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asad / about my telivon

Feb 2, 2015

I am writing to complaint about the way I have been treated.what this is I bought a televion from you late noveber early December 2014 and it just stopet working for no reson and because I lost the recite you are saying you cant do nothing about this I haven't had the teley long .thi...

LC-70LE733U / Discontinued firmware and software Support after 1 year of sales

Dec 25, 2014

I want to share my experience with Sharp so people would not fall into Sharp trap. I bought a 70" Aquos TV in March 2012 for thousands of $$. A few months later, literally in 2013 a new model was introduced with Smart Central that allow users to make a better use of the online entertainment...

Shenzhen JIAYU Gobestelec Trade Co., Ltd. / My goods be not deliver

Dec 17, 2014

Shenzhen JIAYU Gobestelec Trade Co., Ltd.i have RECENTELY PURCHASED SOME lg led tv from SHENZHEN JIAYU, GOBESTELEC TRADE CO. LTD but receive payment my us %277 amout and worng dhl tracking number send and few days no any massage and receive call plz help me

Guitar / Item not Delivered

Dec 15, 2014

Sir Please help me in regards to undelivering of Items, It's been a week the package has been handed over to Delhi Customs but no information has been heard from them. Can you kindly tell me whom shall I contact/approach about the issue. Thank you. Longleng travis.[protected] [protected]...

Arabic IPTV / Renewal without my approval

Dec 15, 2014

I had a subscription for IP TV service with "Arabic IPTV" company, and I didn't want to renew my account however I had an email that they withdrawn a fee for 3 months (even not one month) from my credit card without my approval. Even the SERVICE IS NOT WORKING at my side. On Fri, 21...


Dec 3, 2014

Hello Gentlemen, I am happy with what you are doing sorry for interruption but I am only trying to confirm with you whether you will send my Samsung 65"3D LED Smart TV to me here in Papua New Guinea. I wont the price in your web side and I am enquiring. I will still enquire about the...

Vijay TV India / Super SInger IV bias by Mr Mano

Nov 26, 2014

Hi There, I have a complaint to make about Vijay TV's Super Singer IV show. I believe Mr, Mano is showing bias towards two contestants in particular Jessica and Akash even though they have been giving strong performances. My first question is why is he the only one deciding who to give...

fox nfl / Broadcast of games

Nov 16, 2014

We get a chance to watch the Green Bay Packers once a week for 5 months out of the year. Fox cut away from the game because the Packers were beating the opposing team by a large margin. They told us viewers that they were switching coverage to a "more competitive" game and cut away from...

FOX Television Network - FOX Sports / FOX Netwrok

Oct 12, 2014

October 12th, 2014. The FOX NFL "Game of the Week" is Cowboys VS Seahawks (defending Super Bowl champs) and FOX seems to think people on the west coast would be more interested in watching OT between the Panthers VS Bengals?! Now going to miss entire first quarter of the "Game of the Week"...

CA7 Creative Inc / Agency Model & Talent Scam

Aug 28, 2014

David is the owner of the company, he tells you there is a charge of $898.26 for photos and voiceover demo and that they will list you on castingworkbook and create a profile. When you ask about castings they tell you you have to set up your own account and the fees wont cover this. They...

Raising Asia / Exploitation of children

Aug 18, 2014

There have been shows I personally do not like and I feel are pushing the limit, but this show is more about the exploitation of a child who is 8 years old without any proper boundaries and a family that is not assuring her proper education. I am an educator and happen to have a son, who...

Would You Rather / Would You Rather Movie

Jul 6, 2014

Just finished watching hbo's feature movie "would you rather". What a ultra violent disturbing piece of trash that far exceed any other sexual / violent content i have seen / paid for film in my life. From a world class channel to the depths of sewage masked as entertainment. ### like...

