TV, Music & Video Complaints | Page 6 / I opened these websites and it turned out that tv series weren't free

Dec 11, 2015

I searched for the series of my favourite TV Show and accidently opened the website and It was written that you can find free and full TV shows, but it was scam. When you finally want to open the series, they ask you to indicate the way of your...

ImportCDs / Unprofessional Company

Dec 8, 2015

I used to order from ImportCDs a while back and got good customer service till now. I recently order on the week of Thanksgiving. The week after, I called customer service and spoke to a customer service rep by the name of Pedro. Not only was he rude but very unprofessional and spiteful... / The agent offered me another model, which was expensive than TV, which I chose

Nov 21, 2015

I found the website and I wanted to purchase Samsung TV from the website. Its price was $1, 200 and free shipping. But the agent emailed me and informed that this model wasn’t good and the apps wouldn’t work. As well as they didn’t provide warranty for this type of TV...

American Broadcasting Company (ABC) / Television programming disefranchises hearing impaired,seniors,deaf, elderly

Nov 3, 2015

ABC television's new COMET network (aired in Seattle and Puget Sound by KOMO television on channel 4-2; this is not a cable station) disenfranchises hundreds of millions of Americans: All of the programming (movies, old television shows) in the net COMET network, and all of their...

Disney Channel TV / Bunk'd

Nov 2, 2015

This new show clearly rips off a character from a different movie. The child who rooms with Ravi is loved by everybody and thinks he's abducted by aliens. The movie "Camp" - which can be found on Netlfix - depicts a rich, snobby guy who bonds with an abused boy when he becomes a camp...

Jacky's Electronics / Samsung Led tv 64"

Oct 18, 2015

I buy 1 samsung led tv 64" from jackys eloctronics dubai bur dubai. When i buy it they told me that they will snd their worker to fix that tv on my wall but now around 10 days no one come to fix it and when i call their they told me that samsung mechanic will come to fix it now i decided...

Mediashare / Reviews about MediaShare Suite Supper Bad Script

Oct 15, 2015

Video SEO fail on in google search engine even i added site map and the help support very bad. Putting Positive review here . The prove is you can check showcase of Media suite all sites are closed very bad script. Don't buy this! Another Prove You can put Mediashare suite demo link...

Seven Perth / Broadcasting of deceased family members

Oct 15, 2015

Seven news on 15.10.2015 perth, what is it with people coming onto the news and telling the world of their lose of a loved one, in this case a dear baby boy killed by a falling piece of furniture.. It makes me think the station either approach the family and ask do they want to be on...

Sheet Music Plus / Vendor Support a total fail

Oct 12, 2015

Starting in the summer of 2015, as a vendor, I created a new account with Sheet Music Plus (now SMP Press) and this account which I anticipated as being the spearhead of being my entry into the published music foray has been a total disaster. Their support person, Ryan Blauvelt, i... / I didn't get my channels

Oct 2, 2015

I have subscribed for the TV on the website I indicated my card details and was shocked that the company didn’t provide the TV. I waited 3 days and got nothing. I emailed them and asked about TV channels, but the rep told me to wait and promised me all channels. Still...

AD sports channels / Bad sound or no sound at all - persistent

Sep 28, 2015

Sir, I have complained to you before about this subject and you blamed Abu Dhabi sports. Well, I mailed them and they do nothing about it, and it is you who offer their service for money, my money. I am so depressed about the lack of interest you show. Please please please can you contact...

Good morning America programs sound / GMA's programs sound

Sep 25, 2015

Why does the music have to be so darn loud? You can't hear what any of the people on the program are saying because the music is so loud it drowns out all the words. Please try and fix this I don't watch any other stations except HGTV. Thank you / Music Promotion

Sep 23, 2015, (Push Power Promo- Indie Music Promotion), exists 4 years. Yet same problem. No One knows, who is behind that outfit. Same characteristics as, Deka Records, DemoExxpress. RLContacts and DemoProcessing. They play low key and expects membership, yet, no one will find out... / Fake demo music submission to major labels? Totally False!

Sep 20, 2015

Demoprocessing.comFrom: Do not submit any demos to, they are a rip off outfit, they rip me off my $25, pretending they are major label! David Sanders is a fake name, pretending he is Exec. VP of A&R of Sony Global Entertainment Group, previously Universal...

