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Purolater / not receiving shipment

Oct 23, 2017

I was suppose to receive my order on Friday which I check online it didn’t come I called they said it went in wrong truck, said it would be here today Monday which it didn’t I called again they said it’s still in Edmonton and didn’t make the truck I’m very mad wasted 2 days waiting around...

Vivagogo / vivagogo customer service

Oct 6, 2017

This is my 8th attempt at trying to resolve an issue I have with an order I placed on the 24th of September 2017. I have placed an order of two tickets to the Christmas with the Salvation Army for November 23rd. The email address that this order was placed with was incorrectly inputted due to...

Barbara Jean Sizemore / pornography in musical form played on your store sound system

Sep 25, 2017

During shopping this a.m. and your store in Clendenin West Virginia I came very close to a speaker the message in the songWas sexually explicit of what this man planned to do to a woman the manager said the music was a radio station and they weren't paying attention no apology wa...

Ajay Kukreti / om shanti om show in star bharat channel

Sep 22, 2017

Om Shanti Om is very good initiative by Star Bharat channel and really hats off to them for promoting such show. I request that guru cool (judges) should maintain some dignity in the show in terms of wearing the right kind of clothes as its not any modelling or dance show. I request channel to...

Michael / tv

Sep 17, 2017

I was attempting to acquire service for TV. I have a dish from service about 2 years ago and I just wanted to enhance my TV experience. HD antenna has been my source for a while but I am looking to upgrade. I called 3 different numbers and when I finally talked to a human it was very...

[email protected] Uverse / cable tv

Sep 10, 2017

August 9 2017 I currently have U200. I wanted to see if I could add 1 additional channel which was not possible. She said she could give me U300 for an increase of 9.00. Of course I jumped for joy and took the offer. I got a confirmation email and instead of seeing the break down to showing the...

VedeTV / I am being charged for vedetv which I didn't subscribe to

Sep 9, 2017

Why is SingTel helping VedeTV to charged me for something I didn't subscribe too? I also do not know what VedeTV is and yet I find it absurb that Singtel fraudulently help VedeTV to charge me! I want a refund and I want VedeTV Blocked! I received messages from 7113 8 as follows: "Your VedeTV...

Musica The Grove Pretoria East / bad attitude and disrespect

Sep 3, 2017

COMPLAINT: Bad Attitude and Disrespect-Graham Silas Dladla Victorious CD-Benjamin Dube's New Album On 2nd September I bought the above mentioned CD from Musica at The Grove Mall in Pretoria East (Wilgers) for R119, 95 and couldn't wait to play it in my car only to find that from the very...

darlene tier / no confirmation

Aug 31, 2017

Can not find my order or confirmation I ordered on Aug 29 two TX2 6.0 TV box and I have not gotten an order number or delivery date When I went to check out it was there but when I went to check for confirmation it was not there. The price of the android was 33 dollars the total order wa...

You've Been Framed / harry hill

Aug 29, 2017

Tuesday 29/08/17, 7 05 pm. Sat down with my niece to watch youve been framed as normal, then a clip shows of a young girl singing a song about spelling, singing "i really love to spell, s c p l, spell" to which harry hill then says "oh look its the dyslexia national anthem." Now i dont get... / customer service wondermax

Aug 16, 2017

BEWARE- terrible customer service. We've ordered a Wondermax blender and received a parcel just 2 days later, BUT they've delivered a wrong item. Getting the wrong item replaced became very cumbersome and lengthy. After given instructions we have sent back the wrong item per LBCExpress a...

The History Channel(Canada) / the actual programming in their guide does not match what is being shown.

Aug 8, 2017

On July 6th and 7th The History Chanel of Canada has been playing an "American Pickers" marathon. I used to like them but they air them so often, as well as "Canadian Pickers" and "Pawn Stars", that it's getting so boring. The channel's guide instead mentioned newer seemingly more...

Seller: Oldies-Vinyl / their false/devious information on a 6 cd order

Aug 8, 2017

Placed 6 (six) music CD's in basket after checking shipping instructions of company. They stated : $2.50 first item $1.00 each additional Clicked to ask the combined shipping they advertise - MESSAGE CAME UP THEY DENY DOING SUCH. Wrote them. They did not answer. You should be made...