Reliable TV Repair / The owner: yves jacquite

Jun 22, 2014

To:Anyone needing a TV Repairman This is a true story: I hired this so called "Reliable TV Repairman" who's real name is Yves Jacquite on 02 / 23 / 14. I paid him $300. 00 cash to repair a 46" flat screen Sam sung TV. This is one of the worst things I regret to have done. Yves J to... / I paid for TV channels, but the seller stopped to reply

May 29, 2014

I want to warn all people that the website is total scam and fraud. They offered TV channels on your computer, but after I paid them, they deleted my account and stopped to communicate with me. WTF? I need my money back. Maybe someone has any idea how to track thi...

Abans / LG TV / Poor after sale service

May 16, 2014

About 2 yrs back, brought 32LM3410 model LG TV from Abans show room of Kandy City Center..It was broken 3 week backs. I have taken it to Aban service center, Kandy on 2/05/2014.They told me that they would inform the fault of TV within 5 days. However they did not inform me, therefore took phone...

Olivier Dion CD / Over charge price

May 15, 2014

Olivier Dion CDMy wife bought me a french CD for my birthday (Le retour by Edith Butler (2013 $16.99). On the sale slip it is printed (No Cash Refund). In the mean time a new french signer Olivier Dion was releasing his first CD. So we went back to Frank's Music asking an exchange for this CD but it...


Apr 6, 2014

YORK ENTERTAINMENTTHEY live off of the work of starving artists. Go to [redacted] dot com...AND IN ADDITION, Google CODE BLACK William Lee--you'll see my film is all over the world, yet this band of frauds has yet to send me a quarterly report or a check and it's been 5 years! LOLYork...

DVDpearl / They tell fake promises and excuses

Apr 3, 2014

I ordered DVDs with movies from the company DVDpearl. They told me to wait 7-10 days, but I placed the order a month ago. Each time, I sent them inquiries about my order, I heard only blah-blah and they offered to wait more. I’m fed up with these stupid excuses and promises. These...

RHM Marketing / Annoying Erin Burnett

Apr 3, 2014

Erin Burnett from RHM Marketing is so annoying and she doesn’t behave properly. My family watched CNN and when she started to speak and cut off her guests, my farther simply turned into another channel. Her speech is too fast and no one gets what she tells. Also she speaks about...

DJ Jason Swamy / Beware

Mar 31, 2014

Jason Swamy is a **** and talentless ½ Japanese ½ Indonesian who laughingly calls himself a “DJ.” The truth of the matter is he has AIDS and the only DJ’ing he has ever done is for porn films and child snuff movies in Bangkok. The guy has done more cocaine than can be pumped out of Mexico, and...

Television at the Source / Online purchase

Mar 29, 2014

To start, on March 18th I went to the Source online and purchased a TV for $239.00 using my Source gifts cards, that following Friday, March 21st, I called the source and spoke with a man by the name JOSH and was told that my order isn't on file. THEIFS. I was then told that the sale...

KNCTR / Harrassment, and abuse of my freedom

Mar 12, 2014

Somehow I got this bug site KNTCR on my PC. It stays there for nothing, but only for cheap news and advertisement that is so annoying. In last few days, I tried to uninstall/delete this bug off my PC, but this bug doesn't disappear and eats up lot of space in my pc. It is very...

Snehanjali Electronics / Salesman Behaviour

Feb 26, 2014

Yesterday when I was go to the Snehanjali Electronic shop salesperson showing obscene behaviour to me. The person was acting in such a way that the shop is his own house and he is stupid owner of that shop .If this going on we are unable to buy any product from snehanjali electronics. And from...

Disney Channel / the new shows are not good

Feb 22, 2014

The new shows on Disney Channel are not good. Ever since Disney got rid of the good shows like that's so Raven or Good Luck Charlie or Kim Imposable and any other old show I'm not saying that the actors are bad it's the ideas. If Disney Channel had like a 3 days out of the week play old shows that would good please / Fraud, Switching Parts

Jan 16, 2014 15 Main Street East Rockaway, New York [protected] USA [protected] The business is whack and a complete scam. Have you seen their "store" location. Total Sham. Do NOT buy from them. There TV's are not "brand new" whatsoever. They are nothing more than pieced... / Fraud & Scam

Jan 16, 2014

Alltimetvs.comYou wonder why these online companies charge so little for TV's online? They buy broken TV's and switch the parts. Your buying something your not really getting. This is HIGHLY ILLEGAL! is a bait and switch. Please Read I did some investigating! I purchased a LG...

vh1 india / stupid class less music

Jan 16, 2014

you guys are a crazy bunch of dick faces. last 2 years ago vh1 provided good all u show is gay music .believe it or not there are other music genres other than pop and electronic.the show which bothers me most is hip hop either show only Eminem songs or t-pain...

