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lg support servise / 47lv5500

Oct 4, 2018

lg support serviseI have bought 47LV5500 LED Tv on 24th september 2011. Its screen has recently turned into black while we watched. I called Service. Service took my tv. But They said that main board is malfunctioned and costs aproximatly 250 dollars(1500 TL) . Its funny because I bougt this tv 400 dollar. ...

Klipsch / kf-28 speakers

Oct 3, 2018

I purchased these speakers from NEWEGG an on line company selling on e-bay. When I received them they had two broken (plastic) feet. At that time I requested two feet from NEWEGG. Much to my surpise they referred my to Klipsch the manufacturer, as they did not stock any parts. At that... / never received items, no emails, no response, no refund

Oct 1, 2018

I ordered a wholesale set of CDs. They sent me a order confirmation number but that was it. When I asked for an invoice four times there was no response. I sent emails to multiple emails they had on file and no response. I have since asked for a refund and there has been no response. Thi...

Tom Bradbury / itv 10pm news 26.09.18

Sep 27, 2018

Tom Bradbury is employed to read an autocue not make personal comments or insinuate blame over the death of a young girl who tragically died of a food allergy on board a flight. Quote from Tom Bradbury taken from three quarters of the way in his 10pm news report. "I mean... seriously, about the...

Sareya / swearing on a kids video

Sep 21, 2018

My 9 year old daughter was watching what we thought was a kid video but to no avail it has curse words in it. The use name is Sareya and the link is Kids videos do not need to right words on the video as this one does. They wrote "FXCK" ( we can...

Zen Direct CL. / sceptre inc. " 31.5 inch led tv with dvd

Sep 19, 2018

Received the tv late in August, I was able to set it up and get my Satilite system set up to watch tv on the set. No insturctions on operating the with the DVD so have been trying to get/print a manual. Every e-mail I send to the e-mail provided to me comes back to me as "undeliverable"...

ABC The Chew / the chew tv show cancellation

Sep 13, 2018

You have cancelled a program that is worth watching as it was entertaining & also informative; fun to watch. You put on what I consider GARBAGE in its place. This is probably not the place to complain about cancellations but I have searched all over to let you know I displeased I am about...

Kogan & Toll Ipec / damaged goods

Sep 12, 2018

Hi there my name is Litiana Tabua, I've received my Kogan purchase via Toll 11/9/2018. Consignment number #[protected]. Being 1 day late for its due delivery ive since called Toll to ask where my delivery was and why it is late, they had replied that they didn't know and that it would be...

Zee TV / jodha akbar serial

Sep 11, 2018

Why jodha akbar serial is not working on YouTube on yesterday and it not working now also . In youtube showing private video . PlZ resolve the issue plz sir Jodha akbar serial is favorite for all users sir PlZ start the jodha akbar serial immediately in YouTube or give a new channel for...

Vizio P75 / vizio tv

Sep 5, 2018

I bought the 75' inch Vizio tv used it 4 times and and to leave out of town for work after 6 months came back and turned the tv on it had a foot wide and top to bottom stripe on the screen so I called Costco where I bought the tv and they said you still have a 2 yr manufacture warranty so...

M1 DTV Customer Service / appointment for dtv installation

Sep 1, 2018

I work overseas. Apparently I missed my appointment on 20 July as I was overseas. Spoken to Customer Service Miss Tira on 21 August. Rescheduled another appointment for Today Saturday 1st September at 3pm. I rushed back from overseas solely for this installation. Arrived at my door at...

LG Electronics Egypt - TV / lg electronics egypt - bad quality and bad post sale service / smart tv

Aug 31, 2018

LG 32"- HD Smart TV date of purchase : 01/01/2018 incident : the screen had became black, without any image issue: I called LG service center of Egypt - phone 19960 he asked me to go to a repair center in another city ??? complaint : 1/ just after 6 month the TV need to repair ?????!!! 2...

A T & T Direct TV. / erroneous billing from at&t and when I called they hang zip on their customers.

Aug 25, 2018

Folks, this is pathetic! AT&T charges for service(s) that I did not order, the NFL ticket. and I do not watch football. An additional $55.00. I am retired and on a fixed income. I cannot afford to pay and wait a minimum of 1 month, pay interest on the extra charge (since I cannot pay it...

rockmusicmemorabilia / 2 sets costing over 200 pounds ordered on 11 december 2017 have not been received despite numerous emails and promises that they would be sent.