Ted Lare Design and Build / westinghouse flat screen tv

Aug 3, 2017

Hi, my employer, Ted Lare Design and Build, located in Cumming Iowa gives out door prizes to we employees each year at our Christmas party...electronics are the gifts given most. I won a Westinghouse flat screen tv at our Christmas party 3 years ago. It has been a psycho tv ever since I...

Sims Custom Painting And Refinishing / bass guitar painting

Jul 27, 2017

he received my son's bass guitar on january 20th 2017. he dropped it off at UPS on July 24th, 2017 over 6 months. nice paint job although he didn't paint the headstock. he is very good at ignoring communications, he is very good at making excuses. Google could be your friend if you do the...

TD system TV from Carrefour Estepona Spain / k40dls6f td system tv problem with screen

Jul 25, 2017

The TV was purchased on the 03/05/2017 at a cost of 239 euros. Last week a bright yellow line has appeared on the screen running diagonally from top to bottom. I boxed the TV back in its original packaging and took it back to Carrefour in estepona. I was told that they could not replace it...

No After Sales Service / poor after sales service

Jul 23, 2017

I have brought a 32 inch LED Tv fro the Damro 6 months Before.It has 3 year warranty.Now my tV having Some sound problem and due to that it is out of service. i have called to Damro using a HOT line on [protected].Now almost 3 weeks no respond from the Damro. i am rely dissatisfied with...

TeenNick / hollywood heights

Jul 14, 2017

I am so mad at Teennick that i refused to even watch their shows anymore. They had this great show in Hollywood Heights it was my favorite show in the whole entire world. When they cancelled it, yeah i was mad, it was like they built me up so they can take away and when they did they...

The People On This Website / salty about a tv show! (f is for family)

Jul 14, 2017

Excuse my trolling, but all you people that are salty as hell over a [censor] tv show are simultaneously ridiculous and hilarious. Literally no one cares that you're unsubscribing or "boycotting" N.etflix because they're hosting a tv show you don't like. Just because...

Perry Depperschmidt / f is for family

Jul 12, 2017

This program is deeply offensive to me as a Catholic. It is indecent and blasphemous. How any human being can watch this is incomprehensible. It makes me not want to ever support anything on Netflix ever. In the name of descency please remove. I will not use your service until it is taken...

C. Kirk / f is for family

Jul 12, 2017

The show F is for Family is an insult to my faith and discrimination against all Catholics. This would never be allowed to air if it insulted homosexuals or Muslims to the same extent. A large proportion of your viewers are Christian. Should you continue to carry this program, I will be cancelling our subscription and encourage others to do so as well.

Busi Ngcete - 98792864 / multichoice/ dstv

Jul 12, 2017

Good morning, I am really annoyed with DSTV and their "customer service", disregard and exploiting their customers. Stealing from their "valued customers"! An incident an advocate friend of mine was complaining about really pissed off just a month ago...I experience it this month of July...

Hirsch's Boksburg K90 / 55" samsung uhd led tv

Jul 6, 2017

Dear Customer Services I am writing to you to raise an issue about:Electrical Products The issue that I have experienced was: I bought samsung products (washing machine, fridge and a tv in question) on the 16 June 2017 and the product was a display item. It a was playing and the staff member...

Rejoice For India / without permission my video uploaded

Jul 6, 2017

Dear sir, I Rev Dr Salim Haider would like to request your kind authority to probe my case.One of my video by my name is on air on you tube without my consent.The details are as follows: Name of the programmer: Rejoice for India Name of the video: Three major differences between...

Youtube / I am complaining about you tube video. the name of channel is "clicknetwork"

Jul 5, 2017

The vedio having name Emergency Hacks-Hack It:EP12 forced me to click on its due to its wrong cover page. Actually this vedio consist a cover page that cover page was not in that vedio. This vedio was launched by you tube channel "clicknetwork". This vedio misguided me by wrong cover page...

Youtube / I am complaining about youtube video "18 crazy craft you gotta see" of channel "5-minute craft".

Jul 4, 2017

The you tube channel 5-minute craft missguided me to open their vedio by wrong vedio cover which is not in that vedio. The url of that vedio is the vedio cover forced me to open that vedio but I did not get that scene in it. Kindly filed case against you tuber to...