Maxell / Recordable DVDs

Dec 16, 2013

Every time I buy Maxell DVD R disc half of them are bad disc. Waste a lot of time and money trying to record on these disc only for them to come back bad when I try to use them. Don't they have some kind of quality control. I thought Maxell products was suppose to be one of the best. Upset, mony and time wasted

Nickelodeon / shows being aired on nicktoons

Nov 1, 2013

Ok so lets just get one thing straight. The live shows that nickelodeon airs suck. I have grown up hating them and I still hate the to this day. They are so bad. All of the acting is terrible and the jokes are down-right stupid. That being said there are a few exceptions where a few... / I hope my son will forget what he saw.

Oct 27, 2013

I have a little son and I needed to find a good website with cartoons for him. was one of the most impressing websites and I stopped my choice with it. Then one day I discovered that there is much information that can’t be showed to children! This website is terrible. I hope my son will forget what he saw. / I think it is ok to correct the mistakes for free.

Oct 5, 2013 set up our TV and since may our TV sound and pictures goes out every 5 min for 10 to 15 sec. We have ask them to come and fix it and now they say they can't unless we pay $49.95 for service. They did not put in correctly and now all I want them to do is to fix what they...

Interface Talent / kiosk at Jersey Gardens

Oct 1, 2013

My underage daughter and her friend were approached by a man from this kiosk who tried to talk to them while I (her Mom) was walking behind them. When I told him not to talk to them he insisted that it was "his job" to talk to them. I told him that it was my understanding that he has no...

lost tunes / did not receive my order

Sep 19, 2013

I ordered some items from this company onthe 2nd of April and since then have been given the runaround and have been given many differrent excuses, I have been very patient but I now think it's about time I got satisfaction for being ripped off, I payed by paypal and have a record of...

SANYO DP47460 / Power problems

Sep 8, 2013

Purchased a SANYO DP47460 47" Flat Screen TV from Walmart February 2011 and have been having problems with it turning itself off since October 2012. Have been able to get it to come back on previously but now after a couple of times it just stays off and that is it for more than an hour...

Nickelodeon / rabbid invasion

Sep 2, 2013

Recently Nickelodeon has come out with several new shows that have been rated Y7, and yet I don't want my 11 year old watching them. In one episode of Rabbid Invasion we have a man plopping himself on a toilet to what we can only imagine must be horrific diarrhea from the look on hi...

Disney Channel / tv show violetta

Aug 20, 2013

The tv show " violetta " the words don't go with the mouths its like they're foreign and they are saying words From the script in a different language and then some american actors have read out words and Disney has edited it in . The whole point of my complaint is that the word... / I did not authorize $52.00 charge for something I do not have.

Aug 9, 2013

I tried to download music and was directed to site that was supposedly free. When I was downloading album, found out it wasn't free. In fact it was $19.99 for membership. I did not authorize $52.00 charge for something I do not have. / I am not biting this time.

Aug 9, 2013

I was seeking for piano lessons and stopped on They planned to send me large cashier’s check which I was asked to forward a portion of. This has happened to me several times before. I am not biting this time. Sounds so plausible. / Don't use them!

Aug 9, 2013

I worked with producer and piano player during nine months. He collected about $2, 500.00 from me during that time. But he continually cut corners with me, not availing himself after collecting money and finding many excuses to cut back on the time he spent with me. / I will no longer buy any music product or musical equipment from them

Aug 8, 2013

I bought a program from guitar center. The program did not work properly and we returned it to guitar center and they refused to replace or change the affected program. I will no longer buy any music product or musical equipment from them, they have already got my $541.00.