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TV, Music & Video Complaints

Bell Canada / Tv

Nelbes on Aug 17, 2018

We've been having issues with our PVR recording box for a while now, it pauses & then resumes playing but then jumps ahead. Spoke to a customer service representative by the name of Mac..which is debatable, she was extremely rude, constantly spoke over the top of us & was not able to help...

Cogeco / cable tv

LillyJohn on Aug 17, 2018

I called Cogeco on Aug13/18 to have my cable disconnected as of Aug 31/18, they transformed that in to Aug 14/18, I have been calling every day regarding when will it be reconnected and I've been lied to day after day and today now I am being told they have no idea when my cable will be re...

Ster Kinekor Mall of Africa / wet seats messed with cooldrink

L Naidoo on Aug 17, 2018

Dear Ster Kinekor Hi, middle June I took my two little eager kids to see Incredibles 2... sadly my seat and my sons seats was soaked in spilled cooldrink from the movie before. I was told that they couldn't move us to alternate seats as the theater was completely booked out which was a lie...

rockmusicmemorabilia / 2 sets costing over200 pounds ordered on 11 december 2017 have not been received despite numerous emails and promises that they would be sent.

Davidleong on Aug 16, 2018

My emails are now being ignored.Is this company are scam? Their excuse is it's the courier s fault, but I don't believe the items were ever sent and basically they have stolen my money. They seem to have done the same thing to other buyers so BEWARE! I am going to notify PayPal, credit card...

DirecTV / discounts

Starzcast on Aug 16, 2018

8/16/18 I have been a customer with Directv since it began in 1994. My son put my dish on the roof himself. On my account now it says since 2004 but that is from when I moved to SC My issue is this: Every month my bill changes and I have to call on promotions etc. The people today were...

Lifetime TV / unexplained absence of the little women shows

Sey12 on Aug 15, 2018

WHERE are the Little Women shows? Little Ladies L.A. ended with NO reunion, no update on the characters on the show. Furthermore, where are DALLAS and ATLANTA? Many fans would like to know what's going on and when the next Little Ladies show will be aired! No one seems to know anything and...

Netflix / netflix: doctor who misinformation

Willytheraveger on Aug 15, 2018

Netflixi was browsing Netflix a few moments ago on Netflix and saw that you had doctor who listed with new episodes available.. i also noticed that the thumbnail for doctor who was of the ninth doctor from BBC's Season 1 of Doctor Who, got exited as that was what i grew up with but lo and...

Optimum Cable / cable service/customer service

Prezprl on Aug 14, 2018

My elderly parents have not had cable service for weeks. I called Optimum, they had me trouble shoot over the phone and stated there was a service outage in the area. 2 weeks went by and still no service. I call again and was told the boxes needed to be replaced and she could not schedule...

Kogan Australia / false information making me buy the incorrect tv - kogan tv

Sisi_ on Aug 14, 2018

CAN A MANAGER reply to me I will file a case to ACCC if this isnt resolve To my knowledge you had many issue upon false advertising and false information according to accc So please respond back and resolve my issue as this is your fault and misguidance No i was advised by him this one i...

Netflix / audience abuse

Donna Spitzer on Aug 13, 2018

To Moira Walley-Beckett and Netflix, To think I watched the first season of (ANNE WITH AN E) with my mother before she past away and we had said a loud, "Isn't it wonderful to find such a wholesome precious program to watch! I can't wait for the next season!" Well, I started the season 2...

Hallmark / home and family show

Sheriannl on Aug 13, 2018

First you fire Mark Steines. Bad move! The reason you give is that your going in a different direction. Well, so far, I am less than impressed by your new direction! You seem to favor Cameron Mathison who has co-hosted numerous times compared to the others you've had co-host. In my...

SABC / TV Licences / harassment by debt collectors for tv licence taken out by somebody else

R Cassiem on Aug 13, 2018

SABC / TV LicencesI have been hounded/and harassed for years by debt collectors on behalf of SABC TV licence to pay an outstanding amount of a TV licence that was taken out by somebody using my wife's details. I have responded too many times to mention with proof of our own TV licence to the SABC customer...

Youtube / eng subtitles

Richard Yates on Aug 11, 2018

English subtitles for the Korean TV series MY Brain-fficial ep.3 with DIA is not working. Is there some icon we have to tap to get them to work? I can't decipher any other of the Korean symbols in the long string of it's title, I can only give you the English parts. This is not the only...

Optimum / tv

Bill Jackal on Aug 11, 2018

Don't know where to begin...nothing works right consistently. Watching regular TV, the picture periodically degrades (no, it's not the TV) Constantly getting "not available right now, please try again later"...really? Things I've DVR'd, telling me "not available'? And when they are, it...

Conn's Home Plus / tvs

Ignacios on Aug 10, 2018

Conn's Home PlusIn the past 20 days I have first purchased one 75inch lg tv. First tv was broken at the store before i left. Second tv I had to go pick up at wharehouse get it home mount it and it works for a week and cracks on the top right service goes to my home and they tell me its my fault that im...

Netflix / taking off a show

Lisa Dayirmenjian on Aug 10, 2018

The show Gypsy is AMAZING, it needs to be on for MORE than 1 season. I loved the show very much and has recommended it to all my friends and family. But after I told everyone to watch it I found out that its not getting renewed for another season. So now everyone that i told to watch it i...

Optimum / phone systems

fuck off on Aug 10, 2018

This is one of those companies that does everything they can to discourage speaking to a representative. I called, followed all directions, and it kept sending me back to the previous message. When I started screaming "representative" it came back with three options, before I could be...

Youtube / anime character channel purge is insane and must be stopped

justin pearson on Aug 10, 2018

dear you tube i have noticed that some of my favorite anime character channels have been taken down and am outraged they were not used for monetary gain but for entertainment purposes yet they were terminated without reason which is disgrace of any democratic institution and more the...

Netflix / customer service

Brandi Rhodes on Aug 9, 2018

I have been a customer with netflix for nearly 4 years continuously. I had my Cable turned off and pay for internet only because of netflix. My account was cut off today due to a payment. I called to request that my service be turned on for less than 24 hours due to my paycheck being...

Sear's / sony television

sondra chance on Aug 8, 2018

-I contacted Sear's June 25th about repairing my tv; its on a master protection agreement. I keep getting lie after lie and I am tired. There is not a television tech in our area. I keep getting the run around about a go local team and I was told on August 6th, by a representative named...