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Fox TV / Scheduling for popular tv series Lucifer

Cheryl Patterson on Mar 23, 2017
Today in March 23, 2017 and just learned that you are now holding 4 stand alone episodes of season 2 for Lucifer to series. This show is so popular and you where to air the ending of season 2 all together and now for some unknown reason you have changed your mind. We get horrible show...

Netflix / Sherlock season 4

Jily on Mar 22, 2017
I would like to know why season 4 of Sherlock is not on Netflix. Only a few days after the last episode the the hit television show The Vampire Diaries aired it was on Netflix. But its been over a month since the final episode of the television show Sherlock aired and it's still not on...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / Removal of channels

Chardy31 on Mar 22, 2017
I honestly think it is really unfair for channels such as Mnet Family (162) and others to be taken away on DSTV Compact - There are a lot of really nice programs that play on this channel. You guys give us crappy channels such as 114 and 118 and take away the good channels, it is really...

Fox TV / Poor services

Honey Malhotra on Mar 21, 2017
Fox TV Fox TV Contacts & Information Posted: Mar 20, 2017 by redangel60 apb Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes Im disappointed in you adding a gay agenda into apb. I will not watch shows with this because I am a Christian and the Bible says homosexuality is a abomination ! I have...

AT&T / U Verse

68sigma on Mar 20, 2017
In January 2017, before heading out of town for the months of Feb. and Mar., I called AT&T Customer Service to 1) change our Uverse plan, and 2) put our service on vacation hold while we were gone so that we wouldn't be billed for it. This was supposed to cost $17/mo. for those two month...

LG / LG TV defective

Karen Peter on Mar 20, 2017
LGI purchased 2 LG TVs March 22, 2016. When I received it the HDMI port one was not functioning one of them. I am using port 2. I did not complain at the time. A few months ago the same TV, is not showing video. The picture is coming in and out. I called your support and they indicated to me...

Napster I Rhapsody / Can't cancel through them

DeeIAm on Mar 19, 2017
I have tried to find a way to cancel my account for a good while. No phone number, or forum, or anything but music to download, & I am still being billed. This is the first time ha v e been directed some place. Debra D Wilkes, is all was needed other than card #, that I do not give out...

FOX Sports / Their bundesliga coverage

Mike Sexton on Mar 17, 2017
Fox Sports has had the rights to the Bundesliga games for 1.5 seasons now and each season, in the second half of the season, they suddenly begin airing most of the Bayern games on their extra-pay service Fox Sports 2Go. This year they're worse than last season and they're actually now no...

Astro / Vaanavil 50 show at 9pm Thursday a humiliation and disgrace to Tamil audiences

Muruga2017 on Mar 16, 2017
Vaanavil channel showed a documentary highlighted an episode of Isha temple where Hindus praying there, a great video but the host was a disgrace as he talked 75% English mixed with 25% Thamizh whereby 100% of viewers are Thamizh, this type of language mixing host is a disgrace and...

Samsung / Potential privacy concerns with new samsung televisions

John Dzwon on Mar 15, 2017
I am very concerned about some of the "innovations" Samsung is proposing to introduce in its new and future TVs. Although this problem is not exclusive to TVs, I was planning on buying a top of the line Samsung TV next year, but I will NOT purchase any TV that incorporates bugging device...

ABSA Bank / Reject on a 8 channel cctv camera security system (Claim no 3228623). Possible lightning strike

Japie De Beer on Mar 14, 2017
I submitted the claim and the assessor that did the assessment informed me that he did state on his report that a lighting strike caused the camera failure. I called the claims department and they informed me that my claim has been rejected due to incorrect power cable installed by the...

Etisalat / Elife product upgrade

rudhra on Mar 13, 2017
product upgrade was requested on 27th Feb but till date not done. and on to p of that they have cut my bein sports channels. I have been following for the past 15 days but not proper answer, my complaint numbers are 30573125 10033831 18579212 am fed up with the service.if not resolved...

Hatchet Gear / Took my money but refuses to ship merch

WhatsItToYaBud on Mar 13, 2017
I ordered a jersey from Hatchet Gear with MY card. Enough money in the bank, correct information, but they claim suspected fraud and refuse to ship out my jersey. They took my money though! I have sent countless emails and called countless times. No response. Un-freaking-believable. I...

Sabc / sabc ignoring cancellation of bank debit order request

JA Engelbrecht on Mar 10, 2017
Good day I so many times request by sending letters to the sabc to cancel my debit order for tv license. To no avail. Now another debit order go through to the amount of r250.00 I want it to be cancelled with immediate effect and reverse the amount back to my absa account. I do not make...

Letgo / Xbox 1 games

Corky Sheffler Jr. on Mar 9, 2017
LetgoI commented of some video games from this person name Dylan Marshall. I told him I could meet up with him in a day or so and the next day I message him and told him I was on my way. I traveled from herkimer to Oneonta that was a hour and 15 minutes ride and he didn't answer me at all for...

Samsung Electronics / Television

Leo Lion on Mar 6, 2017
So our 2 year old Samsung "Smart TV" has developed a thick black line down the middle of it and Samsung says there's nothing they can do about it because it's out of warranty. Needless to say, I will never be buying Samsung products again unless they do the right thing... We had a thin...

Zapals / Zapals.com are scamming people now

batye on Mar 5, 2017
advertising one thing and sending other bait and switch we did a group buy with James Joseph Nolan for the Subor D99 8 Bit Video Game System TV Classic Game Consoles Player… -but everyone who ordered system ended up - instead of receiving AC/DC Input 110-220V – power supply only 220V, as per...

DirecTV / Bill

Amber Knudsen on Mar 3, 2017
Worst company ever. Poor customer service. Been a loyal customer who always pays bill ahead or on time. Wanted to lower my bill so took off my movie channels...was paying 174.77$ and next bill with less channels is 174.77$ so basically I got screwed over...pay the same for less channel...

Youtube / Music videos sped up

ArtMatters on Mar 1, 2017
Over a 6- months period I have been listening to Tibetan monks chanting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIRJMESl4U8 Today, March 1, 2017, I notice the timing had been sped up. It was so relaxing before and now it's frenetically hurried. I can't listen to this anymore. I have noticed also on...

DirecTV / Directv billing

Mary Matthews! on Feb 28, 2017
We had moved into a new house w / an hoa. When I called direct tv about moving our service, not one person told me that I could suspend service! We needed info from direct tv to give to our hoa for them to approve the install. Direct tv didn't know what, how, or who I could get all thi...
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