Nickelodeon Channel / Offensive content

Sep 13, 2015

I have now blocked all Nickelodeon channels due to the annoying & offensive amount of RAP that has poisoned the shows & ads. It is beyond unacceptable to be glorifying the "urbanized" culture & I will have none of it. I refuse to allow my children to be poisoned by that garbage. It's too...

nickelodean / Cartoons saying Stupid and Shut up

Sep 11, 2015

How can you have cartoon shows on Nickelodeon that say Stupid and Shut up. What is that teaching our children? I thought Nickelodeon prided themselves on their educational programs. Well you really dropped the ball on that one unless your purpose is to teach kids to tell their teachers to...

Arise India Limited / Poor customer service

Sep 6, 2015

Arise India LimitedI purchased a Inspiro 32 inch LED Television model no. FSCE32INSPIREO36/5425 and serial no. HCIL141200809 on 22 jan 2015 new Bala Ji Electronics Khora colony Ghaziabad. I am very much disappointed and felt cheated by the company who swears for its product quality. I faced problem that "no...

Elis Pacheco (Digital Launch) / Jelena Abbou Marketing Campaign

Aug 29, 2015

Elis Pacheco (Digital Launch)Elis Pacheco from Digital Launch ripped me off $60, 000 and refuses to pay me back the money. I entered into an agreement with him that stated that he’d market my product worldwide and have Jelena Abbou endorse it. I paid $50, 000 in advance and $10, 000 for a commercial that never aired for...

Sizwe Moeketsi / His latest album

Aug 22, 2015

Hi write this as I am Christian, I am very disturbed about the above mentioned artist with his latest image for his third album, it is disgusting and very disturbing to us Christian, I WANT IT REMOVED!!! Here is a copy of an article about the artist " Reazus Christ is Cummin, depicts Christ...

S Mxunyelwa / Notification E16-4

Aug 16, 2015

I'm paying my account via debit order every month but today when I wanted to watch TV it showed this massege "The smartcard is not enable for this channel. It may be that you account has been suspended" I cantacted multichoice & they failed to assist me, instead they put me on hold... / I got malware programs and virus from website

Aug 15, 2015

I registered on the website I watched TV series online, but sometimes the movie or show could simply break in the middle and it took couple of minutes and hours to switch it again. I decided to download from them, but here be careful. The website contains a lot of... / Racism and harassment

Aug 9, 2015

This company has engaged in Social Media (mostly on Twitter) to attack, defame, and harass people of color. They portray to be a record label and a promo company that works with the US, but I strongly believe all of their social media accounts are run by one person by the name of Keith...

Michael Fields / Do Not Hire Michael Fields

Jun 21, 2015

I have never seen video work so shaky and so poorly done. Please do not hire Michael Fields in Las Vegas for any sort of video production work. Michael Fields has a bad reputation in town. Do not hire this guy for any sort of video production. Do a google search and you will find similar complaints for Michael Fields.

Nickelodeon / poor executive decisions

May 24, 2015

Network consistently insists on putting Power Rangers on summer hiatus too early in the year before Summer. Always "crunches" the end credits by marginalizing them at the bottom of the screen instead of showing a full credit sequence.

Proscan / Not turning on

May 6, 2015

This is the same problem I see concerning my 32 inch Proscan tv. It stopped turning on after 17 months. At first it would turn on every 3rd or 4th try after unplugging, replugging and hitting the on button on the tv. It has since progressed to a 10 minute operation and about 20-25...

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir / not retelecasting

Apr 16, 2015

i am a big fan of star plus and all the serials in star plus. first my like is iss pyar ko kya naam doon ek bhar phir.i have children studyng not able to watchin evenings. i i watch in morning from 11.00 to 4.00pm. whenever new serials started no value for old serials. why? all the...

Producerloops / SCAM

Apr 13, 2015 was scam guys when i ask a payment royalty they not answer me say that "our admin was busy" and i wait 2 months! so no money... Once upon a time i add two sample packs in site and make price of 30.00 USD so by him policy 50/50 %. i sell 4 packs by price 15 USD my revenue...

