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TV, Music & Video Complaints

Vizio and apple / Tv and sound bar

Jhxiii on Jun 18, 2018

For about 10 years I have bought and used your products and told everyone how great they are. I just got your Smartcast 70" tv and the 5.1 sounbar (should be called stupidass instead if smartcast) and seriously for over two weeks now it's been a daily chore of fighting the system and...

Dish Network / / Dish Tv false advertising from dish representatives and installer

Rbuerk on Jun 18, 2018

When I called and inquired about dish and what all was included in it and the prices. When informed about the watch anywhere app my exact question was how much extra and what else did I have to purchase to use the service and was told nothing sir it's all built into the receiver with the...

Vizio / Application no longer supported/Customer support experiance

Hector6901 on Jun 18, 2018

VizioI am the original Purchaser of a Vizio 60'' 4K Roku TV, at the time I spend a little over 1, 100.00. Since then I have purchased 3 more of various models and sizes. The built in applications such as "Netflix, Hulu, YouTube were paramount in the decision to purchase these T.V.'s. Some time...

Geek Squad / samsung un55mu6300fx2h

rcarney61 on Jun 16, 2018

My 7 month old 55" smart Samsung would not power on Monday May 11. I called Geek Squad as I have a 2 year warranty and they phone person said she was ordering a new power supply and motherboard. The earliest that I could get an appointment when they would have the part was today June 16...

Seatwave / money

Tameika Smith on Jun 16, 2018

I posted ticket on this website to sell and to tickets got sold somewhere else. I went back on to delete the tickets but the website wouldn't let me. The tickets got sold but as I don't have them can't give them to the buyer. Seatwave are charging my credit card €300 for not being able to...

Phone number Australia 0413254579 / paid a deposit on a tv. lady then said she sold tv and hasn't returned my deposit.

Selwyn job on Jun 16, 2018

I agreed on a price of $3500 for a tv. We met and I put a deposit of $250 dollars on it to the vendor. I said I needed a week to get the money, she was fine with that. I kept her up to date with all my movements and when I would have the money. When I messaged her to pay she said she ha...

VividSeats / u2 tickets

tteammunson on Jun 15, 2018

I purchased a ticket for U2 last night and the venue told me ticket was no good and refused my entry into the show so I had to buy another ticket because when I called vivid sets to see what problem was I was basically on hold for 20 minutes and I couldn't wait any longer because the show...

Aarons / customer service

geo1zavala on Jun 14, 2018

I recently submitted a concern online to aarons and it was sent back. Why is that? I have been harrassed and treated very poorly from you guys. Here is a copy of the ticket I submitted. the reference number is Your customer service request has been opened. Thank you for contacting Aaron'...

Takealot / 55" uhd hisense smart tv

Stoney92 on Jun 14, 2018

To whom it may concern, I purchased a Hisense Smart TV from you more or less 2 weeks ago. The TV is extremely slow and does not respond on the apps. I had an older version of exactly the same TV and that worked perfectly. Can you please advise me on a solution or software update if...

Netflix / tv series: reply 1994

Gloria Han on Jun 14, 2018

Dear Netflix, I'm very excited by the many new additions of foreign and especially Korean television shows and films, as a Korean-American myself. In particular, I was very excited by the addition of Reply 1997 and Reply 1994, because I have been meaning to watch Reply 1994 for a long time...

Kogan Australia / led tv

Philip Usabal Jr. on Jun 14, 2018

Kogan AustraliaProduct was bought last year july 4 2017, payment came out july 8 2017 with addln payment made for extended warranty. This was a promo sale of pre-purchase item, 3 months deliver. Item was delivered at unit 2 wecker road mansfield qld 4122 sometime october last year. Item keeps showing...

Home Box Office [HBO] / bill maher

donewithhbo on Jun 13, 2018

I have cancelled my subscription to hbo. Bill maher wish for a recession is grotesque and cruel. Thankfully I did not lose my home but my neighbors did. My husband and I both endured 20% pay cuts. The teachers in our community suffered pay cuts. We are working class people and because he...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / house rules bullying

Melcc on Jun 13, 2018

I am usually a fan of House Rules, however I've been very upset at the condoned bullying both in this current season (from Leigh and Kristie), and in the previous season also. I think you guys think this is entertaining?? I'm telling you it's NOT. People do not enjoy watching this - it i...

SoundCloud / unauthorised subscription payment

Mick Frangou on Jun 13, 2018

They took money from my account without permission to renew a subscription I did not want renewing. There is no way to contest them about this. The Berlin Customer Support phone number now states you have to go to their website to complain - which does not offer a way to complain. There is no...

Lewis Stores / my blaupunkt 55" uhd led tv

lunasick on Jun 13, 2018

I bought a blaupunkt 55" uhd led from your Simon's town branch on the 20/04/2018. The t. v was working great, up until Monday the 11/06/2018 when I noticed a thin blue line on the left of my screen. I have read the manual and tried changing the picture mode but nothing happens. I sent your...

TBS Samantha B / totally offensive

Trish May on Jun 13, 2018

Why do you allow this offensive TV series to continue. I find her offensive as a female and also her views of our government. Please take her off the air. Her language is fulgar and is not representative of women. In fact, she represents herself as a spokesperson for my sex and I feel her...

ABC Cargo / my tv was damaged dubai to goa

Habib Sheikh on Jun 11, 2018

ABC CargoMy TV 55inch was damaged Dubai to goa non 6 months pass and no one got back to me. I try calling and I came to the office but still now I didn't get any answer from Mr sonu. they told me that TV will be back in the wooden crate it was not packing wooden credit face pack in corrugated...

ITV / programme subtitles

R Huthwaite on Jun 11, 2018

why are you using American language, it really deters me from watching your programmes. When it is a British programme, with English being spoken, there is absolutely no valid reason to turn it American for those who are unable to hear the spoken work; and are dependent on the sub-titles to...

AT&T / direct tv

susan chase on Jun 11, 2018

I moved my service to North Carolina. When the installer came I told him the receiver was buzzing. He said he could give me a new box. I asked if their was a fee and did it extend my contract. He told me no. If I did it at a later time it would be a fee. I found out that AT&T extended the...

Netflix / limited movies/shows

Brittany pettigrew on Jun 11, 2018

Hello, I am so disappointed in Netflix right now, it seems the monthly prices go up however the quality of the movies and shows significantly decrease, for example you got rid of tangled and replaced it with god only knows what low budget train wreck... please stop taking off good movies/shows and...