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Hallmark drama / hallmark drama.

May 25, 2018

Sent from my iPad I'm a huge fan of the Hallmark Channel, in fact it's pretty much the channel I watch. I'm not happy with the scheduling lately. It has become all day sitcom reruns, which you can watch on regular cable. I pay extra to have this channel and not into old sitcom reruns. I...

Python Attacking Elephant / video python wrapped around an elephant

May 24, 2018

Please, please, can you remove this very upsetting video, that l have only seen the video start picture, because as soon as l saw the image, l deleted instantly as made me feel very sick and heart broken. l now keep having flash backs and all l was googling was about The Royal Wedding of...

LG Egypt / 55 inch tv

May 23, 2018

Hi there, I am writing to you to express my deep disappointment of your Egyptian distributor . The story began when my husband purchased a 55 inch LG tv from one of your branches in Cairo on the 5th of May . We turned on the tv on the 9th but on the 19th we found a line on the whole screen...

Television Scheduling / schedule of late shows

May 11, 2018

Even though your prices are too high for sick, elderly customers, I try and do pay my bill on time each month. I am very upset that you change shows without warning and most of the time the replacement is nothing but yelling and arguing late in the evening. Most people do not want to try...

Mega Digital Solutions Kenya / all products

May 11, 2018

This guys are pretending to supply goods after you pay trough paybill no 534199 registered by the name Margaret Atieno Ogada.They use telephone no [protected] by the name James Odhiambo Agutu.After that they dont pick ur phone. They sell the goods cheaply then they dont supply goods. I urge...

LG TV 55UH615A / lg tv product and customer service

May 4, 2018

LG TV 55UH615A55uh615a lg Part#crd32317801 ticket Cnn180501968576 I have contacted the executive service team I have not been able to resolve my issue regarding my TV that I've only had for a little over a year and-a-half. I have been told that what I have is physical damage which is not the case...

DJ Havok from Long Beach California / selling copyright beats to honest, hard working, upcoming artist

Apr 24, 2018

DJ Havok from Long Beach CaliforniaLong Beach, CA - DJ Havok ripped off my brother by selling him beats that belonged to another artist. My brother is a hard working, honest, trust worthy, upcoming artist who makes an honest living and this [censored] rips him off. DJ Havok takes instrumentals from youtube puts them on a...

Guitar Center Clear Lake / drum set damage no store response.

Apr 20, 2018

This complaint is in regards to seeking assistance for drum kit repair. In detail, I returned the item to store for them to return back to the manufacturer(Pearl) as instructed. The item was in Guitar Center for close to 90 days, from about January 30 until today, April 20th. I visited the...

Roku Streaming Device / expired subscription???

Apr 5, 2018

I purchased a new roku wireless streaming device from best buy, newark, delaware, just over two years ago. The model 4200x was easy to install and worked well up to that point that it would no longer connect to the internet on my older 42"(non-smart) tv. Upon calling roku, I was advised...

Dorene Messieri / have a nice day superhits of the 70s volumes 1 - 25

Mar 27, 2018

I purchased these items realizing they were copies not the original which would have been no problem had the quality been better. I have contacted them to advise I was missing Volume 3 completely. Volumes 18-22 all seem to be skipping. I've tried in 2 different vehicles and on computer system. Hoping to hear soon from company on rectifying the issue.

Elsabe Boltman / parts and accessories of the machines of heading

Mar 23, 2018

I ordered items and I never received it. I phoned the post office and they said they do not have it. Manifest no [protected]. To Arno Boltman. Foreign reference rf483285454 . Tracking number ri344043073za. Deliver address 2 Station street, George. Can you please look into this and give me...

Seicane / model:s085989f

Mar 20, 2018

I purchased a Android radio system with DAB+ for Mercedes GL. The DAB+ USB adapter is not detected by the radio. I have tried a total of 10 DAB+ USB adapters (that work on other Android radio systems), and the Seicane system will not detect it. I have now spent the last 10 month...

Lifetime Movies / teenage girl characters

Mar 20, 2018

As a former teacher of high school students I am very frustrated with your portrayal of teenage girls. Most of the characters are rebellious, whinny, disrespectful, selfish and materialistic. I don't feel this acccuractly portrays American teenage girls today. Spend some time in a high...

