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Music Store Koln Germany / Non delivery of items purchased

May 18, 2017

I ordered and paid for 2 x Behringer B615 speakers and 2 x speaker bags from Music Store in Koln Germany online. Made the payment through paypal. Although it was 1 order it was 3 boxes and each box was given a seperate tracking nr (which is strange since it is 1 order for which 1 payment... / Product not delivered

May 8, 2017

Over 1 month ago I placed an order with grooves and it has not yet arrived. Wrote them an email 5 days ago but they still have not responded. Granted, there have been strikes, but 1 month is too long and unacceptable. And 5 days is too long to respond to a customer inquiry about an order...

Mr Terry Madigan? Duangchan Suwanatai Madigan / Football channels and movies

May 6, 2017

Receiver:-[protected] Smart Card:-[protected]. There is a discrepency on our bill, We have paid monthly and your office now seem to think we owe you money, My wife paid our bills and paid an extra 1000bht ??? this is rubbing salt into wounds that are caused by your records office. we...

Black america / basketball wives 2017

Apr 16, 2017

I think it's a huge mistake to not have Mrs Jennifer Williams to return to BBW. The ostricized relationship with her and Mrs Lazada has been public eye for some time. These women are completely opposite and there are women that aren't loud and catty rather refined but fiesty. Huge...

Apartment 5A / Tenant complaint

Apr 6, 2017

Hi, I am a tenant at The Metro North Plaza 310 East 102th Street Apt 6A. I have a one year foster child and travel with migraines and Diabetes and the people downstairs in apt 5A are constantly making a considerable amount of noise and blasting they TV for 24 hrs. The noise is becoming...

Hatchet Gear / Took my money but refuses to ship merch

Mar 13, 2017

I ordered a jersey from Hatchet Gear with MY card. Enough money in the bank, correct information, but they claim suspected fraud and refuse to ship out my jersey. They took my money though! I have sent countless emails and called countless times. No response. Un-freaking-believable. I...

Virgin megastore / Bad customer service

Feb 24, 2017

Last year from Virgin I bought the Audio Technica turn table, a semi profession table, and since then slowly been building up my vinyl record collection. Most of the records I've purchased have been from Virgin in Al Ain, last week i bought two LP's, when playing one of the records, side...

Phils / Billing

Feb 15, 2017

I called directiv Oct 30 and requested my service to be cncelled as i was going into hospital for 4-6 months, they told me that i had tp pay 147.50 which i sent the next day. Called back in november to pay remainder of bill and was told that they could not give me my account #over the...

Mike Gee Roadhouse Guitars / Guitars

Feb 8, 2017

Bought a Les Paul guitar(Belair) which he says he built..NO's a Chinese built les paul...he cut a groove in the headstock to change the look, oversprayed the headstock and added his logo...HE IS A COMPLETE FAKE...he was selling so called Les Paul double cut juniors, in fact they...

Black Sails / Why are those terrible female characters (Blonde guthery and brown hore max)

Feb 6, 2017

For the love of god kill those dumb ### off. Don't make me sit through another season of these two ### bouncing around making me want to watch something else. Seriously terrible characters that everyone hates to deal with. I'm all for strong female roles with complex...

Carrafour In Torrevieja, Spain / Lg smart 4k tv 49 inch

Jan 18, 2017

I purchased a new LG Smart 4K TV from Carrafour in torrevieja, spain on 30 December 2016. We didn't count on buying a smart TV at the time and asked a member of staff for advise on a good model and ended up paying over a hundred euros more for a recommended LG Smart TV. The man said we had...

Disney Channel / cancelling girl meets world

Jan 7, 2017

When i saw on the news that my favorite show girl meets world was going to be cancelled it broke my heart. That show has always been my motivation to keep being positive in life. I don't understand why the show would be cancelled if there are so many fans that watch it. the show is and ha...

Richer Sounds / Richer sounds don't want you to read this review on panasonic tx65dx902b poor value for money - no wow factor.

Dec 22, 2016

If panasonic labeled tx65dx902b with one of there lower end models no one would notice the difference. Poor value for money - no wow factor. Purchased panasonic tx65dx902btv from richer sounds london. Richer sounds requested a review from me after the purchase, I submitted my review...