Cool Blue Music Cafe / exaggerated price increase and diminished ice cream cake sizes

Jul 1, 2017

I noticed today that the ice cream cakes designated for 4-6 people has not only dramatically increased in price (from what used to be $11.99 to presently $16.99), but it has also shrunk in size. I pointed this out to the manager and told him that there was no way that these new cake size... / denied access to my account

Jun 29, 2017

I have sent 32 emails to this site to try to work out this problem. I sent them everything they asked for and still they will not allow me access and will not return my money. I have contacted my bank, but I am at a loss at to why, a loyal member for about 10-11 years, gets treated like...

TCL / tcl 40 inch tv

Jun 26, 2017

TCLDear Sir or Madam, On Feb. 26th of 2017, I purchased a 40 Inch TCL TV from Costco in Manassas Virginia. A couple days ago I noticed several lines which run horizontally and vertically on the screen in addition to a 3"x3" black box spot on the top of the screen. I then contacted Costco'...

Ronald Cecchetti / youtube

Jun 26, 2017

I'm trying to submit my channel art design for my youtube channel. When I use the minimum channel art size it says the file is to large. How is this possible? When I use the recommended channel art size it does not work for the same reason. I am very dissatisfied with this. Is there something...

Nickelodeon / kids choice sports

Jun 25, 2017

I am complaining about the kids choice sports awards hosted by nickelodeon. Football, baseball, tennis, swimming, soccer, basketball, nascar, gymnastics, skateboarding, skiing, boxing, hockey and golf are all the sports included in this awards show. I was very very disappointed to see that...

Damian Alexandrov / commercial casting

Jun 22, 2017

It's obvious they have their favorites. I worked on a commercial through them, it was my first time to work on a set. They would ask me for availability for work and I would always respond "yes" no matter what I was doing because I'd heard they won't get back with you if you reply "no" and...

53aa / cast member terra on little women la

Jun 22, 2017

Terra needs removed from Little Women LA cast. She has major anger issues and will end up hurting someone. Not sure why she thinks she is in charge. Lifetime producers need to remove or knock her down. Stop giving her hosting and specials. All she does is fight and attack everyone. Stop...

Star Plus / iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Jun 20, 2017

Star PlusWe want sanaya back I IPKKND IPKKND rabba ve means SaRun jodi a love story belongs to Sanaya Barun jodi not only Barun u r talking about women power and giving important to only male leads shame on u pls bring sanaya back we r attached with it rabba ve IPKKND only for Sanaya barun look at...

Buyer Beware - Best Buy's Sharp 50" Roku Smart TV / black screen after 15 months - major repair

Jun 19, 2017

I purchased this TV about 15 months ago and yesterday the screen went black and TV wont come on. This TV is sold exclusively through Best Buy and without purchasing the (overpriced) extended warranty I'm looking at repairs darn near equal to the cost of the TV. Warranty or not I don't...

Insignia / I purchased a 48" insignia tv

Jun 12, 2017

Hi I have an account with letgo and bought a 48" insignia TV from C Williams in New York on June 6 2017; she was selling TV for $200 but I offer 175; she gave me the story she need it quick cash to move to Pennsylvania; when I went to buy the TV look OK and she told me it was only 4...

MSNBC / bill maher

Jun 3, 2017

House [censor] on TV? It is totally unacceptable and I could never let my children hear MSNBC again. What kind of people allow such a thing to be said on television that could be heard by children? I have never used such racial slurs and thought our country was beyond such degrading talk...

Luke Pantin (aka Captainrisasa) / video clip of wiggle & roll by captainrisasa

May 26, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam, On Dec 30, 2011, my song, Wiggle & Roll, was published and uploaded on YouTube under the following link: While looking for the song today I discovered a notice (allegedly) posted by Youtube indicating...

Website Video / video

May 20, 2017

Gentlemen, I previously wrote a complaint but put my company name in the first field rather than the company I want to issue a complaint about. On May 8, 2017, I ordered a video from websitevideo. On May 18, 2017, I received an e-mail the Gig was ready. When I clicked on the link to get it...

Safenet / video

May 20, 2017

Gentlemen, Around May 8 I ordered and payed for a video from websitevideo, one of the companies listed to make videos for Fiverr. I can provide you with your paid invoice if you wish. On May 18, 2017 I received a message from you the Gig was complete. However when I went to retrieve it Nothing...