Makro Woodmead / 43 inch hisense udh smart tv at r4899 valid until 19 march 2018

Mar 19, 2018

Makro WoodmeadHi, I went to the Makro Woodmead store to purchase the above mentioned tv. The staff of the store was firstly not helpful at all the guy wasted our time and after waiting for over an hour he tells us that they dont have any stock available but when I called in this morning 19 March 2018 a...

Google helppay / unauthorized payments taken out of account

Mar 17, 2018

I had payments taken out on 3/14, two on 3/12, two on 3/15, 3/1, three on 2/26, 2/12, and 2/7. I did not authorize these payments to be taken out of my account. I live on a fixed income and some times by you taken out this money my account is overdrawn and that cost me 35.00 dollars each...

Home Owner / lack of service

Mar 8, 2018

Home OwnerI am writing this complaint because a employee did not do his/her job. I was expect a television set to be delivered. I checked the tracking information and it was due to arrive on March 7th. I place a yellow sticky note on my front door which had Purolater written on the top line. The...

CGD 18 / coronation street

Feb 26, 2018

What a rubbish depressing soap this has become and as for the billy drug story absolutely disgusting to show this before 9pm. This soap used to be funny and have been a viewer for 3 decades but you are now plumbing new depths, get a grip and change the writers, will not be watching thi...

Iguana Studios / song productions

Feb 25, 2018

my name is Adam, I heard this site is the best to leave complaints because it's hard to remove them. What happened was I came all the way to Canada to have a song produced by this studio. I saw many negative feed backs about this studio but I wasn't willing to believe the man Vic is a...

Jamie1444 / commentator alan parry (continued)

Feb 25, 2018

I don't enjoy watching palace matches on tele anyway, but the fact that I know Alan parry will inevitably commentate, I make the positive decision to miss it. Other really poor comments include ‘palace concede the first goal, YET again', when we played Newcastle recently. Also when we played...

Darryel Gordon / none

Feb 19, 2018

Why hasn't anyone started a petition to get steve harvey off family feud! He is inciting violence against men, and if it were reversed the world would stop spinning. How are you ever going to stop violence against, if this [censor] is condoning violence against me? Family feud has no...

School / tata sky registration

Feb 16, 2018

yesterday I bought a tata sky and I registered. but later while logging in I realized that I registered a wrong number and now I cant get access to the number and I forgot my password too. I have my subscribtion id ([protected]) can you please help me get access you can verify in this email...

WWD Parry / tv license

Feb 11, 2018

I Have paid my TV license for over 40 years. I left SA in Jan 2015 after being held up in my home by 5 thugs armed with guns. They stole everything including my TV. As I wasn't insured I purchased a cheap replacement TV and continued to pay my license. I have now received demand notice... / I never received my dvd for third watch complete series

Jan 24, 2018

Order #: [protected]-127 Order Date: 01/13/2018 Order Total: $45.00 I have called them 4 times with no response. I then emailed them several times no response. I even went on their web site and clicked on contact us I emailed them and no response. I have called them and emailed them but I get...

Blumhouse Production / displeased with ad content

Jan 2, 2018

I am an adult (over 21) and not pleased with the graphic/horrific nature of the ad for the upcoming movie "Insidious". I make the choice to avoid this movie in the theaters, but I would like to be able to avoid this commercial on youtube as well since I use youtube daily. I know youtube...

Channel 72 / false advertising of programming

Dec 28, 2017

From a few weeks now this channel has been advertising new episodes of 'The Murdock Mysteries'. This show continues to be REPEATS. If you don't have any new episodes, perhaps it's time to be honest. If you do have new episodes it's about time you lived up to your advertising. Please remedy thi...

Personal Home / hallmark channel and hallmark movies and mysteries channel

Dec 23, 2017

For quite some time now my channels have been tilling and freeze framing . My carrier has tried everything but to no avail to solve the problem . They say it is a hallmark problem . Please resolve the problem. It is so frustrating to try and watch the great movies you provide and you mi...

Fy / slow delivery!!!

Dec 21, 2017

Hi, i would like to lodge complaint regarding dloe delivery of items bought frm lazada on 12dec.. Scheduled for delivery between 16-20th dec 2017 Its now 21st dec! And i havent got any of my items yet!! ! Gdex tracking no: [protected] Made two times phone calls.staff told me that they will...