Aug 16, 2018

My emails are now being ignored. Is this company are scam? Their excuse is it's the courier s fault, but I don't believe the items were ever sent and basically they have stolen my money. They seem to have done the same thing to other buyers so beware! I am going to notify paypal, credit card...

Sear's / sony television

Aug 8, 2018

-I contacted Sear's June 25th about repairing my tv; its on a master protection agreement. I keep getting lie after lie and I am tired. There is not a television tech in our area. I keep getting the run around about a go local team and I was told on August 6th, by a representative named...

Thinksmart Marketing / misleading terms and conditions - still await my replacement tv after receiving a faulty one

Jul 31, 2018

If you have a bit more cash rather go elsewhere. Dealing with Kogan when something goes wrong is a nightmare. And with their products it is the luck of the draw really. We received a faulty tv/dvd combo, reported within the 14 days stipulated to qualify for a replacement, reboxed it, sent...

About my payment through sabse smart kaun. / sabse smart kaun

Jul 27, 2018

We clear a account of Rs 28650 and in next day I win 31050 and I fill my all details with pan no but I didn't receive anything. It is a wastage of time to play they only get ruppes from our internet which we use. All the people are expected please don't play this game it is a fake game 😤😤😡😡😡😤😠😠😠 Members of sabse smart kaun...

Star Plus Channel Sab Se Smart Kone / programs winning amount not received

Jul 27, 2018

Star Plus Channel Sab Se Smart KoneHi To The Management Star Plus Program : SABSE SMART KONE From I Misses NISHA MADAAN SECUNDERABAD HYDERABAD TELANGANA Ph: [protected] Sub :- JAKPOT Amount Not Received Respected Sir/Madam, I Have played game and JAKPOT Question was won by me and i am also submitting the winning detail...

Lifetime movie channel / programming

Jul 26, 2018

Please know that when I have purchased a movie channel, I am expecting that to be the programming. I am very unhappy to see Grey's Anatomy and similar shows on all day. This is also true for Lifetime channel. Very disappointing- why pay for it?? I used to enjoy the older movies in the...

Sabse Smart Kaun / sabse smart kaun

Jul 19, 2018

Truly fake show to play through mobile via hotstar !!! Simple logic nobody can answer their questions in 3 seconds cause question takes time to read that but while this time many people are giving answers within 2 seconds. WOW Mysterious people definitely have to meet those person and I am...

Joe Buck / any sports broadcast joe buck does

Jul 18, 2018

After years of listening to Joe Buck announce baseball, football, and golf, I have to say something to the network that keeps paying him his exorbitant and totally undeserved salary. I don't know how he manages to win awards for his announcing. Those things must be rigged, bought, or...

Dil hain Hindustani unfair judgement / show rejected animesh sharma unfairly

Jul 15, 2018

Why was Animesh Sharma rejected? He won everyone's heart in his first song, and secured an instant offer from Pritam! His voice, classically trained voice, melody, pitch, expression everything was of top level. Yesterday he got kicked out while several mediocre girls got selected! Why?...

Starplus / sabse smart kaun

Jul 11, 2018

I am Krutika Malu have been playing 'sabse smart kaun?' Show from last 20 episoeds and I am having my registered paytm account but I haven't received prize amount which I have earned during the show. The points in yesterdays episode s 51050. Kindly look into the matter. My registered information Name - Krutika Malu. Email Id:- krutika. [protected]

Music Industry/ Hip Hop Music Industry & All Other Music Outlets / hip hip music industry & all other music outlets

Jul 6, 2018

Spotify wake up guys!!! Take down all music from outlets that promote hate like Nicki Minaj's trash cd's releases!! This is just the beginning. I am going to contact everybody I know to contact you guys about the music industry. If you guys pull RKelleys music you need to pull everybody'...

Wimbledon coverage / commentating and scheduling

Jul 6, 2018

The other night at ab about 7:15 the commentator said that Roger Federer would be ''on soon". He came on at about 9:45. I found out the next day that this is about the time that was meant to play. I feel that Channel 7 was treating me with contempt by lying to me to keep me watching. Last...