CBS Television / We the deplorables coffee cup

Dec 7, 2016

CBS TelevisionMy Name is Fred Mateski, This is now the 3rd time I have had to contact you. You keep sending the wrong coffee cup & I'm getting really frustrated. I originally ordered the "We the deplorables have spoken" coffee mugs. This is the one that when you pour hot water in it the image appears. I...

Magnavox / LED TV, 55ME314V/F7

Nov 3, 2016

On November 2, 2016, after less than two years of owning this TV, it made a single loud popping noise and powered off. Since then, I have been unable to turn the TV back on. I called Magnavox support and was told: 1. It is a defective part that is causing the issue 2. The TV is out of...

Ann K / Infinix note 2

Nov 1, 2016

I have had the worst experience with Infinix phone and it is the last thing I want to see near me. Infinix is just a con and am so frustrated. My phone has stopped sending or receiving any photo or video on whatsup even after uninstalling the app and installing again. I have tried to change...

CineFear Video / Very poor quality bootleg dvd movies

Oct 21, 2016

CineFear VideoSaw several rare DVD titles on merchant's website. Emailed to inquire about quality. Received email reply from Keith J. Crocker stating excellent quality. Received order to find they are DVD-R discs of material sourced from multi-generation VHS tapes with tracking error distortion and on...

Dr H D Wijesinghe / [protected]-[protected]

Oct 15, 2016

My credit card is charged by this Merchant for no transaction done by me for USD 49.95 per month.I have informed the bank but without any Joy.Please do not be a victim like me for this bogus website.This was going on from Feb 2016 till Sept 2016

East Coast TV / I ordered a lg oled tv

Oct 13, 2016

This company leaves an E-mail saying it's processing your order, then calls you by Phone# trying to up sale and charge more for delivery. My order on the web site said free shipping ground 7 to 10 days. The representative says it will take at least 28 days and talks about other ways to...

Dorothy Harrison / Second hand samsung tv

Sep 9, 2016

I found an advertisement yesterday morning on Gum tree for Samsung 19 inch tv. One was stated to be new and boxed, price £45 and the other £40. We wanted built in freeview. The seller was Peter tel: [protected] Unit 5, Imex Business Centre, Fenton, Stoke on Trent. My husband and I met...

Mpho Manaka / Poor service

Sep 7, 2016

My account has been suspended more than 5 times in one month when i have paid it. I have send proof of payment to your call center but still no one is coming back to me to sort this problem. I paid again this month and today my account has been again suspend. Poor service from multichoice / All

Sep 3, 2016

Hello, I have been lucky enough to release records for the last 20 years. I joined CDBABY in 2003 and have been a client until now. I have had many, many issues with CDBABY since Derek's departure. First, many song titles are sent to their third party partners with titles misspelled. I alway...

Cape Town / Debit order and general customer service

Sep 2, 2016

I have been debited with amounts of R912 and R933 for June and July. At the end of August was debited for R1102. The call centre agents have explained that it was due to arrears and some adjustments made on my account. I have had no knowledge of adjustments and at some stage earlier on in...

Best Wholesales international industry / Samsung led tv 4k curved uhd 65hu9800

Aug 10, 2016

I have receive a mail from mr balan sale manager of bestwholesaleindustry for 1 curved tv samsung 65hu9800 for the price of 140 usd, in the deal he says if you buy for 300 usd you will get 1 free=buy1 get 1free shipping by dhl door to door, so i bought 2 tv+ 1 laptop envy for 80 usd...

Snow Globe / VideoBlocks

Aug 9, 2016

Subscribed for the free trial with video blocks, couldn't really find anything of note and subsequently cancelled the subscription - lo and behold this cancellation was ignored and they proceeded to take money from my account not once, but twice. My advice - steer well clear from these chancers and thieves.

Lemon casting / a google review about our company

Jul 21, 2016

Our company is high up on google search - page one so when you enter us we have a symbol at the right hand side. There is a Google review which a person ( Gabriel Rosu ) has wrote which is effecting our business & is slanderous. We run a professional casting agency in Manchester England & when...

Virgin megastore / scratched screen tv 4k lg

Jul 16, 2016

i bought lg 4k tv from virgin megastore in egypt cairo mall of arabia branch, the guy there opened the box and i saw the screen rapidly and it was ok, after i bought it and connected it i found deep scratch at the top of the screen where i couldnt possibly see at store, i returned it to...