Foxtel / picture too wide for screen

Apr 11, 2015

Foxtel have been doing this for years now so i dot expect them to change. It is just one of the reasons they are losing subscribers so may be someone will be listening now! The broadcast picture is too wide for my screen and I cannot re format the monitor. I am watching the Masters Golf and i...

AA Wright Services LTD / YouTube/Google

Apr 9, 2015

I am a TV Engineer & Service Provider for York, Harrogate, Wetherby, Ripon, Leeds & Surrounding areas in the UK. I am giving you notice that as of this month I am handing out advice to all my clients & customers who have purchased Internet based equipment such as TVs, Blue-Ray players etc...

KELO / Biased reporting

Apr 3, 2015

KELOIs The Sioux Falls CBS Affiliate KELO Biased In Their Coverage? Recently, KELO posted a story on their website about a donation made by Sammons Financial Group to the Great Plains Zoo. It was a “feel good” story about a good cause; however, KELO failed to disclose...

7mate Tv Channel / Talk show (sport) going 30 minutes over guide schedule

Apr 2, 2015

Waiting for favourite show (Ink Master) scheduled to start at 10:30pm Thursday. I sat through 30 minutes of boring sport talk back dribble (AFL). why don't these tv companies update their guides to suit the inadequacy of their programming.

Element 32" TV / TV shoddy, tuner sucks

Mar 31, 2015

Needed a 32" screen, and it was the only one Walmart had in stock ... cheap in price but total crap experience. Tuner sucks, doesn't do QAM, although box highlights "up to date digital reception." Writing to FTC is worth it; these folk shouldn't be allowed to retail anything.

Ontime Music Group / SCAM

Mar 27, 2015

Avoid Kurt Gentles and Ontime Music Group at ALL COST. Kurt is a fraud artist that takes advantages of artist by making them pay ridiculous amounts of money for little to no work. He claims he worked with DRAKE and UNIVERSAL RECORDS to draw naive clients into spending tremendous amounts of...

Atty. Jensen A. Sanhi fake attorney / Jensen A.Sanhi estafa case

Mar 23, 2015

NCR police on Wednesday arrested a fake lawyer Jensen A. Sanhi for scam and extortion. Chief Insp.Napoleon Francis, head of the NCR City Hall detachment, identified the suspects as Jensen A.Sanhi, who introduced himself as a lawyer. “The complainants Roland Bolisay Lu together with...

Iamkontender / Contract Breach

Mar 21, 2015

I Recently bought exclusive rights To a instrumental his company created titled "Wasted" for $100. The contract stated that I will receive The MP3, Wav file and trackouts upon request within 24-72 hours but all I received was the Wav file. I asked for the trackouts multiple times an...

Video rental / Cannot cancel membership immediately

Mar 19, 2015

I was browsing for a video of "Foul Play" which is a hard video to find to view from a computer. I stumbled across this website and saw that I could register for a free membership for a month. I decided to enter the required membership information including an email address and password...

(50LN5320) / Poor Quality & Bad Service

Mar 9, 2015

I bought the new 50 inch TV (50LN5320) in March 2015 at Best Buy which was manufactured Feb 2015 ( I had to wait because it was on back order). Less than a year the TV would not power on. I called LG and the technician came by and said that it cannot be fixed. He took pics of receipt and...

Element Electronics 50" TV / TV Blew UP

Feb 18, 2015

I purahced a 50" TV several months ago that blew up. It was still under manufactuers warranty so i shipped it back Via UPS. Element Electronics (claim # 85392) claims they recieved it physically damaged and voided the warranty. UPS claims there was not enough packing which I know that I...

Abans / Solution for the TV

Feb 14, 2015

LG TV Model No: 0111112-DPS32-P01-0056852 Dear Sir, Request to replace TV display or to provide relief of short life LG TV This is good enough to inform you that I am being a long time user of LG products. I purchased the above TV at Kalmunai L.G show room on 7th of November 2012. My...

Abans / cheating sale

Feb 13, 2015

I bought a TV from abans at Jaffna in one of their stock clearing sale. The manager there told that the product is good. But they are not giving warranty and could be repaired at a cost if any fault comes. I bought is for 54000 Rs. The TV failed within two months. Their service center told that...