll meet in court

Oct 3, 2012

My wife insisted on buying big Sony TV from Uneeda Appliances. We received confirmation and this was all that I received from them. Today we received email from them. They told that they don’t sell TV’s anymore and they unfortunately can’t return us the money. I think we’ll meet in court.

wap saregama VAS / deactivate the value added services

Sep 25, 2012

Please deactivate all the value added services which is activated in my number of [protected]. I made call for customer care several times. But its telling we cant process your request.pls try again later. I dnt know why it is like this. Its very Inconvient for me. Pls deactivate that service and refund my money. Do some thing. Thank u

TVP DIRECT / Too long refund

Sep 22, 2012

I ordered a product from TVP DIRECT. I saw their ad on TV and I paid $219 for it but it was never delivered to me. I called this company and cancelled the order asking to send me my money back. 4 weeks passed after they promised to give a refund.

1800dtvmove / They're defrauding their customers

Sep 22, 2012

I thought that 1800dtvmove are working with Direct TV. They made me think this way. But it is not the reality. They want to sell you all they can. If you refuse they don’t stop annoying you with the ads, emails, messages and etc. I am so tired. Please kill them somebody.