Kamran Khan / Bad sewrage system in absennia lines

Jun 30, 2016

This is to inform the KMC, and all concern departments of the very poor abd system in absennia lines market area as follows 1) all gutters are over flow during rains 2) no carpeted roads, full of garbage on market roads and kechar looks like concen department is sleeping?? please atleast...

Kamran Khan / Complaint against k - electric very bad service

Jun 30, 2016

The Area absennia Lines is Badly effected due to bad performance if K-electric. Load shedding is become a play daily 18 hours no lights in the said area. and now since last 3 days the Jumper has been broken and the k-lectrict van that comes is demanding 3000 as eidi just to join the light...

History Channel Schedule / American Pickers (Nose Pickers, or Scrounges)

May 28, 2016

Why is the WORST show of all your shows, shown the MOST ? Pawn Stars, Modern Marvels, Counting Cars and ANY show or movie about History is 1000 times BETTER than American Nose Pickers. Get RID of that BORING show. How many Junk yards are there to Scrounge through anyway ?

VaughnLive / Vaughnlive has no morals!

Apr 27, 2016

I do not understand why people even use VaughnLive when there is YouTube which is much safer and popular. Anyways I found VaughnLive and decided to try it just for fun to see what it was all about. First of all I found several channels where men did terrible dirty things on camera!... / I NEVER got their recipient for these charge,only see the charger on my bank account

Apr 1, 2016

first of all, I DON'T KNOW HOW /WHAT I SUMMIT THIS GOMR VIDEO. I NEED CANCEL IT AND PLEASE RETURN MY MONEY ON FEB. 2, 2016, $95.00; and 24/1/2016 $5 next, I NEVER GOT their RECIPIENT FOR THESE CHARGE, only see the charge on my bank account. meanwhile, I never use their any...

OM Sai Services / Thomson TV repair

Feb 12, 2016

Dear Asklaila, After asking on line, you suggest me Thomson TV reapir wala in my area on 06.12.2015 by sending me the sms on my mobile no-[protected] The name is-Om Sai service centre, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai I spoke with them on 6.12.15, they came & taken out tv part for repair.After follow-up...

SYFY channel and comcast / Commercial filth

Feb 10, 2016

People will say if you don't like a program don't watch. Okay. But there's a small problem. What do I do if I'm flipping through channels and that program has a commercial on. I couldn't change the channel fast enough. There sat my daughter suddenly staring at two women all over each...

MNet / Lucifer tv series

Feb 10, 2016

I am complaining about the new TV series Lucifer. I think it is an outrage to air a series that promotes satanism and that makes satan look like a hero. This is completely misleading. This series glorifies Lucifer and sells lies to the public by making Lucifer look human and caring which...

MNet / Unethical - the Lucifer series on DSTV Channel 102

Jan 27, 2016

I find it most disturbing that this kind of series are aired during family time (19:00) on Wednesdayso Channel 102 (Edge). It goes against any grain of Christianity to project satan as a caring and helpful "person". Children especially will be giving contradicting messages when allowed...

Sun " Stars Management / Lisa nash is a scam! Steals money

Jan 26, 2016

Sun Lisa nash ( sun & stars management ) goes on big facebook pages and try to 'help' bands/ musicians, but in reality she is trying to make you sign with her management so she can steal your money it’s not even a real company. She uses these pages to steal money from bands & musician...

Nfl announcers / Tv announcers

Jan 16, 2016

All of the announcers on today's games are an insult to the viewing audience. Their attempt provide commentary is suitable for 2nd or 3rd grade kids, but not adults. I watched or am watching both games today, 1-15-16. The Nfl makes a lot of money from the networks and advertisers, so it...

Teen Nick channel / Horror movie commercial

Jan 16, 2016

Multiple times throughout the week of 1/11/16 a commercial for the horror movie The Boy has been shown. Our experience has happened anytime between 6-8pm. This type of movie is inappropriately being advertised for the age of children watching Teen Nick and for the given evening time slot...

Proscan / Proscan 32in flat screen tv / faulty product

Jan 2, 2016

Sadly I know this is much too late, but my husband and I received a proscan tv as a wedding gift oct 31, 2014. After finally opening it and plugging it in about a week later, it seemed to work fine, but we didn't really know how to work it and so we turned it off for the night and went to...