Damro Customer Service / hisense 24” tv

Jun 30, 2018

Product details: Customer name t.f. o. ismail Television hisense Model l e d n 24 d31 Serial no: 3te24 m16161 801h3u a51113 Date of purchase: 26 / 06 2017 Branch damro ratmalana My mobile: [protected] Transaction no: 10321 Malfunctioning hisense 24"tv First, let me begin by letting you know...

Squaretrade / your square trade warranty on my tv and remote.

Jun 22, 2018

I first called about a faulty Visio remote. Over the phone with a Squaretrade Tech it was determined the remote was bad and we would be sent a new remote. Weeks later we still hadn't received a remote so I called them. They said they didn't have that remote in their inventory so I should... / family toy / game

Jun 21, 2018

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Vizio And Apple / tv and sound bar

Jun 18, 2018

For about 10 years I have bought and used your products and told everyone how great they are. I just got your Smartcast 70" tv and the 5.1 sounbar (should be called stupidass instead if smartcast) and seriously for over two weeks now it's been a daily chore of fighting the system and...

Phone number Australia 0413254579 / paid a deposit on a tv. lady then said she sold tv and hasn't returned my deposit.

Jun 16, 2018

I agreed on a price of $3500 for a tv. We met and I put a deposit of $250 dollars on it to the vendor. I said I needed a week to get the money, she was fine with that. I kept her up to date with all my movements and when I would have the money. When I messaged her to pay she said she ha...

TBS Samantha B / totally offensive

Jun 13, 2018

Why do you allow this offensive TV series to continue. I find her offensive as a female and also her views of our government. Please take her off the air. Her language is fulgar and is not representative of women. In fact, she represents herself as a spokesperson for my sex and I feel her...

No Stock Available / camtech amp and sansui combo deal on special

Jun 7, 2018

I have been to HI Fi Corp in DBN and PMB and none of your stores have stock of the special yet I was informed that the special was running for 4 weeks and both branches didn't have stock. I left my details with a salesman and he said he cannot promise when stock will arrive but he took my...

TBS / full frontal with samantha bee

Jun 3, 2018

As a woman, I am disgusted and deeply offended that TBS clearly advocates for the use of the C-word to describe women. The fact that a woman said the word against another woman, is even worse. We have blocked the channel from all of our home televisions and contacted our service provider...

Samantha Bee's television show on TBS / disgusting profane and inflammatory comments.

Jun 1, 2018

Not only does this person use extreme profanity, but disrespects our President and our country. She should be removed and not be allowed on the air again. This is tje kind of garbage from which we are supposed to be protected. Even if we choose not to watch this network as I do. The...

TBS / samantha b - list vile potty mouth

Jun 1, 2018

Sam b list should be fired and her show cancelled! She used the most sexist word and even implied incest concerning the presidents daughter!! Her apology was totally insincere and she never apologized for using the word "[censored]"!! Tbs we demand you fire her and cancel that vile show!!...

Samantha Bee / samantha bee full frontal

May 31, 2018

It is beyond comprehension that TBS condones Samantha Bee's verbal abuse about the Daughter of The President of the United States. A Twitter apology is both irresponsible and unprofessional. For this unethical abuse, I will be refusing to purchase from Full Frontal sponsors and have...

Samantha Bee / samantha bee's full frontal

May 31, 2018

Samantha bee's rude, disgusting, hateful, degrading comment with regard to ivanka trump should warrant the immediate cancellation of her show! I am sickened that she is allowed to get away with the things that she says! As long as she remains employed by tbs, I will not watch anything on...

TBS / full frontal with samantha b

May 31, 2018

I get it's a show that supposed to push the envelope as far as views go. But I will not support a network that will allow their employee to use such off color language toward another women. As a women myself we have come a long way and still have a way to go and to be putting each other...

Samantha Bee / full frontal tv show on tbs

May 31, 2018

Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a c**t on television, so if Roseanne Barr gets fired for her vile remark on Twitter about Valerie Jarrett then Samantha B**** should get fired for what she said on television. If TBS doesn't fire her then I promise you I will never watch any show on that...

Six Season 2 / pornographers and profanity

May 29, 2018

I an a desert storm veteran and I really enjoy shows like seal team and the brave, so when I saw six wa starting up I was really excited about watching it as well. I was appalled at all the pornagraphy and the blatan cursing that was shown. I couldn't believe you've turned what could have...