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Sirius XM Radio / lifetime subscription scam

Cindyh710 on Feb 23, 2018
Many years ago I opted to purchase SiriusXM's lifetime subscription option for $500. Monday, I purchased a new car and called to have my subscription transferred to the new vehicle. It was at that point I was informed that transferring the subscription was not an option, that my lifetime...

Netflix / chris rock special

areyoukiddingme?? on Feb 21, 2018
Promoting a special in which a has-been comedian is trying to stay relevant by making comments like he wants to see equal numbers of white kids shot and mothers crying on the news is appalling. How could your company be that idiotic to think that was something viable to say much less broadcast. Your company is doing nothing but perpetuating racism.

Vizio / vizio 80 inch model m801d-a3

a1jacmac on Feb 21, 2018
VizioTV purchased June 2014. Last couple of weeks a dark spot has appeared and grown larger on the display. I researched web and found this is a common problem with Vizio tv's. On Vizio website they "acknowledge the problem and are standing behind their products and will make good by the consumers". I...

Dish Network / Dish.com / programming and latest upgrade

Tlwm on Feb 20, 2018
Still negotiating with CW, so we haven't had a channel that we could get for free if we had an antenna for a few weeks now. Is it Dish or CW? Definitely Dish's fault since, since I can access CW's shows online. Also, I just noticed that if I press record during a show, I now only get the...

Darryel Gordon / none

Darryel Gordon on Feb 19, 2018
Why hasn't anyone started a petition to get steve harvey off family feud! He is inciting violence against men, and if it were reversed the world would stop spinning. How are you ever going to stop violence against, if this [censor] is condoning violence against me? Family feud has no...

Sceptre / 32" tv.

loanar on Feb 16, 2018
Am writing this to voice my disappointment with your tv. My daughter bought me this for christmas and don't have the heart to tell her what a piece of junk this tv is. I have never heard susch poor sound quality ever in this day and age of electronics. I have had transistor radios from 40...

School / tata sky registration

yang-lha on Feb 16, 2018
yesterday I bought a tata sky and I registered. but later while logging in I realized that I registered a wrong number and now I cant get access to the number and I forgot my password too. I have my subscribtion id (1263728808) can you please help me get access you can verify in this email...

SABC / TV Licences / tv licence

Laetixia Visser on Feb 16, 2018
I am now receiving threatning messages from the licence department.. And it went up from r 265.. R 291 to r319!!! I have no tv naymore.. I am not in the finacial position to afford the newst fancy tvs... I am watchin movies from showmax and on laptop as I am linked to my land lady...

SABC / VVM / tv licences

Mark Kenmuir on Feb 16, 2018
SABC / VVMI am now getting very annoyed with SABC and VVM, I left SA in 2009 and provided all requested docs at the time of trying to cancel my tv licence. Then the SABC shifts the goal posts and wanting an affidavit and a copy of my visa and passport! No chance! I told you I'm 2009 that the tv...

RCA / tv/dvd warranty not honored

ecretara on Feb 15, 2018
RCAFor Christmas 2016 I bought a 24" TV/DVD combo for my bedroom. It lasted less than 4 months. After filling out numerous forms and sending receipts, RCA sent out a repairman who couldn't fix the set. That was in April, 2017. I have been waiting for a response from RCA and emailing their...

Best Buy / television and no customer service

Jmv2 on Feb 14, 2018
One month ago I purchased a new t.v. I am having trouble getting the a/v to sync. I went to the store to try to talk to someone, no one available. I was also interested in purchasing a new phone, 4 best buy employees standing around doing nothing talking to each other and ignored me. I...

Aarons / salesman

Carla Mott on Feb 13, 2018
I call today 2/13/18, regarding my account, I understand that my account is past due, I got a loan of $150 to pay towards my account, when I called this morning salesman Elam from Tyler store on Broadway, stated to me that I need to pay either $112 which will get me to the 15th and I...

JC Penney Company / unacceptable shipping time

LLawson66 on Feb 12, 2018
I placed an order online on Jan. 18, 2018 - I was told that it would deliver within 2 weeks. It is currently Feb. 12, 2018 and I still have not heard from the trucking company to schedule the delivery. I called this morning to once again try to get tracking information. I was connected to...

Joe's Av / lg oledg7p tv paid for and promised delivery, nothing came

Naran Patel on Feb 12, 2018
I was expecting a call for delivery it never came so I informed the credit card company. The credit card (AmEx) are chasing them down to find out what happened. I called up again, they said my TV was damaged in transit and that their order processing system was down and that I should...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / my kitchen rules - inappropriate music track au

pedro51 on Feb 11, 2018
In the program aired at 7pm on Sunday 11th February the music track in the background was a vocal about "mother [censor]ers that had no balls". Such a music track is inapproriate at any time on any day but becomes a huge issue in childrens hours and when the sub titles show music track...

WWD Parry / tv license

WWD Parry on Feb 11, 2018
I Have paid my TV license for over 40 years. I left SA in Jan 2015 after being held up in my home by 5 thugs armed with guns. They stole everything including my TV. As I wasn't insured I purchased a cheap replacement TV and continued to pay my license. I have now received demand notice...

Hughes Network Systems / tv box mxq pro multimedia gateway

JOE1960 on Feb 9, 2018
I Tried to order one TV box You sent two. I will be returning both unused. I would like to be refunded my $154.00 . I will be using the return label that came with them. Shipping to HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS- RETURNS ATTN: WRC INCOMING HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEMS 16060 INDUSTRIAL DRIVE...

Zapals / minix neo u9-h amlogic s912-h android 6.0.1 streaming tv box 2g+16g with plug type au does not work

Flynno16 on Feb 8, 2018
1. Ordered from Zapals on 15 Jan 2018. Payment by PayPal (Shipment #100755547 for Order #100897513). 2. Received item on 29 Jan 2018 and item did not work. 3. Sent email to Zapals Customer Service outlining problem on 31 Jan 2018. Email content as follows: Dear Sir, Ma'am, I received a...

1949 / sharp tv 75"

Jose Giraldo on Feb 8, 2018
I purchased the TV in the Niagara Falls Store back in July 14 2017, and I paid $3.442.07 for this beautiful 75" Sharp TV model floor. They delivery to my the next week, wrapped in plastic, but not the box(, because we planned to installed in few days and we need the protection to move...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / being upgraded without my consent and charged

B Meek on Feb 8, 2018
to whom it may concern. my DTSV is disconnected for the second time now this month. I called in on the 30th January (first time I was disconnected) to enquire why my services were disconnected and the lady that assisted me informed me that she does not know and proceeded to re-connect my service...
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