Jhelliam Trading / d'addario acoustic guitar string with free 10 celluloid picks

Dec 9, 2017

Bumili ako ng d addario acoustic string with free 10 celluloid pick., pag dating mga 1 week after order, .tanging string nalg yung narecieve q yung free picks wala., anu ba yung promo nila lokohan., anu ba gagawin ng lazada SA mga ganitong kulang Na freebies.?., ni Hindi malg sila...

Sears Master Protection Agreement Breach Contract / tv samsung

Nov 28, 2017

Sears Master Protection Agreement Representatives are dishonest and Breech their contract over and again. For one year we have had them come to our home over 7 times and 5 parts...still not fixed, and now they are starting over with the same parts! I have good documentation and their own email...

PnP Hypermarket Steeldale / no service and rude staff

Nov 27, 2017

I visited Steeledale Hyper today, 27th Nov and wanted to enquire and buy the T.V advertised. I entered the section and found no staff, I waited and eventually was asked by the security lady if I needed help which I replied yes. she plugged the unit in for me to see the quality and hear...

Jamelou Bert S. Solina / package not received

Nov 20, 2017

I placed an order on Lazada and it was shipped to LBC via no. [protected]. I tracked it for days and now, (November 20, 2017) it said expect delivery within the day, but now I reached until tonight, and still I have received no package. Now I do wonder where my package is. I wish to see...

VH1 / vh1 catfish and playing less new songs

Nov 18, 2017

Vh1 is not playing songs, they only play catfish and other awards shows And vh1 can not play hit new songs Please change vh1 shows for India and play songs 24 by 7 There was a time when I used to saw only VH1 channel because they provide some good music of good singers but now I can say...

Best Buycom805501131991 / unauthorized transaction

Nov 14, 2017

Date 10/22/2017 Number 888 bestbuy mnus-5732 I went online as always to pay for my Direct Auto Insurance for $182.05 at 9:22. On that same day 10/22/17 at 8:46 Best Buy had debited my card for $174.19 and for another amount which did not go through, but the $174.19 did. This transaction wa...

Mei Lin Yeoell / music access

Nov 12, 2017

Your recent "upgrade" makes it almost impossible for me to access the music I want to listen to. The previous format was straightforward and easy to use. Why have you made it so opaque? It is almost not worth the effort to use any more. My music listening history is gone. The artists I...

Michael Stroup / fake videos / fraud.

Nov 12, 2017

Michael StroupMichael Leroy Stroup of Delphi, Indiana makes vides that are misleading and false. H is harming a criminal investigation in two murders in Indiana. He is a criminal him self. He has arrests in 6-4-2007 for dis. conduct, alcohol poss., rest. arrest, sex offense / public exposure and batt...

Julia Martin / hallmark channel now

Nov 11, 2017

I keep seeing complaints about too many Christmas movies but I purchase Hallmark Movies now I love the Christmas movies. I would like to see more of the more current and popular movies on the Hallmark Movies now. I was wanting to pay for a live stream of the Hallmark channels but...

Integrity Home Care Inc./DBA Executive Care / television

Nov 9, 2017

Tim Baxter/Steve Kim President and CEO Samsung Electronics North America 85 Challenger Road 6th Floor Ridgewood, NJ 07660 August 11, 2017 Re: Robert Rifkin Ticket # [protected] Dear Mr. Baxter and Mr. Kim I am sorry to have to bother you but I have a situation that keeps going back and...

Tayla Landsberg / terra nova

Oct 30, 2017

I write to you regarding your TV series Terra Nova. I am extremely disappointed to have been led on to believe there will be another series, this obviously has not happened and I am extremely angered by fox to know they will allow their customers to believe is false hope. I believe there... / one minute documentaries

Oct 28, 2017

Hello all, I am the latest victim of Bee Stock. Here's the story (I believe this should be on 60 minutes). I am minding my own business at a local coffee shop when this pleasant lady asks if she could use the outlet closest to me. She stated her outlet was too loose (this is the...

Alvin Andra Edmonds / big fish games

Oct 25, 2017

I have owned "Charlaine Harris Dying For Daylight" for almost a year and NOW I am getting all of these error code and access violations for no particular reason. Please help in rectifying the problem or issue a new game or whatever you need to do. I have uninstalled and re- installed the...